(fuk yea)


REALLY wanted to draw Yellow Diamond (and yp) today. *.* (i somehow fell in love with her when i woke up today, so i’m yellow pearl rn fklfhgsljafhl)

(Also I’m working on other doodles for the SU leaks but I’ll post those later in the month.)

Look what I got today, my dudes

“(January 2012) - Every adult I meet likes to tell me that getting a tattoo in such a visible place closes doors for me, and I’d like to be able to tell them all, although I know it wouldn’t make sense to them, that I am not inadvertently closing doors, I am slamming them shut and spitting on them! I didn’t get this tattoo without considering what things that might take out of the equation for me, I did it so that I could be sure those things weren’t possibilities in my equation. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been satisfied living in a box, and I never will be. 9 to 5 won’t work for me, white picket fences and two and a half children won’t work for me, doing things that I am supposed to do because I live in a society that values materialism and time spent working towards monetary wealth WILL NOT WORK FOR ME. I got this tattoo, specifically this one, and in specifically this place, because I will not let myself fall back on the safety of a common life. If a desk job is no longer an option for me, I have done myself a great service. Wild hearts can’t be tamed. I won’t let myself become stagnant.”
- Ashley Wylde

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When the Prison Ladies get out they have a groupchat called Mom Gang and all they do is share wine mom memes, hush over Jo and Mitch and any other kids any one of them have, and talk shit about PTA moms

#Mom Gayng

ItsHennryBtch: fff jst ran in2 nemisis @ walmrt, blech blond pta mom

D-Nasty: go👏🏿OFF!!!👏🏿

Margemelon: hen youve got dyed blonde hair too lol

FlowrPowr: wait is this the rich bitch with the buckteeth whys she at walmart 😒

ItsHennryBtch: hers is espensivve therfor Bad,,, i hid behnd the $3 dvds bcz i hate confrntashun

D-Nasty: if u want a job done i know a gal

Margemelon: babe the gal is u and we all know it pls dont break your parole 


Kaittwin2: yall look at my baby she got second place at the science fair!! [picture attachment]

ItsHennryBtch: shes a jeanus and i lov her!!!!!!!!!

FlowrPowr: call me in a year when she cures cancer i will invest in that shit so hard 😩🙌🏾

Doris-is-Moreis: So happy for her!!!! Tell her we’re all thinking about her! 

Kaittwin1: fuk yea lookit my baby neice

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JK: feels good 2 b famous


JK: hey, fuck off?
JK: yea fuk off

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YOU'RE CONTINUING YOUR VILLAIN DEKU FIC ONESHOT 'THE PAST IS LONG PAST DEAD'....I love you, babe. The potential is mmmmwah. 😘 I was sad since it was just a oneshot and now...FUK YEA.

MUAHAHAHAHA~ Indeed I am, dear anon. Glad you enjoyed ‘The Past is Long Past Dead’! I was so happy with the feedback I got hoping to get a continuation and now, there shall be a continuation! :D It’s all the sweet people that commented that got me like…..I-I mean I already was working on this AU, why not keep writin’! 

So thank you so much for the support! Enjoy the Katsudeku + Villain Deku angst, drama and feels.

And honestly, like Villain Deku is one of my AU weaknesses. xD I even have another one brewing, which I just posted on AO3. It’s called ‘A Flickering Light’ and was….gonna be a cliffhanger oneshot, but as I said…I’m weak.

I’M SO BAD AT DOING ONESHOTS. My mind always goes to longer stories. lol. 

Anwho, thank you again for the love anon and happy reading! -Unoutan