(fuk yea)


REALLY wanted to draw Yellow Diamond (and yp) today. *.* (i somehow fell in love with her when i woke up today, so i’m yellow pearl rn fklfhgsljafhl)

(Also I’m working on other doodles for the SU leaks but I’ll post those later in the month.)

Look what I got today, my dudes

anonymous asked:

When the Prison Ladies get out they have a groupchat called Mom Gang and all they do is share wine mom memes, hush over Jo and Mitch and any other kids any one of them have, and talk shit about PTA moms

#Mom Gayng

ItsHennryBtch: fff jst ran in2 nemisis @ walmrt, blech blond pta mom

D-Nasty: go👏🏿OFF!!!👏🏿

Margemelon: hen youve got dyed blonde hair too lol

FlowrPowr: wait is this the rich bitch with the buckteeth whys she at walmart 😒

ItsHennryBtch: hers is espensivve therfor Bad,,, i hid behnd the $3 dvds bcz i hate confrntashun

D-Nasty: if u want a job done i know a gal

Margemelon: babe the gal is u and we all know it pls dont break your parole 


Kaittwin2: yall look at my baby she got second place at the science fair!! [picture attachment]

ItsHennryBtch: shes a jeanus and i lov her!!!!!!!!!

FlowrPowr: call me in a year when she cures cancer i will invest in that shit so hard 😩🙌🏾

Doris-is-Moreis: So happy for her!!!! Tell her we’re all thinking about her! 

Kaittwin1: fuk yea lookit my baby neice

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jace-the-space  asked:

What's your garden like? I live in an apartment but have a small one on my balcony with tomatoes, peppers, and some spices 😊

my garden is so good I have peas, tomatoes, cabbages, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, peppers (2 types), cucumbers, and a buncha herbs thank u for asking

fuk yea balcony garden for sure tho

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hey fatikid, do u have any plans to visit nica or anywhere out of the u.s.? have u been out of state??? idk why i'm being all nosy it's just i'm graduating college soon and i might travel the rest of the year b4 starting my phd and i just want to go on a road trip thru south n central america though that may b a bit too much

I have been out of state but only by car I never been on a plane rip but my family wants to visit Nicaragua but we don’t kno when it’s rly cheap too! or cheaper than other locations and it beautiful there lik fuk but anyway yea! Nica is rly the only place I kno so far my family will go to by plane

200k letter giveaway !!

I’m currently only a few thousand followers from hitting 200k and im gonna cry a lot and just thinking about it makes me cry bc HOLY MOLEY a lot of ppl

u guys have made my life so much better im not even kidding the kind messages and just support and advice that i get from u guys is so overwhelming sometimes and i cant thank u all enough

but so that i can give back a lil i’ve decided that when i do hit 200k im going to send out a bunch of letters and cute things to go with the letters to loads of u guys there’ll be a letter in each and stickers and drawings and maybe even like cd mixtapes im not sure yet !!!!

i want to send out loads and loads of these, so from now until i hit 200k u can reblog this post as many times as u want and when i hit 200k i’ll use a random generator to pick ppl from the notes :DDD

pls note that if u reblog this and you’re chosen you must be willing to give me your home address/po box so that i can send the letter to you !!!

the whole process will b filmed and put onto my youtube channel weeee

but yea good luck !!! ily all

- Emma / florels x