(four stupid hours later... . )

Zutara Week Day 1: Happenstance

Words:  1737

Rating: T

A/N:  Back in 2013 I decided to do Zutara tropes for Zutara week.  This year its AUs mostly off of those AU posts.  This one is getting lost in Disneyland together.

Katara tapped her foot and scanned the crowd, yet again, in hopes of finding her idiot brother and friends.  Sokka and Suki hadn’t wanted to climb Tarzan’s Tree House while Toph complained about being hunger and trotted off with Aang to go find food.  All of this would be fine if they all kept to their buddy system…and didn’t leave her.  She’d asked Sokka to stay in the Adventureland souvenir store and he’d only been to happy to play with the fake swords and whips (Suki right along with him).

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