(four stupid hours later... . )

Tim “I can eat all twenty-four of these cookies in one sitting” Drake

Tim “eighteen in and I’ve made a mistake” Drake

Tim “whines on the couch loud enough that everyone in the house can hear” Drake

Tim “I finished the last six cookies an hour later because I’m not a quitter” Drake

Jason “holds back my stupid brother’s hair as he pukes up cookies” Todd

KAITO is a Japanese VOCALOID developed originally by Yamaha Corporation and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.. His VOCALOID3 update was developed and distributed by Crypton. Originally released In February of 2006, when Vocaloid wasn’t well known/stupid popular. Despite lacking of popularity, KAITO only sold 500- dubbing him … “a commercial failure.” September 16th, 2007, Tatsunami uploaded a parody of the song in Higurashi no naku koro ni, “A Request From Hatsune,” where Miku’s asking, “please sometimes recall [KAITO],” as well as “where are you and what are you doing now?” About four hours later, “An Answer To Hatsune Miku” was posted by ‘Ice-P’, where KAITO responds with, “yes? I was eating an ice cream.” This introduced many people to KAITO and gave him his signature item. A real miracle for him there! Up until late 2011, he was in the top 10 best selling pieces of software from Crypton Future Media. His VOCALOID3 update was developed and distributed by Crypton. KAITO V3 was very well received upon release. In 2014, (When I bought him ^^) Crypton’s Sonicwire download store reported that KAITO V3 had gained 4th position in all Vocaloid sales.  

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do u know how angry I am right now? I have avoided freakin mecha anime for four years. four years I've told myself that I would hold myself to that one standard. just one thing I told myself I would never lower myself to. as long as I wasn't watching mecha, I knew I was still in the clear. But no. then you came along with your stupid amazing art of voltron and I thought, fine, just one episode. Fast forward like five hours later, and I've seen the entire season. you did this to me.

i did?? you did this to yourself my friend you had it in you all along! but i’m glad i could help you to finally embrace the beauty of mecha

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Four hours in and he felt like death kicked him in the face.
After avoiding all alcohol and alcohol related foods (jellos, chocolate candies, stupid little cupcakes made with rum), he settled for the punch bowl every time he was thirsty and, sure enough, someone decided to be the designated asshole for the evening and spiked it with Everclear when he wasn’t looking. Besides the obvious physical discomforts, Harper grew increasingly more anxious the more the night went on. He hated not being in control; sure, he did feel a bit more easygoing now, but the fact that he’s never had more than a shot or two his entire life made this experience more terrifying than it should have been.
Taking a third swig from his red solo cup, he lazily peered into it and let out a soft “Why do I keep drinking this oh my god–” before quickly shoving it onto the coffee table. There were more people now; he distinctly remembered wanting to check on the backyard, but his body refused to compromise despite how much his brain yelled at his legs. Instead, the blonde waved over the closest person he could find and peered up at them.
 “Listen– listen, I know this is hard to believe, but…I think I’m like…intoxicated. And I– hey don’t THROW THAT–” rubbing his face, he muttered softly whist glaring at the two boys from across his living room“–Ugh, I don’t even care anymore– do you have a fucking cigarette or something? Or like..food?”

Unexpected Part 5

(cth imagine)

Alright, here is the last part of Unexpected! Tbh i find it hard to write this ending, bc i dont really know how i would end it. and a part of me wont likr to end it yet :(. Anyways, i hope you like it! enjoy reading 😊


You heard footsteps coming, but you made no move. You just sat there, staring blankly at nothing. Clutching your phone on your chest. After so many attempts at contacting Calum, you finally give up. Accepting the fact that he might have stayed away from you, the fact that he is not into you.

For hours you just let yourself weep. Mourning all the memories that you two have made. All the lazy days spent in his room, just arguing about something stupid and later on cuddling. All those kisses that takes your breath away. Mourning all the love that you gave to the wrong person.

Weak and tired. That is what your body felt. So weak that you can’t even lift a hand to wipe those stupid tears away. So tired to actually slap yourself back to reality. A reality that you would like to end now.

Your heart felt so numb. You can’t feel anything anymore, you’re just so.. numb. Even your tears stops falling. Is this what acceptance feels like? Or is this denial and stupidity? Because you know, deep down, you’re still hoping.

Even if it meant more heart breaks, or even worse, you’re still hoping.

You’re willing to do anything to have Calum back, even if he doesn’t want you.

Funny how love makes a fool out of someone.

A loud bang snapped you back from reality. Agitated footsteps followed after. It was Michael, he rushed towards you, slamming his body beside you.

“Oh my God,” He said, his voice was weak and scared yet there is a hint of relief. His eye full of worry, “You fuckin’ scared me.. I thought you left—God, Y/N, don’t do that again.”

He hugged you tightly, burying you head on his neck. His hands making soft strokes on your back.

“Michael..” You said. You voice was just a whisper, small and tired.

He pulled back, taking in your appearance. You could see in his eyes that he was hurting too, seeing you like this kills him. Brushing some hair off your face, he smiled.

“Stop crying, everything is gonna be fine now princess.”

You shook your head, tears filling your eyes again. “You were right. He doesn’t care.”

His eye went wide, “Princess, I was w—””


There was an explosion inside you. You don’t even need to look up to know who that person is, the familiar beat of your heart tells you who he is.

He shoved Michael away, his hands caressed your cheeks, eyes roaming your body as if to check if you are okay. His hazel eyes are full of worry.

“Are you alright? What happened to you?” He shift his gaze to Michael, “What did you do?”

Michael’s gaze went from Calum to you, regret and guilt was fully evident in his eyes. He shook his head, “I.. I don’t know.. I just saw her there and—I don’t know..”

You don’t know what to say, or what to feel. But you reached out and caressed Calum’s cheeks, making him look at you again. He leaned on your hand, somewhat longing for your touch. It feels so right.

A small smile crept his face, his eyes a bit teary.


His smile grew wider, it was reaching his eyes again. Calum nodded, placing his hand on top of yours, kissing it. His tears falling. He looked deeply in your eyes, his was full of longing and happiness. He pulled you towards him, tightly wrapping his arms around you, kissing the top of your head.

“God, Y/N. I miss you so fucking much.” His voice cracked, and you wrapped your arms around him, not wanting to let go of him.

“You’re here” You said, starting to cry again. This time, it’s because of pure happiness. He’s here with you

“Yes, babe. Im here now, don’t cry..” He said, rubbing circles on your back. You can hear the happiness in his voice.

You hugged him tightly, burying your head on his neck. God knows how much you missed him, even tho it has just been a day. “Don’t let me go.”

Calum chuckled, kissing your cheeks. “Never gonna let you go, sweetheart.”

You pulled away, wiping the tears out of his cheeks. That’s when you noticed the cut on his lip and the bright purple bruise on his left eye.

“What happened to you?” You asked, worried.

He shrugged, caressing the side of your neck, his thumb brushing you cheeks. “Nothing, babe. Don’t worry about that.”

“Tell me please,” You plead. You looked at Michael who was just staring at the two of you, “Is this your doing?”

Michael nodded, he looked down, “Im sorry princess. I just needed to talk to him.”

“Oh wow, so beating up someone is called talking now?” You sarcastically said.

Calum smiled, nudging you. “Babe, it’s fine. That’s how men talk.”

You sighed, “Michael, could you get a clean cloth or cotton ball or something clean? And also an alcohol? Please?”

Michael stood up and left. You observed the cut on his lower lip, it doesn’t look like it needs stitching. It wasn’t deep nor shallow.

“Does it hurt?” You asked.

Calum shook his head and smiled, he reached out for your hand. “It was worth it.”

Confused, you looked at him. Calum was back to his normal self, jolly and cheeky. No sign of hurt in his eyes, just pure happiness and.. love.
Tears filled your eyes again. Why did you ever thought that he doesn’t love you? Why didn’t you trust him?

“Hey, babe, don’t cry. Everything is fine now, you don’t have to worry anymore.” He said, resting his forehead on yours.

“I’m sorry. I thought—I thought you won’t come back to me.. I thought you’d leave me..”

“I will never do that, remember that.”

Calum softly kissed your nose which made the two of you smile. You scooted near him, closing the distance in between. Wrapping your arms on his waist, you rested your head on his shoulder. His arm, around your shoulder, hand playing with yours.

“Can you tell me what happened, please?”

Calum sighed, “Well, basically, Michael came to my house and we talked.”

“So you just let him beat you?”

“I wanted him to see my point.”

Pulling away slightly, you looked at him, “And that is?”

He looked intently in your eyes, “That I would do everything for you. For us.”

You can’t help it anymore, you claimed Calum’s lips. The kiss telling everything your voice can’t tell. It was a kiss full of love, longing and happiness. It wasn’t sensual nor full of lust. It was a kiss full of meaning. A kiss that signifies a new beginning for the two of you.

“Get a room!”

The two of you pulled away, but your arms are still clinging at each other, not wanting to let go. Both staring at each other, wide smiles made its way on your faces. Still catching your breaths, the two of you burst out laughing, hugging each other tightly.

Finally, everything’s gonna be alright.

“What the fuck. Do that shit in your room, Y/N.” Michael said, his face was full of disgust.

You pulled out of Calum and ran towards Michael, hugging him tightly. “Thank you, Mikey.”

You felt Michael tensed but he relaxed immediately, wrapping his arms around. “I can’t bare to see you miserable.”

Michael pat your head and pulled away, he walked towards Calum and reached out his hand. His eyes are apologetic but his smile was happy and hopeful.


Calum’s smile grew wider and reached out for Mikey’s hand, “Bro.”

You felt your heart melt. Happiness radiating all over you. Everything is back in place, no more bullshit.

Calum stand beside you, his arm around your shoulder. Michael stared at the two of you. You both look so happy in each other’s arms, so in love with each other. Why hadn’t he seen that last night?

Michael sighed, “Just, don’t make her miserable again, Cal. I’m really gonna kill you if you do that.”

“That,” Calum said, looking at you with his crinkled, happy eyes, “Will never happen.”

Woah wtf. I FINISHED A SERIES!! Okay, I just wanna thank all of you who supported my first ever series!! love you guys so much omg.

Well, that’s it. This is the end of Unexpected :). I hope you like it because i really think this ending sucks :\\.