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Last week Charisk request from dig and hawk! These versions belongs to @dreamy-94 @digeridoodler and @ask-drunk-chara / @hawker-rawr

I’ve fallen to Charisk hell hnng. I’m a sucker for troubled/evil dudes turning good because they’re inspired by that one person kasjd. Anyway, it was such a fun stream and I laughed so hard aaah!

Tag yourself: Cartoon reboot/spin-off/revival edition. These are a lot of fun so I thought I’d make my own! I think I’d be Ben 10. Sorry if I was a bit harsh on some of these, I have some strong feelings about them. (Also I realized I forgot the Thunderbirds reboot, darn… I may have missed some others as well).

BONUS (GKND doesn’t exist so I decided to just add it here):

@juminzenweek Day 4: AU | Hanbok

Hanboks, Jumin melting his albino, fun and beautiful memories to treasure

This is the second part, the “after ending” of the HanRyu Team Project: Lanterns. Check it out, it’s an artwork that I will be forever grateful to @jumin-love for making it come to life I’m so proud of it hail hanryu

Okay, so I have a question for you, honeybees.
Yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep I got an idea. 
And like, it’s still on the heavy planning-generally-what-even-stage, but, I thought about making a tiny autumn/Halloween-themed artbook. 
It would be Supernatural, Cas centric with some Destiel thrown in it :D I want to try and make everything in a pretty autumn color palette :D
So far we have a sketchy drawing of scruffy witch!Cas with pretty black cat and some coffee. 
And tattoos. 
And big sweater. 
And stuff :D 
Of course not finished ( y e t )
Would anyone of you be interested? Just theoretically? 

Current self, with my eyes burning, a pounding headache, and a test in my first class in the morning: Ha ha, let’s try to find this Harry Potter fanfic I read three years ago and have almost no recollection of, that’s almost certainly 300,000 words long, and then read it in exactly three hours

Future self: Ha ha, wot a g8 idea that wa s ha ha ha h a I am ju st fine e

Art Theft report!

I know i don’t usually do this because i don’t like to bother other people with this issue but this account just really bother me

So this account is obviously giving no credit whatsoever and they also put their own watermark on the art

Normaly i would go to talk to this person but they posted this:

So i’m not even gonna try.

I already removed most of my art of this account (despite the fact that she continue to post it) But here the list of the artist i recognize (if you recognize someone i didn’t tag please tell me and i’ll add it):

@ceejles (a lot of yours), @manyuarts, @aozularts , @semi-o , @shishitsunari , @re-unknown, @ferisae , @zoe-oneesama , @edendaphne, @baraschino, @taylordraws, @portentous-offerings, @toriitorii, @mishydraws, @lunian , @frogopera , @gittana

AND SO MANY OTHERS that i couldn’t recognize or didn’t find the tumblr account.

Edit: i forgot to add PLEASE DONT HARRASS THIS PERSON! no one deserve this even art thief

Some more art student Yamaguchi Tadashi AU. I can imagine him working more with his fingers when he paints.
And he wave at Tsukishima, so I made a fast sketch for it. 

Too late Yama, he has already seen you. + have a fluffy giggling Hinata

(And holy shit I forgot to add


 yesterday, it’s a fanfic by


and if you like this au, you should check the fic out! And thank you guys so much for the nice tags! I read them all!)

More of the AU here, here and here.