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I saw like a hc somewhere not long ago that bh has a soft spot for babies, flug finda an abandoned baby and he attempts to care for it without bh knowing. When he finds out and he notices the kid crying and like flug trying to calm it down, bh like you're doing it wrong and flug thinks he could do better. Bh does a better job in calming them down and secretly has a soft spot for them?? Has some experience but never with a human one??

anon i’m so weak for this don’t do this to me

  • Flug is incredibly nervous and is trying his best but has no confidence in what he’s doing. it just never stops crying?? like #relatable but still oh god this was a bad idea
  • BH shows up to see how Flug’s doing on an invention and is like “what the fuck.” He rushes forward and Flug is like oh god he’s gonna eat the baby but instead–
  • BH gets it into a proper swaddle, saying “You’re holding it wrong, what the fuck are you doing?? A baby’s neck can’t support the head’s weight.”
  • Flug is baffled. He was 97% sure BH was going to drop it. “Uh, s-sir? How do you kno–” “Are you taking notes Fug?I’m only demonstrating this once.” “Y-yes sir!!”
  • “Now it should start molting in a couple months, when that happens you gotta–” “Wait WHAT. Sir, uh, this is a human baby.” “a what.”
  • BH has no idea how to care for a human child. He only knows the things Alan told him about (read: wouldn’t shut up about) his own infancy. There’s some overlap, but BH refuses to believe that this “tiny, gross pink thing” isn’t the larval stage of, you know, a normal infant.
  • “Larval stage?? With all due respect sir, the fuck?” “What, you expect me to believe it doesn’t make an outer cocoon before maturing into the juvenile phase? Isn’t that how everyone grows up?” “Sir…
  • He’s basically turning into Alan holy shit

Yes hello I’m back please refrain from groaning

I noticed that this one post has been getting a decent amount of notes lately and a pieced of my soul ascended bc holy shit that art was so sloppy so have a much more refined piece of Devil!Kevin

Also the lines if anyone is curious as to what my art looks like uncolored lol

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