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The Great Wall and Matt Damon: Do We Really Need Another White Savior?

Since the trailer for The Great Wall dropped, there have been polarizing reactions to this latest Matt Damon project. The film, which has been reported as the most expensive Chinese production ever, stars Matt Damon as part of an “elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure”. The film also stars Andy Lau, Lu Han, Wang Junkai, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and is directed by Chinese megastar Zhang Yimou.

There have been swift criticism regarding Matt Damon’s role in the film, particularly in reference to the white savior trope. One thing is certain, the trailer makes it clear that Damon is the main star, despite the predominantly Asian cast. Social media maestros such as @NoTotally, @theLLAG, @ReignOfApril, @jontsuei and @angryasianman have all remarked on this film.

Actress Constance Wu also made a strong statement regarding the hero-bias perpetuated in Hollywood in response to The Great Wall trailer release. 

Wu wrote, “We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world — Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon. They look like Malala. Ghandi. Mandela ”.   We shall let Wu explain further with her powerful post below.

reasons why criminal minds should NOT have inter-team romantic relationships
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • as viewers, we don’t watch for the romance. we watch for the uniqueness of each case and the dynamic of all these characters put together as a team
  • yes, a lot of us ship inter-team romances but we are content with our headcannons and fanfics, we don’t want this show to become something its not
  • the family dynamic of all of the characters is the most important part of this show, please don’t ruin that.
  • we DON’T watch for romance
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • overall, it ruins criminal minds as a tv show.
Claire’s fever had risen fast during the night,

then seemed to fall a little with the coming of the light; she was conscious now and then and capable of a few words, but for the most part she lay in a uneasy doze, her breath coming in shallow pants punctuated by sudden deep, tearing gasps that woke her—she dreamed that she was being suffocated, she said. He would give her as much water as she would take and douse her hair again, and she would drop back into fever dreams, muttering and moaning.
He began to feel as though he were living in a fever dream himself: trapped in endless repetitions of prayer and water, these broken by visitations from some vanished, alien world.
Perhaps this was purgatory, he thought, and gave a wan smile at memory of himself, waking on Culloden Moor so many years ago, his eyelids sealed with blood, thinking himself dead and grateful for it, even if his immediate prospect was a spell in purgatory—that being a vague, unknown circumstance, probably unpleasant but not one he feared.
He feared the one that might be imminent.
He had come to the conclusion that he couldn’t kill himself, even if she died. Even could he bring himself to commit a sin of that magnitude, there were people who needed him, and to abandon them would be a greater sin even than the willful destruction of God’s gift of life. But to live without her—he watched her breathe, obsessively, counting ten breaths before he would believe she hadn’t stopped—that would certainly be his purgatory.
He didn’t think he’d taken his eyes off her, and maybe he hadn’t, but he came out of his reverie to see that her own eyes were open, a soft smudged black in the white of her face. The light had faded to the final cusp of twilight and all color had washed from the room, leaving them in a luminous dusty haze that wasn’t daylight any longer but not yet night. He saw that her hair was nearly dry, curling in masses over the pillow.
“I’ve … decided … not to die,” she said, in a voice little more than a whisper.
“Oh. Good.” He was afraid to touch her, for fear of hurting her, but couldn’t bear not to. He laid a hand as lightly as he could over hers, finding it cool in spite of the heat trapped in the small attic.
“I could, you know.” She closed one eye and looked accusingly at him with the other. “I want to; this is … bloody horrible.”
“I know,” he whispered, and brought her hand to his lips. Her bones were frail, and she hadn’t the strength to squeeze his hand; her fingers lay limp in his.
She closed her eyes and breathed audibly for a little.
“Do you know why?” she said suddenly, opening her eyes.
“No.“ He’d thought of making some jesting remark about her needing to write down her receipt for making ether, but her tone was dead serious, and he didn’t.
“Because,” she said, and stopped with a small grimace that squeezed his heart. “Because,” she said through clenched teeth, “I know what it felt … like when I … thought you were dead, and—” A small gasp for breath, and her eyes locked on his. “And I wouldn’t do that to you.” Her bosom fell and her eyes closed.
It was a long moment before he could speak.
“Thank ye, Sassenach,” he whispered, and held her small, cold hand between his own and watched her breathe until the moon rose.

-Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

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Could u make a tutorial on how to draw eyes? Your art is so nice ^^

?????????? how i draw eyes???????????????? I dont..have a process for drawing eyes…
to be honest ppl, the only things that are consistent about my art style are the borders and my colouring. everything else i just make it up as a go along. 
uh i use paint tool sai?? and this is my brush setting??

uhhh this is the colour i use??

for the eyes i draw…they’re just two lines and a big dot in the middle…idk how i can help u anon im sorryyyyy.

here’s my process for colouring, (thats not what u wanted but here take it)

1. line art + plus lips

2. set line art on multiply and using clipping layer, fill it in with a beige light but not too light colour. i use this:

3. underneath lineart colour in character. 

4. go back to the lineart clipping layers and add another layer on top to change the colours of the lines, so eg. the eyes, hair and shirt lines

5. add shadow and lighting layers on top of the colouring!

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Hey Commander, do your cats ever jump up onto your desk while you're doing paperwork, or knock stuff off of your desk?

Ah, sometimes they do. I can usually catch them before they cause too much trouble. I also keep a toy or two in my desk to distract them if they’re being particularly troublesome but for the most part they actually stick to sitting in the windows and chairs.

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Would you ever consider reprinting the tarot deck that came with the limited edition release of All Eternals Deck? It's one of the things I want the most, besides the strength of ten thousand men and a heavily sanitized ram's skull to drink cognac from!



There was no physical deck. The deck is a conceit described in the liner notes and is a governing concept that unifies the songs. Depending on how you define “exist,” the deck does or does not exist. I myself side with Plato, for the most part, and will go further and say that if I imagine something, then it exists. But the deck itself did not come with any limited edition release. The deck has not been seen in this world, or, at least, those who have seen it are not talking. 

Big Fan - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1441
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (for the most part. A lot were mentioned.)
Warnings: fighting, one swear word
Requested by anon
omg i love your writing! can you write something that takes place in civil war where the reader (female)is on tonys side and when peter meets her he sorta fangirls over her and hes his dorky self? thank you so much ❤️ keep up the good work❤️”
Authors Note: #notice the slight Hamilton reference oops I had to. THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE AND I LOVE IT. Also, there’s a lil bit of backstory but the word count makes up for it because it’s kinda longer than usual :))


Steve and Tony really didn’t want you to pick a side. Neither of them wanted to fight you, the one they called their little sibling. But you demanded, even if you were young, you were part of the team, and chose that Tony’s viewpoint was the right one.

And you saw where Cap was coming from, but being younger you saw that Tony’s stance seemed for the better. Being the youngest on the team usually took a small impact on you, but now it seemed everyone was worrying about you. Your side knew what the other side was capable of- and was scared that you wouldn’t be prepared for the battle that was for sure to come. Especially after James Barnes was brought back into Steve’s life.

Tony had told you to especially stay clear of The Winter Soldier; he wouldn’t know what to do if you were hurt. He had already hurt Nat and almost shot Tony…and they knew how to handle the situation. He was definitely the most dangerous.

You can out of your room on the day you were sure was going to be the battle.

“Are you sure you want to go with us?” Natasha asked you.

It didn’t even take you longer than a second to reply. “Of course I do. I’m standing for what I believe in.”

“I guess I should re-word the question.” She sighed. “Are you prepared to fight your friends for what you believe in?”

You sighed, but still stayed true to your answer. “Yes. I’m going to fight.”

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If you're still doing prompts can you do one that has to do with the ski lodge spoilers (if you've seen them) where Lucas gets jealous of that Evan guy who likes and talks to Riley all night.

I’m like a month late on this. Obviously Ski Lodge is out.  I wrote this drabble just now, but have been kicking it around for the last few days.  It comes close to your ask, anon, so I’m putting it here.  Sorry I’ve been such a bad fic writer…Amaranthine and Infinite are taking up what little free time I’ve had lately.

**A little AU missing scene from Ski 2…takes place right after the bolded dialogue**

“So, the most meaningful part of a relationship is talking to each other?”

“And with the right person, sometimes you can talk all night.”

“Yep. Maybe so. Well, if y’all will excuse me, I’m gonna go over there, and maybe I don’t know…kick a tree.”

“Will y’all will excuse me, I’m gonna go over there, and uh…maybe I don’t know, save a tree.”

“Question number two: how do you know if you love somebody?”

“You know what, I’m through playing games.  I wanna talk to you.”


“I just need to think. Yeah, I just need to think.”  

As Riley wandered into her parents’ room, she quickly remembered that they had gone out on a hike with some of her other classmates.  She stood there for a moment while she tried to think about everything that had just happened.  “This is ridiculous,” she mumbled to herself as she turned to walk back to the lobby.  She noticed that the others had left, but that didn’t matter.  She didn’t need to talk to them.  She only needed to talk to him.  And he was outside.

She hobbled toward the front door.  As soon as she stepped foot outside, she saw them.  Thankfully, he and Zay hadn’t gotten very far.  It only took her a few minutes to reach them.

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¿Puedes explicar la diferencía entre tan y tanto? Gracías :3

(Forgive the English but I want to be very clear when I say this :D)

tan is used with adjectives and adverbs

tanto/a is used with amounts of things

They can both be used to mean “so” in emphatic situations like hay tanta comida “there’s so much food” or es tan rápido “it’s so fast”

tan ___ como is like “as ___ as” in comparisons:

Es tan alta como ella. = She’s as tall as her.

Es tan rubio como su padre. = He’s as blond as his father.

No es tan listo como se cree. = He’s not as smart as he thinks.

No es tan fácil. = It’s not that easy.

tanto/a ___ is used with nouns for the most part, and functions like an adjective would because it’s “as many ___ as”

Tiene tanto dinero como yo. = He/She has as much money as I do.

Tiene tantas amigos como tú. = He/She has as many friends as you do.

Hay tanto tráfico como ayer. = There’s as much traffic as there is yesterday.

Hay tanta gente aquí. = There are so many people.

It’s like the difference between muy “very” and mucho/a “a lot”.

You do also see tanto used as an adverb to mean “as much” or “just as much”:

Nos hemos esforzado mucho, tanto ella como yo. = We’ve worked very hard, her as much as me.

Tanto como sea necesario… = As much as necessary…

Most Effective Pair- Part Seven- Parents

It had been a few weeks since Jacob, Abigail and Anna had been brought home from the hospital and now Nick and Judy were on maternal leave for the next few months and Nick had been considering having his mother Sylvia (Credit for this OC goes to @vulpinemom who has the best Sylvia ever and should totally be followed and interacted with) babysit the kits once they go back to work, but surely you all want to know what the kits look like so here is their description

Boy Bunny named Jacob:has dark brown fur like Nicks secondary color and has his eye color. his tail is a normal white bunny tail and he has a white patch of fur at the end of each ear

Two girl Foxes

Abigail: has all white fur with a little gray at the ends of her fur. her tail is white which fades to a gray-ish pink and has green eyes. the ends of her ears are a light pink

Anna: has all gray fur with a little white at the ends and her tail is a dark gray and fades to a lighter if not white color towards the end. she has purple eyes and her ears have white tips

“So Carrots I was thinking we could have my mom babysit the kits once we go back to work” he said as the kits sat in their play pen in front of them

“Nick we can’t do that to your mom…she had to take care of you when you were a kit” she joked and smiled at him and he looked at her with a smirk

“ha ha very funny fluff, but trust me my mom is already super excited to be a grandma and have grandkits, she would be more than willing and happy to babysit our kits while we are at work, even if we don’t go back for a few more months, which is fine, it’s nice to have time off to spend with you and the kits” he said and she smiled at him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“hhhh I love you Nick..and our family we have created..” she said with a soft sigh of joy as she rested her head on his shoulder watching their kits playing with their toys

“I love you too Judy, we have a great family together” he said with happiness as he watched their kits playing


This is funny. More than one year ago, they released the trailers for the Masterminds movie, which was supposed to come out in 2015 but was delayed:

Which if you watch, has Kristen, a bit of Leslie, and absolutely no Kate at all. If you watched it you would have no idea Kate was even in it. And the part where they flash the names of the most famous actors in the movie, there’s no mention of her either.

Now, one year later, one round of ghost-busting later, we get this:

With this and this:

Plus Leslie has a full joke, and there’s more Kristen as well.

And…you get this (ZERO mention to fourth billing!):



The Ironman Marathon

Without a doubt the most challenging part of the day but also one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorites because for me at least its the ultimate test of my limits and the prize at the end is one of the greatest I’ve ever experienced. When you look at the big picture it’s pretty crazy. Starting a marathon after 8 hours of swimming and biking.

As soon as I got off the bike and headed into T2 I really started to feel the heat of the day. I remember seeing Adam right at the start of the run course and commenting on how hot it felt. When you’re on your bike and have a little breeze constantly in your face you just don’t feel it as much.

Initially my legs felt ok. Definitely not great but I wouldn’t expect them to feel great at this point in the day. The first mile was all downhill which was both good and bad. Good because it didn’t take much effort to run. Bad because it definitely put some pressure on the quads. Still, it just felt great to be out on the run course.

The first out and back of the day had it all. Crazy crowds in Lake Placid (like the guy cheering while holding onto a giant blow up llama) to very quiet (almost too quiet) rural roads near the turn around. Great scenery all around. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t feeling great towards the end of that first loop. I was walking the uphills and really feeling warm. Standard aid station procedure was to drink a water, dump a water on my head, and dump some ice down my tri top. That felt pretty good but I was having a hard time quenching my thirst. As we made it back to Lake Placid around mile 11 I was forced to walk the really big hills. I kept telling myself not to blow up because there was still lots of race left. In typical Ironman fashion you got to run pretty close to the finish where Mike Reilly’s voice was so close you’d think he was just around the corner. Well in reality he was but it was out for lap 2 instead.

When I started lap 2 the turnaround at mile 19 seemed like a hundred miles away but I just kept plugging away. No matter how much I was struggling I just kept repeating to myself to keep moving forward and I did just that. No one wants to walk, myself included, but sometimes there’s just no other choice.

Miles 16-19 were my toughest of the day. I started feeling a little dizzy and I immediately got paranoid about passing out and getting pulled off the course. It didn’t help when I saw a few guys off in the trees puking their guts out. I also saw some people getting taken away by medical. So I made the decision to walk to the turn around and only run the downhills. During these aid stations I tried to take on some more fluids Coke and broth included. Orange slices tasted pretty good too.

Then it happened. Ironman athlete #1709 2.0. Not long after the turn around he cloud cover arrived, the dizziness went away and I started feeling much better. Running picked up and I really only walked bigger hills and aid stations. I wasn’t running fast but I was running.

I swear that during the marathon of an Ironman you reach a point where the finish line almost becomes a magnet. It just pulls you in. I was so glad to be feeling better so I could enjoy the final miles. In fact my favorite section of the day was the final out and back on Mirror Lake Dr. The spectators were amazing throughout the day and throughout the course but they just seemed extra encouraging on this stretch.

The finishing stretch was as awesome as other Ironman’s. There’s really nothing like it. Somehow I managed to catch the song that was playing as I entered the chute. I guess “Walking on Sunshine” now has some special meaning. I crossed the finish line proud of my 13 hrs and 1 minute out on a tough course. Yes, that 1 minute bothers me and 12:59 sounds so much faster but I’ll live :) Ironman #4 complete!

After the race I enjoyed a Coke and a hot cup of chicken broth. After that I felt pretty darn good. Adam, who is the ultimate-best ever support crew, and I then cheered on @imadventure as she made her way to the finish line. It was just a fantastic day.

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i didn't send the girl hate but i strongly disagreed with her and didn't appreciate that she deliberately went to the media. there was really no need to do that tbh. she could have expressed her opinion without going to them. personally, i would never do that. i would never go to the media at all to express an opinion that isn't even factual in some parts.

I think that’s the part that bothers me most tbh. Like share it here, post a link of the post to your Twitter but don’t try and get it published in a teen magazine and then not expect her majority teen fan base to vocally disagree with you?? The opportunism also bothers me. Like I’ve made my thoughts on girl at home very public here but I don’t think my opinion is important enough to seek publication. It would be like if Taylor’s next album got bad reviews and I was like “HEY SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE REMEMBER WHEN I SAID THERE WAS A BAD SONG ON RED. BEFORE SHE ISSUES AN APOLOGY FOR THIS ALBUM I WOULD LIKE HER TO APOLOGIZE FOR GIRL AT HOME BECAUSE SHE OWES THAT TO ME”.

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Were you ever not goth? And do you think you'll still be goth in the distant future?

This is far from my favorites question, honestly…

I sort of “grew into goth.” I’ve stated a few times and in videos (if you’re new to the blog, hey, no blame for not already knowing it) that some people grow out of goth and some people grow into it. I kind of came into it around 16-18, and I’m probably going to be in it for life because nothing else culturally has quite made me happy in the same way since the vast majority of my favorite things for most of my life are part of the culture, like being nocturnal and liking horror and history and literature and Halloween.

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Do the teachers even have a sense of morality? You say that you hate the idea of "insane" depictions of the teachers (specifically shipping wise) yet they seem to feel no shame in what they do for a living

They’re terrible, but have some standards. When I say I don’t like “insane” depictions, I mean I don’t like the suave blood hungry “psychopath” depictions. The teachers are morally bankrupt for the most part, but they chill and they can like each other.