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So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

You can’t tell me that Fidds doesn’t like adopt Pacifica and she helps him around his new shed and the work together on giant machines. You can’t prove to me that does not happen.

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Pacifica Northwest


this is my favourite film EVER!!!!! 

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Hello! I am v interested in the chav discourse that you mentioned in your tags (and also in the weird fandom discourse about Harry being 'posh', which I find really strange though I think it comes from a misunderstanding of what 'posh' actually signifies). I think of 'chav' and 'chavvy' as slur words so always do a double-take when I see them used even in a neutral way. To me it implies working-classness but also (potential) petty criminality - so it's really not a term to use of someone else -1

I think Louis’s athleisure looks are all about the audience he is trying to reach with his EDM collaborations, and that audience is much wider than a UK one which might understand his look as communicating his working-classness… (I know you weren’t using ‘chav’ lightly, I hope my previous didn’t suggest that - I’d be off anon if I wasn’t at work! my url is kit-catclub. would love to discuss with you as I always appreciate your views) 2


Thanks for your ask! I’ve been hoping for an ask to help focus my incoherent rage at the way people have been talking about Louis and about working-class people.  I won’t really be able to touch on Harry - except I think what’s going on is his original position as the posh one in One Direction (which I wrote about here) has overlapped with people’s feelings about him the most celebrity member of One Direction - when as you say they’re very different.

I think the best way to explain my reaction to the way people have been using the word ‘chav’ is with a metaphor.  Lets imagine girl direction for a moment  - and instead of people worrying that Louis is coming across as a ‘chav’ people are worried that girl!Louis is coming across as a slut.  People write elaborate asks about how they’re worried that certain things she’s doing will make her come across as a slut and damage her reputation.  Anons talk about how her styling is creating a certain image and they want her to wear different clothes because the general public might think she was a slut - and that erases successful businesswoman!Louis and superstar!Louis.

I think most fans would recognise this as quite hateful rhetoric - not just about girl!Louis, but about women more generally. Chav isn’t just a slur, because it’s a bad thing to suggest about someone, it’s a slur because it conveys a hateful view about a group of people. People who loudly worry that someone your a fan of is being forced to come across as a slut - you are promoting a hateful view of women. People who loudly worry that Louis is coming across as a ‘chav’ are promoting a hateful view of working-class people.

I’m being a little bit kinder than I feel here, because I’m aware that some of B’s anons could be very young and repeating ideas that they haven’t fully processed. But someone actually used the phrase ‘You can take the boy out of Doncaster, but you can’t take Doncaster out of the boy’ (although they didn’t say Doncaster).  And that view is vile and vile is the nicest thing I could say about it (I’ve just been reading the report of the Hillsborough independant inquiry - I would actually say that such a view is murderous).

People who are like - oh it’s so terrible that Louis is seen in public eating McDonalds and wearing trackpants and smoking - that ruins his image - can pretend all they like that they’re just talking about public image - but they’re actually judging Louis.  There is every reason to think that he does in fact smoke, eat McDonalds and wear trackpants.  (And they’re also revealing that they have monstrous, abhorrent, snobbish views - but I sort of covered that already).

The other thing I want to say about this whole mess is to talk directly about what ‘chav’ means. People have been prepared to throw out some really specific signifiers of things that Louis (and even worse Lottie) are doing that makes them come across as ‘Chavs’.  It is smoking and McDonalds and Trackpants and airport fights.  Just like the term sluts is fundamentally criticising unruly women - the term chavs is criticising unruly working-class people. All those signifiers are things that are contrary to good middle class ideas of what moral citizens look like (I’m not going to expand on this idea now - although I could go on for some time - but I think Charlie Brooker nails it in this piece about Jamie Oliver). The implication of Louis coming across as a ‘chav’ isn’t just that he’s coming across as working-class - but he’s coming across as a working-class person who is disgusting and dangerous because he won’t do what he’s told. (I’m going to park the question of Louis’ actual class position then or now and how that relates to all this - this post is about image).

This is a really interesting contrast to One Direction - who were very much launched in in the UK in the immediate aftermath of the London riots - as working-class boys made good who were compliant and would perform for middle-class people (I go more into that idea here).  It’s a very different positioning from where they started - so I can see why it makes people anxious - but I have a very different reaction. 

I am very much in favour of unruly working-class people, just as I am very much in favour of unruly women. I don’t know, I don’t think we can know, where Louis image is coming from, how he’s positioning himself, what various pressures he is navigating or what he feels about it.  But I’m certainly not going to suggest that an image of compliance and willingness to perform for power is somehow better than an unruly image.

Madeon’s Adventure is two years old today so I doodled up an thing!!

Meta: SE and Stable Partnerships

The whole premise of Soul Eater is based on the structure of meisters and weapons and the partnership that goes into that. It’s easy to come up with plenty of examples of these partnerships: standard one-to-one pairs, or trios, or even variable meisters with multiple weapon partners or weapons who can be wielded by any meister. Aside from granting structure to the plot in itself, these partnerships can also be read as unstated commentary about the dynamic of the characters within the partnerships, their relation to each other, and (perhaps most interestingly) their grasp on their own sense of identity.

A note: I’ll be focusing primarily on the main anime in the course of this, with only very few references to the Soul Eater Not anime and occasional nods to details in the manga. I’m hoping this will make it easier to follow (and easier for me to compose)!

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Gon or chocorobo-chan who's your bff,? =w=

Look, it should be clear that there’s a distinct difference between my best friend and the love of my life. Gon’s my best friend…

Also the best friend who happens to wear my clothes as pajamas and steal my pillow when he goes to sleep, I guess.

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hey dude (if you don't mind sharing) what are your brush settings?

my laptop is old and bad so it can’t handle sai or photoshop very well, so I’m still using mostly firealpaca since it’s just very simple and stuff

I always use the marker, I almost never use any of the other brushes

I just like how the lines come out with the marker, like how it’s very thin or very thick depending on which direction you draw in, like a marker pen in real life I guess, I’m a bit boring, I just use that one brush haha, and almost always on the same settings

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LMAO "Clarke won't stop fucking me". Clarke has to give her a break! You get sore after a while. I can imagine Lexa taking a bath, dim lights, a cup of wine and Bam, Clarke enters the room with a smirk, but sobbing 2 mins later when Lexa tells her to give her a little moment to rest. "You don't love me! Why won't you make love to me?! It's bc i'm fat?! I knew it!" lol the mood swings!

Hahahah yessss! Clarke’s mood swings are WILD. I have a chapter that I’m waiting for the right moment to put up that is Clarke being insane and Lexa digging herself into a deeper hole every time she talks. 

Literal image of Lexa every time she opens her mouth:

When the only reason Morgiana isn’t together with the main four currently in the final arc is because she hasn’t Fallen into Depravity like Judar and Hakuryuu, wasn’t killed off and sent to another dimension like Alibaba, isn’t directly from Alma Toran like Aladdin, and is under influence because she has some normalcy to her. But hey, let’s forget the fact that, despite how others who were told their thoughts were being controlled by Sinbad gave no shits because “no way would Sinbad do that to them”, Morgiana actually tried to break out of the will Sinbad forced on everyone and wanted to join Alibaba and Aladdin despite it being against what Sinbad forced on her.

Oh, but wait, she and Alibaba are together now and they aren’t fighting in this more peaceful time where words are more powerful than fists, so she must have been forgotten or Ohtaka doesn’t care for her. She’s always wanted a peaceful life where she and her precious people are happy and she’s actually getting it? Wow, how dare she have her wishes come true. This is such poor writing of a good character. Morgiana is no longer great, just “Alibaba’s Woman” for wanting to settle down, and all her character development went down the drain because she’s not a special nutcase like the others and throwing fists left and right.

Shame on Ohtaka. Shame on her for not making Morgiana completely unaffected by everything because Plot Armor. Shame on her for not leaving her only useful trait being Able to Be Paired Up With Any Guy/Girl in the Series. God doesn’t Ohtaka know better to leave Morgiana as an overpowered lil shit who’s only good To Be Paired Up With Someone because Screw That She’s another Character With Good Character Development and Balanced Design, obviously that means nothing because females are only good for shipping with favorite characters and projecting ourselves onto to pretend we’re the gods of the series.

Ugh, just how dare Morgiana not be with the guy I wanted her to end up with or unaffected Sinbad because obviously she should have immunity to it for no special reason.

((I’m sorry, I’m so sour right now because this is what I’ve been seeing a lot and I really don’t like it. I don’t mean to target anyone specifically. I just wish really wish people didn’t write Morgiana over like this))