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concept: me, a housewife, putting two lean cuisines in the microwave. i drink an entire bottle of chardonnay during the four minutes the chicken fettuccine takes to heat up. my husband walks through the door just as i place the entrée on the table. he thanks me for slaving away all day over a hot stove. i have succeed in passing the lean cuisine off as my own creation. when he’s done, i tell him im in love with our maid, helen–who bears a striking resemblance to margot robbie–and that i will see him in court. im blind drunk and jump into a 1960s pink convertible that helen is driving. we laugh about the lean cuisines.

Friendly Reminder

That you can LOVE Tony Stark while simultaneously loving Steve Rogers AND Bucky Barnes.

Love is unconditional. Never forget that.

A very very sketchy 15-minute Chris because this man needs more love and appreciation I swear to God.