Splendid Silent Sun

A little addition to the Married Life ‘verse. A quiet, lazy morning.

A car alarm goes off every Sunday morning at five, as predicable as a rooster and just as obnoxious. Blaine doesn’t know who it belongs to, where they’re going this early on a Sunday, or why they can’t seem to remember that their car has an alarm system. But he does know that Kurt will snuffle and grunt and shove his face under his pillow. He’ll try to ignore it. He’ll grunt louder. Finally he’ll peek his head from beneath the pillow, hair askew and face crease-lined, and with one eye squeezed shut one very reluctantly opened will shout, “Oh my god, shut up!”

The alarm will go off—though it has nothing to do with Kurt’s indignant, sleepy shouting at the closed window—and they’ll both go back to sleep. Every Sunday morning.

Blaine always wakes first. He’s a big believer in healthy sleep habits, so he’s in bed at a reasonable time (usually) and awake at the same time (just about.) If he doesn’t have an early class to get to or a piano lesson to give, he still gets up. It gives him time to practice or compose or polish up an essay, and cook breakfast for Kurt (sometimes.) Their mornings tend to be busy; a well-coordinated dance by now, weaving in and out and around each other in the bedroom and kitchen and bathroom and tiny hall closet; minty kisses and coats halfway on and don’t forget to stop by the bank!

A text from Kurt later: Forgot to tell you I love you. I love you. Blaine will send back a heart or love-struck emoji, because he knows now without Kurt telling him, but he’s so grateful that Kurt takes to the time to remind him anyway, even when their lives are a cyclone of chaos. Especially then.

But Sundays.

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You And I

This can be considered part of the Married Life Verse, but stands alone too. laziest-fangirl wanted plumbing related shenanigans, and sprinkejoy asked for the boys arguing over private vs. public school. And I wanted to write a good old fashioned five times fic.

***Five times Kurt and Blaine get turned on by boring domestic things. (The weirdos.)**

1. Unclogging the toilet

“Okay, begin by placing the head into the bottom.”


Blaine resolutely does not laugh, because Kurt is already annoyed, glaring at him and standing stiffly over the toilet that is clogged, again. So Blaine protests with his voice only wavering a little, “That’s what it says!”

Kurt sighs and places the toilet snake down into the bowl. “Now what?”

“Turn in a clockwise motion,” he snorts a little, “inserting gently but firmly.”

“Blaine I swear to-”

“That’s what it says!” He holds his phone up so Kurt can see the instructions he Googled. Kurt starts to work the toilet snake in while Blaine watches from the edge of the bathtub. It’s been a long day for both of them; full time work and summer classes now, and they really just wanted a quiet dinner and maybe some quality couch time and then some fooling around time, and really the last thing either of them wanted to deal with was a toilet gushing water onto the floor. Yet again.

But Kurt looks so hot; his sleeves rolled up and biceps flexing as he pushes the tool in, his jaw clenched and face determined. Plus he’s wearing those pants Blaine loves. They make his legs look miles long and cup his ass just right. Blaine leans back, tilts his head. Mmhmm. Just right.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recs that update us on present day, post-Glee Klaine? I have been missing them lately.


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