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Calling all fic lovers!

Would anyone be interested in joining a team of reviewers to help encourage new writers in the CS fandom and anybody struggling with little to no feedback?

I’m setting up a blog where writers can request a review for their stories, whether they just need a little encouragement or some added con crit if they request it. 

You don’t need any special skills to help review - just a love for CS, a love for fanfic and a little bit of time as and when you can spare it. The more willing reviewers involved, the more we can show some love so please just ask/IM me if you would like to be a part of it.

Every day, his kisses are sweeter.


He brings her Granny’s for lunch. 

He makes her coffee in the morning.

He even learns to make pancakes with nutmeg 

(and damn, could he could make a mean stack).

And even when he spends too much time in the bathroom,

or they disagree about what temperature the bedroom should be.

She savors every moment.

She was going to live each day like it was her last…

because it could be.

The King’s Men || Team A || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 //

Word Count: 3170

Genre: assassins/spies!au, angsty, eh

Summary: How are you supposed to win a game when you don’t even know who the opponent is? 

The air in the room was dense, smelling of sweat and hard liquor and something that couldn’t quite be placed. There was a tingling and electrifying quality of the stretched out space that would make anyone feel tense if they walked in at that moment. It would be obvious that something was off.

However, you were perfectly calm.

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The Secret Satan Project: 3

Welcome to my Deckerstar advent calendar, where you get a short drabble every day until Christmas, set in some wonderful near-future (ahem) where Lucifer and Chloe have overcome their present difficulties and decided to give being together a shot. They are still total amateurs, however, and are now facing their most fearsome foe… the holiday season. Which is particularly an adventure when you are dating the Devil.

< Day 2

The Devil flounces into his therapist’s office with a deeply long-suffering expression, seats himself on the couch, sees the tin of Christmas cookies on the coffee table, and in the tone of Caesar addressing Brutus in the Senate, sighs, “Oh, Doctor. Not you too.”

“I’m sorry?” Linda Martin looks up from her file. “Lucifer, you’re early. I don’t think I was expecting you for another hour.”

“Yes, well, I had to get out of the house before I had jingle bells coming out my bloody ears. Maze is helping them! With the decorations! You think you know a demon.” Lucifer broods bitterly on this betrayal, as Linda closes the file and sets it aside. “Now I come here, and look. Can’t get away from it anywhere.”

Linda takes only a moment to grasp the problem. “You don’t like Christmas.”

“Of course I don’t like Christmas! As I told the detective and the spawn, no problem at all with my half-brother, baffling paternal affection aside, but this, all the total nonsense and all the reminders of people going off to be happy with their bloody families and sharing the joy – afraid that doesn’t connect for me, Doctor, no. I love a good party, you know this. But all this remember the reason for the season! puts my teeth on edge.”

“Perhaps you’re offended by the hypocrisy of it,” Linda suggests. “Or perhaps you feel as if it’s a big birthday celebration for a sibling that your parents – or parent – likes better than you, and a reminder of your outcast status. But as for family, Lucifer, aren’t you and Chloe together now?”

Lucifer shifts uncomfortably in his seat. “We’ve been giving it a try, yes.”

“So maybe she’s trying to share it with you as a way to connect with you,” Linda suggests gently. “You’ve said she doesn’t believe, or at least she used to not believe, in all the Bible stuff. So she’s not doing it as a way to exclude you or make you feel unwanted. In America, most people celebrate Christmas as a holiday to enjoy being together, and eating a meal, and giving each other gifts, so maybe if – “

“Oh yes, the gifts, and the commercialism, and the buy now, pay later, and the decorations in the shops in bloody September, it’s impossible to get away from it! Not that I likewise object to humans giving into their desires, but – “

“Yes, people have plenty to say on the commercialism of Christmas. But I doubt you want it to be more of a religious holiday again, so – “

“Oh, those ones are even worse! As if American Christians have ever actually been persecuted in their bloody lives! Do you even know what the Salvation Army with its pretty red kettles actually does? Those nasty little homophobes and their – ”

“Lucifer.” Linda speaks loudly and firmly, as he’s about to blast off the couch like a firework. “I understand you have a lot of emotions on this topic, and I am glad you’re sharing them with me, but what I am trying to say is that Chloe isn’t trying to punish you or rub anything in your face. She wants you to celebrate Christmas with her, or at least be around and not constantly kicking up a fuss, because it may be that she thinks of you as part of her family now. That this is the time when she especially wants you around, because you mean that much to her. Did you consider that?”

Lucifer sits there with an expression that says no, of course he did not consider that.

Linda is too gracious to rub salt in her victory, but she can’t resist a final nudge. “Do you want to be important to her?”

“I – “ Lucifer opens and shuts his mouth, looking flummoxed. “I, well. Yes. Of course I do.”

“So then,” Linda says. Reaches forward, and offers him a Christmas cookie from the tin. “Maybe you should give it a try.”

glittery-cyan-skies  asked:

Okay but what if Tom had to take care of baby Marco instead of the other way around and he actually treats Marco like a kitten and Tom's the momma cat???

Omg you are the cutest with thee ideas! I literally love you dude!

——————————————————————————————- “Yeah so… sorry.” Was all Star said about the two-year-old Marco sitting on the bed. She expected Tom to be angry but he had a big smiled.

“He’s so CUTE!” Tom exclaimed. He sat down next to him on the couch. “Hi baby Marco! I’m Tom! You’ll meet me later on in your life.” Tom explained. Star smiled.

“I’m glad you like him so much, because I need you to babysit while I go get the potion to change him back.” Star told him. Tom looked down at the baby.

“I think I can do that. Just keep him safe?” Tom asked. Star was a little taken back by this.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well that’s what you do to little demons, when you’re bigger than them… you keep them safe.” Tom told her. It was a demon’s instinct to protect, especially when the person seemed or looked weaker than them.

“Sure.” Star shrugged. “Just keep an eye on him, I’ll be back soon.” Star instructed. She hopped through a portal.

Tom wrapped the two-year-old up in a hug. “I’ll keep you safe baby Marco.” Baby-Marco sputtered and looked at Tom.

“You Tom.” Baby-Marco blubbered. Tom’s face lit up.

“I AM Tom! You’re right!” He cheered. He stopped his celebration short, Tom’s ears twitched when he heard a crash come from downstairs. Tom growled and enveloped Baby-Marco in a hug, protecting him from whatever sound was there. He watched the door with his ears down and a fearsome look for a few minutes, until he dismissed it as nothing. “Sorry baby.” Tom said. “I get a little paranoid when I’m watching others.” Tom explained. Baby-Marco started whining a little. “What’s the matter?” Tom asked.

“I want blub.” Baby-Marco told him. Tom looked confused.

“What’s a blub?” Tom asked. Baby-Marco started clapping his hands and repeating the word ‘Blub’ over and over. Tom shrugged. Blub had to mean something! Tom looked around and picked up the baby, bringing it downstairs. “Is blub food?” Tom asked. Baby-Marco clapped and repeated ‘blub’. Tom set him down and went to find food suitable for a baby. He dropped the container of applesauce when there was a knock on the door. Tom’s eyes lit up and he picked up the baby. He wrapped him up in his arms safely and growled at the door. Thinking of the possibility of whoever was at the door could want to hurt Baby-Marco. Tom hissed at the door and the baby began to cry. Tom’s eyes went back to normal and he looked at the baby with a guilty look.

“No! Don’t cry, baby! I didn’t mean to scare you! I mean to scare whoever was outside!” Tom assured. Baby-Marco cried some more and Tom brought him over to the couch and placed him down. Tom curled in around him like protective shield. “It’s okay little baby Marco.” Tom assured. The baby stopped crying a little, but was still whining. Tom hushed him and just held onto him like a bug. Finally Baby-Marco fell asleep and Tom smiled in victory. He positioned him nicely on the couch and then sat on the floor in front of him, looking out for any sign of danger that wanted to hurt the baby.

A portal opened and Star dashed through. “Hey, I got the potion from- You got him to sleep?” Star cut herself off. Tom nodded.

“Yeah. He cried for a while though.” Tom admitted. Star laughed and took out the potion, she gave it to Baby-Marco like a bottle.

“This should fix him right up.” She assured. She looked over at Tom. Thanks for babysitting.” She thanked.

“No problem.” Tom assured. “It was a lot different than watching over baby demons.”

“How so?” Star asked.

“Well baby demons bite a lot.” Tom admitted. “And if they have the chance they will try to kill you.” He answered. “At that point in their life the only thing they have a grip on is their survival instincts. So they just burn, bite and fight. All the time.” Tom explained. Star cracked up.

“That’s crazy. That can’t be true.” She laughed.

“Do you wanna babysit?” Tom offered. Star stopped laughing.

“I take your word for it.”


“Would you like a stick?” Chenille offered, reaching out to hold the pack within easy reach. Suki considered for a moment before reaching for a piece, her wrist lightly brushing Chenille’s fingertips as she struggled with the packaging. She finally managed to grab one, unwrapping it and popping it into her mouth in one smooth motion. 

 They stood in near silence, the sound of their chewing becoming more rhymic by the moment. Their eyes met and held, the synchrony between them undeniable as their faces shifted with each passing second of mastication. 

Chenille let her eyes fall to Suki’s lips, a blush growing warm on her sparkling cheeks. Suki had such plump lips, she had never really noticed. They parted, a small sigh coming from Suki as she stopped chewing. 

Chenille quickly shifted her gaze, not wanting to be caught. The blush remained though, and she found it hard to look Suki dead in the eye as she heard her speak. 

“This gum is awful." 

Hurricane Negan

Summary: Negan sees one of his men getting a bit too friendly with one his newcomers.
Request Summary: “Could I get a jealous Negan, please.”- charlesgrey1875
POV: Third Person Limited – Negan
Characters: Adrienne, Negan, Simon, and Jacob.
Word Count: 1415
Warnings: Cursing
Authors note: Whenever I say her, I’m referring to Adrienne, but in this story, the two of them aren’t quite familiar with each other and I wanted Negan’s POV to stay accurate with him not actually knowing her.  Adrienne is sort of a fill-in character.  When you read, you can make her look however you wish.  She’s practically a stand-in for Y/N.
Parts: 1/?
Quote of the story: “Boom.  Problem motherfuckin’ solved”

There he was, sitting on his mess hall throne while Lucille rested beside him.  He had yet to touch his food due to his mind being occupied with thoughts of her.  Although, his mind may have been occupied, his eyes were locked onto her, devouring her in so many ways.

What was he actually doing?  Well, the answer was simple as could be. He was watching her. He was stalking her with his eyes, the same way a predator stalks its unaware prey.  He was the predator while she was his unsuspecting prey.  

Who was he and who was she?  Well, he was Negan and she was Adrienne.

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Start of Something New, Chapter 3

So, remember that Dragon Outlaw Queen fic I was writing? Well, I still am…albeit very slowly, LOL. You can find the first two chapters HERE.

For the anon who requested Roland finding out about Robin, Regina and Mal; and for @the-alpha-incipiens who requested the prompt “Laundry” for DOQ from my prompt list. :)

Also tagging @trina-deckers @sometimesangryblackwoman, @darthraydor and @the-not-so-evil-queen who all expressed interest in this. And tagging @oparu because…why not? LOL

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