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do you know any other good jikook accs

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Hi guys! First of all, happy Thanksgiving Day for everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while… Although this simblr is very recent, I’ve been admiring most of the people here for a long time (via my personal tumblr). And each one of you inspired me to start my own blog, create my own story [and hopefully my own custom content soon]

Listed here are the amazing people who inspire me every day. There are a variety of simblr styles: some are legacy players, some are cc creators, some are cc finds, some are maxis match, some are alpha. But one thing they have in common is their huge creativity. And in this thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all the creative flow that runs in my dashboard everyday.

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thank you so much for 500 followers and for making this blue hellsite fun! some of my phandom friends and fave blogs are listed below in literally no particular order (because i’m lazy) and you should totally check them out! thanks again ily :)

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i’m like 100% sure i forgot some people omg but thank you even if you’re not listed above!! <3

Horror Movies (Ignis Scenario)

Requested by anon:

Needing a scenario? How about Ignis and his female s/o watching horror movies and she starts getting afraid? How would he comfort her?

As you two sat down in the couch, Ignis placed a blanket over your bodies to keep you warm. Then, he proceeded to hit the play button in the remote control to start the movie. 

Honestly, you were a bit nervous. It was the first time you would watch a horror movie (you hadn’t watched one on the first place because you didn’t enjoy the idea too much) but knew how much Iggy liked them. You wanted to watch one with him, do something that he enjoyed for a change since he always spoiled you and gave in to your hobbies instead of his. 

So you sat there, subtly scooting closer to Ignis in anticipation as the movie started. It was about time to see a violent or scary scene.

Too focused in the movie to notice your hesitance, your boyfriend mistook this gesture and absently placed an arm over your shoulders. Thinking you just sought his affection and wanted to cuddle for attention, not comfort. 

You forced yourself to keep your eyes on the screen, even if you had the impulse to look away and hide your face on Ignis’ chest. Despite the fact that nothing had happened in the movie yet. 

However, you did jolt up when the first jump scare happened. Ignis then worriedly glanced at you, as he didn’t find it scary at all. 

“Is everything alright, kitten?” He asked, completely forgetting about the movie for one moment and fixing his green eyes on you. 

“Yeah, I just… got startled…” You lied, even though it reassured you to know his attention was now completely focused on you. 

Surely, he would immediately stop the movie if you asked him to. Or if he saw you were too scared by it. Because of course he would. 

You just resolved to give it a try, shielding into Ignis’ protective hold on you and cuddling into his side for comfort. 


Halfway through the movie, you realized you wouldn’t be able to hold much longer. You notably jumped in many scenes, and Ignis was starting to get genuinely concerned about your reactions.

You brushed it off, insisting that you were just jumpy and not scared. But he could see through you, even if you tried to pretend like nothing happened. 

With yet another jumpscare and the violent, gory, harrowing death scene that followed, Ignis was determined. 

“That is quite enough” Gently pushing you into his chest, he used his free hand to turn the TV off. 

You had tried to appear tough and nonchalant about the movie, but it deeply disturbed you. You could tell you were going to have nightmares, especially given it was already night time and you were to go to sleep soon. Not that you felt capable of falling asleep.

“I-I’m alright” You assured, even though you were slightly shaking under his arm.

“You didn’t need to put on a brave face for me, darling” Ignis whispered softly, embracing you and holding one hand over the back of your head. 

You hid your face on his chest, at least feeling better with his affections. And knowing he would be there to protect you when the fears inflicted by the movie haunted you during the night. 

“I didn’t want you to think less of me…” You admitted in a weak voice. 

“I would never think less of you, my love” Tenderly, he planted a light kiss on your head. “I love you no matter what, Y/N”

You managed a feeble smile in spite of it all, feeling a bit silly. 

“I wanted to do something you liked for a change, you know?” You told him, daring to look up at him. 

“I profoundly appreciate that, of course” His hands sweetly caressed your hair as he spoke. “But you needn’t do that for me” 

You shrugged, averting your gaze. Until Ignis left another kiss on you, this time on your forehead. You reciprocated by softly pecking his lips. 

“I apologize, I didn’t know the movie would have this effect on you” There was a tender and loving look in his eyes as he stared at you. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it, my love, I promise”

“I know, Iggy” You said as you trembled next to him. 

“I will watch over you tonight, kitten” He picked you up with secure arms and carried you back to the bedroom, gently laying you in the bed. “Assure that you sleep soundly and no evil can reach you” 

You dedicated him a genuine smile and comfortably accomodated over his torso as soon as he lied down next to you. He made you feel safe and calm again in spite of it all.


how to wake up ur prince: a step by step guide by prompto


a soft concept: iris carrying around these cute little hair clips and putting them on the boys  (*≧∀≦*)