Man my best friend hasn’t been feeling like my best friend lately she curves me all the time and it hurts my feelingsssss and I’m not saying she can’t have other best friends cause obviously duuuh but she’s been posting stuff about how happy and good their relationship is and how awesome of friends they are and blah blah blah and I’ll be like hey dude I miss you and her online sign goes from on to off or it’ll be ignored recently I told her I got a phone and she gave me her number but I’ve texted like twice and she didnt answer so maybe her phones just off but why give me the number why not tell me if it’s off I swear this makes me like the saddest but I’m trying not to make anything of it cause were grown women with different lives I’m a mom raising a little baby and she’s just chillin livin her life uuugggghhhhh

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Cuz you brain wash him! You made him to get use of the love you gave of him when you hurt him

Brain wash him? LMFAO . Honey you honestly think you know what happened in our relationship when you really didn’t :( -pats your head- it’s okay doe . Me and chaz are laughing at you LMFAO. You’re sooo pathetic -sigh 😂 someone is in their feelingsssss 💙 he’s happy and so am i :* ask him who he got his eyes set on. He’ll say it with no shame cause he knows who’s making him happy now :) you can come off anon now and stop being a little pussy we both already know who you are ;) so dale chavala exposeeeeeee yourself💕💕