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Playing Amends (KnB Fic)

You can also read this fic on Ao3!

Rating: G

Characters: Oreshi, Bokushi (You could even say it’s AkaAka, I think?)

Word Count: 3,400+

Warnings: None, really! Brotherly teasing. Mild angst. Also, I love Bokushi a LOT, and it shows. (I finally got to write about him, YAY.)

Summary: Akashi has something he needs to tell his other self. His little brother is angry with him, and for good reason. In the end, though, music is a language they both understand. (Oreshi PoV, set after the Winter Cup.)

A/N: This random one-shot is all @akashiseijuro4 and @shadowwinggirl‘s fault, because they were being cute at each other and it was giving me feelings. So then this happened? (For those who don’t know, they’re basically Oreshi and Bokushi.) So here, have some AkaAka brotherly love! Be warned, in my headcanons, these two tease each other CONSTANTLY inside their head. Because brothers, I guess? (This fic also fits with my giant timeline that starts with The Bridges Between Us. This scene takes place a few months later.)

Half past midnight, Akashi Seijuurou was serenading the stars.

It was common for him to turn to music at this hour, to refresh his mind after another prolonged session of studying. He supposed the servants must be used to his nighttime concerts by now. Still, he was in the habit of opening the balcony doors in his parlor, to funnel the music across the vast grounds of his Kyoto estate.

Even in early springtime, when the air trailed a lingering chill upon the tips of its rimed fingers, Akashi opened the doors wide. And for an hour or so, he allowed the cold night air and the gentle music to clear his head.

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so i totally forgot already (perhaps lack of sleep??) but what did breaking the tablet do again?? what was it about saving dean?

Breaking the tablet took away all of Metatron’s God-like powers, which would have made it possible for Dean to defeat Metatron. Now you could argue that this at in and of itself was simply to help on the mission to kill Metatron, and I agree, but the narrative paints a different story. Metatron finally understood in the end that Castiel was not doing any of this for Heaven or for humanity. He was doing it for one man.

And this fits with the theory that Cas set off to lead the angels at the end of 9x18 not because he felt he had no choice, but because he wanted to find a way to save Dean. It is no coincidence that immediately after seeing the mark on Dean’s arm, Cas called the angels to join him. I don’t think he knew how he would do it, but that was his ultimate goal. Saving Dean Winchester was what mattered to him above restoring heaven, or leading his fellow angels home.

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The theory with Pokeballs is, though, that the Pokeballs digitally encode the Pokemon like computer storage, so that they’re not crammed in a ball, but living in a miniature world until they get popped into the real world again.

Maybe, but the whole concept of catching Pokemon and having them live in an artificial world when it’s not convenient for them to be in the real world still sounds really sad to me? I mean, if I have to think really hard in real world terms about the repercussions of things that are okay in the game/anime world, consent issues seem like one of the biggest things. Because seriously, why would Pokemon ever consent to being captured from their homes by strangers who then go “BE MY FRIEND AND BATTLE ALONGSIDE ME”. Like, woah crazy, how about no, I’d like to go home now? Especially because Pokemon are depicted as creatures who understand what humans say and are very much capable of intelligent thought. And whoops went off on a bit of a tangent there.

BUT YEAH, even if Pokeballs are comfortable for whoever is inside it, it still, to me, very much represents a cage.

aaand these are the things I think about it….