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okay but one of the best parts of winter soldier was Nat & Steve. The whole movie they’re working together and they’ve got each other’s backs. They’re easygoing with each other, aside from the tension put on them from the plot. Their undercover “fake couple” act was especially adorable because of steve not really knowing what to do, and Nat being very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. 

And their fake couple kiss didn’t turn into a dramatic ~thing~ either. There wasn’t some discovering of ~hidden passion~; they managed to put a kiss for the sake of the plot in a film between a man and a woman without it turning into some weird forced sexual plot device. Afterwards they had a nice conversation about trusting each other, steve expressing that the person he most wanted Nat to be to him was his friend; plus Nat’s constant good-natured jabs at Steve for being old. The really nice thing was, they did it without diminishing the fact that steve and natasha are pals. (“do you trust me?” “I do now”) they were able to show that steve does find Natasha attractive.(“bye bye bikinis” “yeah, i bet you look terrible in them now.”)

But how attractive natasha is to steve (and probably how attractive he is to her, only she’s better at hiding it) doesn’t force him to take any sort of action because steve prioritizes friendship and loyalty and the value of his friends as people above any sort of physical appearance. And Natasha wasn’t some sort of support for Steve to bounce off of to look more awesome. She was a force to be reckoned with in her own right and Steve knew that. Though he questioned her motives and actions, Steve never stooped to insult her, even jokingly. And he made the effort to understand her motivations because he genuinely cared about her. 

this kind of respect and friendship between a hot dude and a hot lady costar are rare in movies, and almost unheard-of in action movies. That’s one of the things that made winter soldier even more perfect.