(fade out)

her touch is so cold,
like a fading memory
and her kisses are all
winter breeze

sometimes, I am not even sure
if she is there, the way she 
fades out of existence 
in certain lighting 

loving a girl who is afraid
of being with another girl
is like loving a ghost,
or loving a secret 

already unknown we fall
together in the shadows,
our hands clasped 
at another funeral

she haunts me
and I let her,
just for the brush
of lips that aren’t there

—  phantom love || O.L.

sometimes i worry how quickly it seems to be fading from public consciousness that the american people didn’t actually choose donald trump

he lost the popular vote


by kind of a lot

it still matters that all those people out there DID vote for them, it still matters that our electoral system is so fucked and so undemocratic as to elect him anyways, but i feel it’s really important we remember that the majority of americans chose hilary clinton and not donald trump

for a lot of reasons, we need to not let it fade out of public top-of-mind knowledge that donald trump was not the choice of the american people


fall out boy album concepts: infinity on high

Hillary Clinton Makes The Moral Case For Abortion Rights
...and reminds everyone that she is, in fact, a human being.

“Let us respect people’s convictions,” she said. “But never back down from our commitment to defend the ability of every woman to make these deeply personal decisions for herself. I wish there were common ground, but I know for sure it is higher ground.” 

“I’m a grandmother,” she said, “and much to the surprise of many, I am a human being. I’m also a person of faith who doesn’t take my positions lightly or come to them with a cavalier attitude.” 

“I believe that anyone who is opposed to abortion should be in favor of preventing unintended pregnancy, expanding economic opportunity and fighting for policies that actually support parenthood,” Clinton said. 

SKAM S04E06 Clip 3 - Fake Fake Fake

EVA: I wanted to write a causerie, but I’m not funny at all. I think it’s really difficult.

NOORA: I don’t even get what a causerie is.

EVA: I was really struggling. It’s like.. It doesn’t even matter whether I have a good day when we have a mock exam. I feel like it’s..


EVA: Are you joining us? Sana!

SANA: Huh?

EVA: Are you joining us for McDonalds?

SANA: No, I’m reading for my mock exam.

NOORA: Okay. Should we buy you something?

SANA: No, no thanks.

EVA: Yes.. Talk to you later.


EVA: I’m sooo hungry.

NOORA: Me too!

ISAK: Have Sara stolen your friends or something?

SANA: Huh? No!

ISAK: No? Okay, I’m kidding. Fake, fake, fake, fake. Ugh, girls. Sara doesn’t even like Vilde.

SANA: How do you know?

ISAK: Because she talks shit about her.

SANA: To you?

ISAK: Mhm.

SANA: Are you and Sara friends or something?

ISAK: We were in a relationship.

SANA: That’s true. How could you even stand dating her?

ISAK: No, good question.. It wasn’t a very sexual relationship, to put it that way. We mostly chatted. Looking back on that relationship, I was more of an online therapist than a boyfriend. I would’ve loved some payment for all that time I spent reading shit talk about russ friends and stuff. I couldn’t give more of a fuck. Hey! Sister species are species which are determined morphologically?

SANA: No. Sister species are species which are similar in exterior traits, but which can be completely different genetically.

ISAK: I’m gonna go hang myself.

Lance: *flirts with alien in the background*

Keith: *holding glass of some liquid, trying his damndest to not get caught watching*

Lance: *giggles while alien kisses his hand*

Keith: *smashes glass* THIS BITCH DID NOT JUST-


Wow, I didn’t think the last doodle of my forces oc would get so many notes! It makes me really happy to know that people like her <3

I’ve updated her a little bits with blue shorts instead of bike shorts, and she’s got a name now. Assuming we’re allowed to name our characters in forces, she’s Rudey the Rabbit!

Imagine the first time John and Sherlock hug romantically.

John’s arms slowly wrapping around Sherlock’s waist, tightening as he draws Sherlock closer.

Sherlock’s arms draped over John’s shoulders, clinging to him.

Eyes closed, foreheads together, just breathing each other in, until finally they move simultaneously, and lips finally meet.