(excuses for bad coloring)

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Countdown to Xingtober
Week 3: Fav Yixing Look(s) - Lucky One Concept Photos

Finally my drunkard son Fudou come home ahdknxkansl I was overjoyed that I did a painting of him HAHAHHAHA

It’s been ages since I do a full painting but I hope you like °*.(✩˙︶˙✩).*°


***Spear Of Justice Intensifies***

This is my first drawing of Undyne that I don’t hate to look at!!! Yay!!!!!

I know how the Undertale fandom is. I’m saying it right here: this picture is not to be reposted on any site or any other blog. This is not for use as a sticker, poster, decal, or for you to use on your blog. If I see you doing it, I’m reporting you. Do not bother to ask permission, it will NOT be given.

Just putting that out there.

Do not delete my caption, add your own, self-promote, insert links, repost, or alter this in any way. If you do, you will be blocked.