Then & Now

The cast and crew of Downton have already said their goodbyes, but for the audience, the end is just beginning.
It’s almost time for us to say goodbye, so let’s remember the moments when we first said hello.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch in HD (-:

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq_kgoSkFEk)

WHat I thought would be nice to doodle takes over my bedtime and now i’ve got like 4 hours of it left

@miriaminiesta Happy birthday again to my favourite and big-hearted boy, @dvicio_andres ! 2⃣3⃣💚🎤
“Y que sean muchos más” 🎂✨

“And to many more”


from last summer…I ruined this poor child

Xena was bi af 

Gabrielle was gay af 

okay… okay hair is a go

if it comes out horrible I’m blaming saeto15 for everything and shaving my head


Gundham Tanaka (Dangan Ronpa) fictionkin-related self care items (with a request for an emphasis on animals rather than Gundham specifically):

Puffy animal stickers - $1.89 (seller has a lot more animal-related stickers available)

Hamster stamp - $3.50

Paw print blanket - $20

Set of 4 dog soaps - $3

Paw print pillow - $18

Stuffed hamster - $8 (I chose this hamster specifically because I believe I have this specific hamster and its paws are sewn together so you can hug your finger!)


I know you wanted things relating to animals rather than yourself, but. Sticker of yourself as a hamster. I had to include it.


So this is exactly what happened

So we had a Viking festival a while ago (the day I got back, actually), and this barbarian was there too. Fortunately, I was dressed appropriately…