(except the cage)

Alpha-type Lead Male Characters who are canonically attracted to powerful badass boss women and are supportive of them instead of being threatened:

Steve Rogers
Scott McCall
Bellamy Blake
Marcus Kane
Prince Zuko
Derek Hale
Luke Cage
Finn (Star Wars)
Seeley Booth 
Ichabod Crane
Spike / William The Bloody
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Logan Echolls
Mamoru Chiba


Some things that I think went unnoticed:

1. Mare almost slipping the fuck up and saying Cal not Tiberias during her big speech. You can damn well be sure that was not a fuck up, she did that shit on purpose or subconsciously.

2. The mention that Farley is 4 months pregnant. Either time has passed or she was pregnant in the middle of Glass Sword which means she might have known and Shade did as well. 

3. Kilorn putting his arm around Cameron. Cameron is v sensitive, so the fact that she let him do that speaks VOLUMES. 

4.  The fact that people are scared of Julian.

5. The fact that they are not on Tuck anymore. 

6. Sonya Iral’s small moment with Mare and her hesitation after Mare mentions Ara. 

7. The fact that Mare was smart enough to engineer that entire escape. Like she had to know exactly how long the guards would take to notice, where the key was, how many guards would come, and exactly where to go after she got out of her room. (That’s some ocean’s eleven shit there) 

8. The person she’s talking to in the previous except that was released is probably Evangeline. 

9. Mare’s chocking up on Shade’s name during her speech. 

10. The Colonel asking FARLEY for what to do, he doesn’t call all the shots in other words. 

11. Samson probably tortured Mare. Guys he can do some serious ass damage, mare’s description was that she “was a pig on a hook, left to bleed dry.” Like shit fam, this is bad. 

12. Cameron calling Maven brilliant, because she believes there’s no other way he could have pulled something like this off. (Don’t underestimate your enemy in other words)

13. Cal leaving the room because he doesn’t want to think about everything, to have everything solidified in front of him. Also Julian being the one to bring him back in. 

Okay I think I got everything, if I missed anything, feel free to add. 

jurassic world au [2/2] | “we need more teeth.”

with the park in ruins, clarke and lexa missing, and raven barely escaping an encounter with a pteranodon, abby must find a way to reunite with her daughter–before kane’s now-rogue raptors team up with the indominus to hunt them all down.

Also, I’m sick of these Netflix/Marvel shows and their obsession with killing black people.

Seriously, Daredevil had Ben Ulrich

Jessica Jones had Reva Cage and Oscar Clemons (the detective who was shot and had his body burned)

Luke Cage had Pop

Iron Fist had Gerald Barnes. 


And pretty much all of those shows (except Luke Cage) had those black people die and then be forgotten about. Like, at least with Pop we got to see a damn funeral, and keep his memory alive, but everyone else? 


CONGENIALITY: noun. The quality of being able to get along with others; pleasant and friendly in nature; pleasant because of qualities or interests similar to your own.

KUNG-JIN-NIALITY: noun. The quality of acting like a complete and utter d****head to your team-mates/elders/anything that so much as inhales; snarky and full of nonsense to the point that you need a smack to the head; lovable despite outrageous sassy tendencies. A lifestyle.

Return to the Cage

Gradually becoming hunters on the side was not Frank’s idea. In fact, he had tried to tell Joe it was an absolutely terrible idea. But did his brother listen to him? Of course not. Was he granted more “I told you” opportunities? Definitely.

This time however, was much worse than a salt and burn turning into a zombie case (which Joe had flipped shit over because apparently zombies technically were real and Frank ended up doing Joe’s chores for a month as a result.) Five demons had them cornered in a graveyard, all of them smirking in their pleasure at outwitting the brothers and at least two of them holding the Four Horsemen’s rings to reopen the Cage. Except this time they claimed to have a spell that would make reopening the thing a third time way way harder.

Apparently the idea of their “leader” turning domestic made quite a number of demons angry. They had wanted the Apocalypse as much as some of the angels did and punishing the humans responsible seemed to be their main plan. Forcing them into Hell the hard way seemed like the perfect plan for revenge. And it almost worked, if Frank hadn’t been so desperate to keep Joe out of it.

During the chaos of the fight, the rings had been dropped, the ground seemed to yawn open, a large black hole appearing in the grass, wind buffeting around them as the air sucked inward. Joe almost lost his balance fighting a demon and Frank shoved him out of the way, losing his own footing. The wind seemed to grab him, yanking him further down as he clawed at the grass as he tried to stay aloft but it was too much. The last thing he remembered was seeing the horror on Joe’s face as he fell into the yawning blackness, as the hole above him sealed shut and he was free falling downward into the Cage.

Minimum Cage Requirements

There seems to be misunderstanding when it comes to what minimum cage requirements for parrots are intended to be.  Often the sizes you’ll find are not for a bird to spend 8 hours alone but that’s how they’re being used and using them this way negatively impacts their health.

Minimum cage requirements for a sleeping cage state that a bird must be able to fully spread their wings in any given direction.  This is to avoid feather damage and ensure that the bird isn’t cramped in the space, easily able to stretch, preen and turn around, anything smaller for a sleeping cage and the bird will become distraught.  A sleeping cage is meant to be used for just that, sleeping, times when the bird is inactive, any time where the bird is awake and mobile they should be out of the cage in a bird-safe enriching environment, an exception being during travel.  

Minimum cage requirements for day cages are the absolute minimum a parrot needs to not immediately experience heightened stress when left alone.  Typically the bare minimum numbers you’ll find are intended for a bird who will be left alone for 1-2 hours during the day. These sizes ensure the bird can walk around, spread their wings out to stretch and have enough room for a couple toys without impeding their mobility.  All this cage size is for is to ensure that the bird doesn’t become stressed or bored during short periods of alone time, it is not intended to be used for permanent residency.  As an example the minimum cage requirements for parrotlets is 18″x18″x24″, in there I could fit some decent perches, 3-4 toys and still have enough space for the bird to stretch and climb around. Below is an image of the bare minimum cage requirements for a parrotlet sitting inside of a cage that is capable of providing adequate enrichment for around 4-6 hours (30″x18″x32″)

Due to the high activity levels of parrots they can not stay in bare minimum spaces for very long without becoming stressed.  In the wild they do experience stressors such as predation but over the millions of years these species have lived they have adapted ways to cope with those experiences in their lives.  In captivity birds are exposed to stressors that they haven’t adapted coping mechanisms for such as isolation, overcrowding and boredom, due to the lack of coping mechanisms birds frequently present psychological distress and obsessive behaviours as a negative result.  This is why many birds will pluck, scream, bite or present nervous ticks in captive environments and these become more prevalent when the housing is incorrect.  It’s important to understand that a bird who is adapted to having the whole world as their habitat suddenly moving to have just a measurement of inches does have a poor impact on them, it doesn’t matter if they were born in captivity that minimal breeding does not replace the millions of years of evolution!

If any bird is living in a cage 24/7 they should be in a large flight cage or aviary depending on the species to ensure their health, nothing less.  Typically I am home all day so the cage doors are always open and they’re spending the full 12 hours outside of their cages or going in and out to play. The large cage above is a place for my birds to stay for if I’m gone a max of 4-6 hours, the other 6-8 hours they’re awake is spent outside of their cages, getting plenty of exercise, all sorts of toys in their room, human interaction, doing anything less would put them in a stressful situation as they just aren’t adapted to cope with this lifestyle.   Understanding that fact means that we need to be providing the largest possible enclosures we can, no amount of space can possibly be considered ‘spoiling’ them. They can not live happy and healthy lives without it, this excess space isn’t an over achievement, it’s a basic necessity!