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Even considering how many more chapters there are to go, I feel like that’s a bit of an achievement?



I’m more impressed that they managed to balance those candlesticks up in the branches of an actual tree while they all posed as “casually” as they could. 

And Kurogane is freaking smiling.


Alpha-type Lead Male Characters who are canonically attracted to powerful badass boss women and are supportive of them instead of being threatened:

Steve Rogers
Scott McCall
Bellamy Blake
Marcus Kane
Prince Zuko
Derek Hale
Luke Cage
Finn (Star Wars)
Seeley Booth 
Ichabod Crane
Spike / William The Bloody
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Logan Echolls
Mamoru Chiba

Colleen Wing doesn't deserve any of this

I was trying to dissect Iron Fist episode by episode, but it is too painful. Here be spoilers:

Jessica Henwick is visibly struggling in some scenes where her character should punch DR in the throat for crossing her boundaries. Because it’s not in character for her to let him get away with stuff like this.

First meeting: Mangles Mandarin and polices her identity. He’s actually THAT GUY in that scene.

Second meeting: tries to get a job with her again even though she said no the first time and her dojo specialises in Japanese martial arts. Hey, she’s too poor to give him a job but she was nice enough to give him shoes.

Which is not an invitation for him to hide out at her place again when people are after him. 

Or mansplain martial arts to her in her dojo. They practice two different schools of martial arts

And it’s not an invitation for him to step into her class, interrupt the student leading the class and then hitting a teenager (from an abusive background) with a wooden practice sword for laughing at him. (This is already a major red flag.)

That’s at least two throat punches. But oddly enough, Colleen Wing, who does not take shit from other people in the show, does not punch him in the throat.

She also does not tell him off strongly for:

- Interrupting her training session with Claire Temple–that’s really unforgivable in general–interrupting a scene of Claire Temple being trained by Colleen Wing? Seriously? There goes any chance of passing the Mako Mori Test. (It looked like the actress was rather relieved when the script had Claire Temple stay for lunch so that she would not be alone with him.)

- Persuading her to back him up in a dangerous mission after Claire left by buying her building and becoming her landlord–that’s beyond overbearing, that’s some 50 Shades levels of controlling and rich man’s privilege. (She does not punch him for this–she just says “fix my sink”.)

- Rummaging through her stuff and taking her sword. He just forced her to go along with him to spy on dangerous people and he’s looking through her stuff? (She just says “you’re disrespecting my sword with your wuxia bs” and then they flirt awkwardly over swordplay. Ew.)

The writers try to hide how shitty all this was by having DR be Colleen’s enabler–because she actually wants to do dangerous stuff and he saw that in her. They are both secretly adrenaline junkies that like beating people up or something??? That’s some ridiculously far-fetched characterisation there just to give them some common ground (they don’t really have any common ground–the writers are forcing it beyond the bounds of belief).

All this bad writing in aid of trying to hook her up with DR. If anyone tried that first line with a biracial woman, it’s an instant bad first impression even if the guy was Asian. Everything else after that is worth of a restraining order–even if the guy was Asian (and should know better).

The worst part is, DR treats his other favourite-woman-to-stalk Joy better than Colleen, the one he’s allegedly attracted to. Because white women are fragile and much be protected–another trope that needs to die. Even though Joy is not very nice to him and will very likely turn on him in future.  This sort of thing would be less obvious if there were more women in this show or this entire series with lines–but it’s sort of glaring when Claire Temple was beaten up in Daredevil Season 1, Elektra was killed in Daredevil Season 2 and Colleen Wing gets her face smashed in and her fingers dislocated in cage fights with men twice her size (twice so far from episodes 1 to 5). 

That’s only episodes 1 to 5. I cannot stomach any more bad writing in the name of hooking DR up with Colleen Wing.

In summary: Even if they had cast a Chinese actor as DR, I would still root for Colleen Wing to punch him in the throat because the writing is that bad.

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thanks for this! the only thing I’d like to add is they also treat Karen the white woman better in Daredevil seasons 1 and 2. So while the Netflix defenders shows do have WoC they make sure to treat the WoC worse than the white women.  The only exception is Luke Cage where the WoC were respected and valued.

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Dear Journal,

Today Regulus took Teddy to the movies. He was staying home for a few days and he wanted to spend some time with his nephew which worked greatly with Sirius’ and I plans! Today, we were going to pick up our new puppy at the animal shelter. We wanted to suprise Teddy on his birthday tommorow. We would have a small party with the close family and Teddy couldn’t wait to celebrate his birthday. Regulus arrived home for breakfast. We all ate these delicious cinnamon rolls Sirius made himself. When Regulus entered the house, I kinda stayed shocked. I realised that he wasn’t the teenager he once was. He was growing into a handsome man. In the past years, I really got to learn more about him. I always thought he was like his parents, but I was wrong. He was trapped. Scared. And most of all, Innocent. We took him under our wings when he was in 7th year and I never regreted doing so. He walked closer to Sirius and dipped his finger into the sugar icing, giggling. Sirius pushed his hand away and both boys laughed. And it hit me. They were both so much alike. They had the same grey eyes covered with thick dark lashes. They both had the same full lips and the well-sculpted jaw. I was glad the two of them made up. Sirius had no family left. Seeing them together and happy made me smile.

“Uncle Reggie! Come see my drawing!” Teddy said, taking Regulus’ hand and showing him the colourfull drawing that slept on the refrigerator.

“Wow Teddy this is beautiful!” Regulus said, bending his knees to be on Teddy’s level.

“It’s for you! See this is me, and this is you and we are playing quidditch!” Teddy said, smiling.

“Thank you Teddy! Do you want come with me and put it in my room?” Regulus asked.

“Okay! I can do more so your wall will be filled with them!” Teddy said, as Regulus took his hand, walking upstairs.

I walked to Sirius and wrapped my arms around his thorso.

“They’re adorable.. I’m so glad Regulus is in his life..” Sirius said.

“Me too. Are we going to get our puppy today?” I smiled.

“Oh Remus I can’t wait! Can we get a black one?” Sirius asked.

“We’ll see, but a black one could be nice.”

Regulus and Teddy came back and we ate breakfast together. Regulus had gotten himself a job at a pub nearby so he could visit us more often.

“That’s great Reg! You know, your room is always available if you want to stay here.” Sirius said.

“Okay, thanks brother.” He smiled.

“Which movie are you two going to see?” I asked.

“Nemo!” Teddy said clapping his hands together.

“Apparently all kids must see this!” Regulus said, smiling.

They both left hand in hand with their windbreakers on. I looked at Sirius and he was smiling. It made him the happiest to see his little brother with his son. I took his hand and kissed his lips softly.

“Let’s go get our puppy.”

The animal shelter was filled with abandoned puppies. Sirius insited on getting an abandoned one because he wanted to give him a better life just like we did with Teddy. I turned the corner and saw an empty cage. Except it wasn’t empty.. there was a small puppy hidden in the darkness of the cage. I put my finger inbetween two bars, and tried to see the puppy’s face. Sirius kneeled beside me and the puppy turned around. He was beautiful. He looked a bit sad, that poor thing.

“It’s the one.” Sirius said.

“Yes, it’s the one.” I responded, looking at my husband.

We got the puppy a little bed, a few toys and some food. The minute we got to hold him, he already looked happier. His tail was moving around, which meant he was excited. We wanted Teddy to name him so we called him puppy all day long! When we got home we brang him to the backyard before putting him in our room so Teddy could see him until tommorow. He was running and jumping in the grass.

“He’s so cute Remus..”

Sirius said, while olaying with the small dog. He looked at me and I knew what that look meant.

“Please? Can I?” Sirius asked.

“… okay..” I smiled.

Sirius changed into padfoot and started playing with the puppy. It was so funny to watch! Before Teddy and Regulus got home, we hid the puppy into our room so he had room to play.

“Thank you Regulus for taking me to the movies! It was fun!” Teddy said, hugging his uncle.

“I had fun too monkey.” Regulus responded.

After dinner, Regulus went up to his room and we put Teddy to sleep. Sirius and I watched a movie together, cuddled on the couch.

“Merlin I love you so damn much!” Sirius said, in the middle of the movie.

“You just realised that?” I laughed.

“I just felt like saying it.” He smiled.

“Well I love you too, my husband.” I said, kissing his lips sensualy.

We just kissed and kissed, without paying any attention to the movie.

May 28th 1998

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hello love <3 could you help me with the time line? jessica jones sat a few months after daredevil and luke cage sat few months after jessica jones? is that it or am i wrong? xx

    Hi! The timeline’s a little tricky to track, but yes, most of the shows take place a few months apart, in the order in which they’re released. The only exception is Luke Cage, which may overlap with Daredevil Season 2. Here’s the apparent approximate timeline, as far as we can tell, based on the vague evidence of the cycling of seasons throughout the five shows:

Daredevil Season 1: Ends in late autumn/early winter.

Jessica Jones Season 1: Starts mid/late winter, ends in the spring.

Daredevil Season 2: Starts in the summer, ends in mid/late December.

Luke Cage Season 1: Episode 5 takes place after DD Season 2 episode 11, seemingly in autumn.

Iron Fist Season 1: Takes place in the spring.  

    In any case, one thing we now know for sure is that The Defenders will take place one month after Iron Fist


Some things that I think went unnoticed:

1. Mare almost slipping the fuck up and saying Cal not Tiberias during her big speech. You can damn well be sure that was not a fuck up, she did that shit on purpose or subconsciously.

2. The mention that Farley is 4 months pregnant. Either time has passed or she was pregnant in the middle of Glass Sword which means she might have known and Shade did as well. 

3. Kilorn putting his arm around Cameron. Cameron is v sensitive, so the fact that she let him do that speaks VOLUMES. 

4.  The fact that people are scared of Julian.

5. The fact that they are not on Tuck anymore. 

6. Sonya Iral’s small moment with Mare and her hesitation after Mare mentions Ara. 

7. The fact that Mare was smart enough to engineer that entire escape. Like she had to know exactly how long the guards would take to notice, where the key was, how many guards would come, and exactly where to go after she got out of her room. (That’s some ocean’s eleven shit there) 

8. The person she’s talking to in the previous except that was released is probably Evangeline. 

9. Mare’s chocking up on Shade’s name during her speech. 

10. The Colonel asking FARLEY for what to do, he doesn’t call all the shots in other words. 

11. Samson probably tortured Mare. Guys he can do some serious ass damage, mare’s description was that she “was a pig on a hook, left to bleed dry.” Like shit fam, this is bad. 

12. Cameron calling Maven brilliant, because she believes there’s no other way he could have pulled something like this off. (Don’t underestimate your enemy in other words)

13. Cal leaving the room because he doesn’t want to think about everything, to have everything solidified in front of him. Also Julian being the one to bring him back in. 

Okay I think I got everything, if I missed anything, feel free to add. 

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Do you guys play otome games often? If so do you have any recommendations?

Yes we do, though Tajina and Kooriiko plays the more than Sitraxis does.
We definitely recommend Nameless (despite having yanderes), Area-X for its intricate plotline, and Code: Realize for the wonderful storyline. Mystic Messenger’s plot wasn't​ as good as Nameless (in our opinion) but the unique gameplay was pretty fun and addicting. Last is Amnesia which was good as well (except for that cage boy 😅). We’re not big fans of yanderes so yeah.

As he stepped out of the pipe and jumped onto the grass, Mario wiped off the sh*t stains from the travel and noticed the calming breeze as he began his walk toward the Mushroom Kingdom. Like most days, he was forced to hammer down on some goombas, screw over a couple shyguys’ plans to dispose of him, and become intoxicated with pyrotechnics after ingesting some strange flowers he found inside a questionable box.

Once he got to the palace, Toad let him in as Mario wanted to see the pretty Princess Peach, but he was too late. She was nowhere to be found. It seems as though the dastardly Bowser already kidnapped her.

“What. The. F*ck?!”

This event happens more often than it should. Time after time, Mario often rescues Princess alone, sometimes with Luigi and sometimes with Yoshi, but the Mushroom Kingdom never responds appropriately. The Kingdom’s Army is a joke. They’re all little underlings with mushroom hats and no real skills except for one. The technology is outdated so security systems are nonexistent, and nobody even notices she’s missing sometimes.

“I’m just a f*cking plumber too!”

At the same time, the gold always remains, and nobody else gets kidnapped. Bowser and his minions never seem to take anything else.

As he thought about this, he said to Toad, “I’m tired of this. I’ll just relax and wait until tomorrow to get her. Bowser doesn’t even do anything to her when he kidnaps her except keep her in a cage or something. I’m tired of cleaning up your kingdom’s mess. She needs to stop letting herself be a victim.”

Immediately after he said this, the Princess, who had simply decided to shower in a different bathroom on the other side of the palace, came up from behind.


After smashing Mario in the face with a radish, she went on a tearful diatribe, sharing stories of Bowser’s sexual assaults on her, that “cage” of fetishes, and the revoltingly bizarre way that he makes her call him “Mr. Bowser” as he dons a human mask.

With angry tears, she yelled, “YOU NEED SENSITIVITY TRAINING, MARIO.”

She then talked about how her role as Princess has been meaningless. Her father makes all the decisions, and because nothing valuable ever gets stolen, nobody finds it worthwhile to invest in new methods of protecting her except adding another Toad clone to her front door.

“Everyone thinks it’s a joke that ‘the cute wittle pwincess gets captured by the scawy gween beast’, but it’s frightening. I’ve been traumatized. Do you think I want you to always have to rescue me, huh? DO YOU?!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay. I’ll never be anything more than a pretty face for this Kingdom.”

while you fools are angry being mad at all the video games, i’m over here enjoying all these new video games i’ll get to play because i have learned how to have fun 

except for anything david cage does, i’m not an idiot

The Boss And The Prisoner

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This is for @plaidstiel-wormstache Push Yourself Challenge. I chose the fandom-Charmed, because it is the greatest show of all time and no one else will come close to it and Cole and Leo are the greatest hotties ever.

Characters: Y/n (MALE READER), Cole, Leo

Pairing: Cole x Y/n x Leo

Warnings: Little angst I guess, Leo locked in a cage, scared reader, then it turns into pure smut, blowjob, deepthroat, anal, ass eating, threesome, unprotected sex. Demon and Whitelighter fucking a human. All hotness basically.

Word count: 2604

Summary: Working for Mr Turner wasn’t exactly the greatest job. But Y/n never expected to find a man locked in a cage when he walked into the office. Nor did he expect to be filled by both men at the same time.

A/N: Ok, so, PURE SMUT!! I fucking love Cole and Leo. Cole was the first ever crush I ever had, and of course Leo was the second. To this day, I’d choose both these men over anyone, so I’m happy I got to write this smut!! Hope u like it!!

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“Mr Turner, your case starts in half an hour. I’d suggest you set off now”, you said through the door, knowing not to just interrupt him.

You sat back down, expecting him to leave, but a couple of minutes passed and there was no sign of movement.

Knocking again, you waited for an answer.

“Mr Turner. You’re going to be late if you don’t set off now. There’s gonna be traffic today”.

When he didn’t answer again, you used the phone, calling into his office.

Also no answer.

Knowing he’d probably be pissed that you went in there, but worrying that he’d be late for the case, you decided it was best to do something about it.

Knocking on the door once more just in case, you waited for five seconds before entering.

Shutting the door behind you, you turned around and felt your stomach drop.

The clean office, decorated with a few pictures and bookshelves, furnished with a desk, a couple of couches and a coffee table, was gone.

Instead, you stood in what looked like a room made of rock, hot and fiery, with a large cage at the end.

You saw the man in the cage struggling to stand, staring at you as he writhed in pain.


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jurassic world au [2/2] | “we need more teeth.”

with the park in ruins, clarke and lexa missing, and raven barely escaping an encounter with a pteranodon, abby must find a way to reunite with her daughter–before kane’s now-rogue raptors team up with the indominus to hunt them all down.


Please help us save Rudy from this horrible place! Please read this info below and see if you can help out in any way!

Rudy is an 8 year old harlequin macaw. He has never been to a vet and he is most likely sick from what I’ve seen. He is stuffed into this tiny cage fit for a caique or a conure. He is not a small macaw. His beak if very cracked and dirty, from malnutrition. He is given only seeds, which usually have bugs in them, and no veggies or fruits.

He is harassed and poked at by other workers and customers at this shop he lives in. He was bought by a man 7 years ago, and was returned promptly with many behavioral issues and problems. Nobody will get him out of his cage because of his attitude and overall sacredness of humans. He is NOT mean or aggressive, just scared. He and I have been working together for several months and he LOVES to be pet through his cage, but won’t let me get closer once I let him out.

I try to let him wander the outside of his cage every time I go in, which is unfortunately only once a week for only an hour. He won’t let me pick him up and really gets scared if i approach him with my arm or open hand. He really needs more work and more people to love on him.

He plucks his legs, chest, and wings because of how uncomfortable he is and probably how sick. You can hear the mucus in his nose when be breaths. He needs a vet which will cost probably upwards of 300$, but first we need to get him out of there and to a rescue.

I have been teaming up with the Papayago Rescue a little north of Atlanta Georgia, and they said if we can get the money they will take him. He is $900 but I think if we show $700 cash they will give him up. He has been sitting in that locked cage for EIGHT YEARS! Nobody takes him out, nobody plays with him, nobody cleans his cage except for me. Look how bad it is in this picture!

There is a very large cage available at the Papayago rescue, but we will need toys and perches as well. If you have large bird toys and can donate some please please message me! We will also need food donations too. This rescue had 7 macaws they are taking care of already. They run off of donations for taking care of all 32 birds they have and a macaw defiantly isn’t cheap.

If you can help in any way by donating even a dollar will help, please message me and I will give you more info! We need to help this bird and get him fresh veggies and love EVERY SINGLE DAY of his beautiful life. He is still young and he can be saved!