(every once in a while i think i can photoshop)

anonymous asked:

ive been wanting to get into making fanart but i dont think id be very good at it and i also dont have the money to get any photoshop or anything like that but i love seeing the characters you post keep up the great work ilu

the less fanart there is in the world the more sad i get so

starting graphic tablets:

free drawing programs:

  • Krita
  • MediBang
  • GIMP
  • Paint.NET
  • SAI and Manga Studio* have sales occassionally that reduce the price a lot so keep an eye out every once in a while if you decide to upgrade
  • manga studio is on sale right now and even though it’s still a bit pricey you get a really awesome program that can sometimes rival photoshop!

now go forth and create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!