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Hey mate, may seem like an odd question but if Alutegra wasn't your main thing, would you like AxAA? I haven't seen much shippers of this pairing, and I was wondering what you thought about it. Weird ask, but I love you Mel!

OOOH GOSH, my answer would have to be yes I think?? But the thing is, even though AxI is my love, I already really, really like AxAA /)w(\ hating each other and fighting to the death only to realize how alike they were once it was too late…so tragic, I absolutely adore it QQ I also am fond of the thought of Anderson’s grumpiness clashing with Alucard’s playful and flirtatious nature pffffft–

so alike yet still finding ways to surprise each other; a big aesthetic of mine 👌

{I LOVE YOU TOO, thank you for the ask nonny! ♡}

Maine gothic

because King shouldn’t get to have all the fun

  • The lobsters scream when you put them in the pot. You tell yourself it’s just the steam escaping the shells. Their eyes are clear when you put them on the plates. You pretend not to see, and suck the meat out of their little crunchy legs. 
  • There are tracks in the fresh snow across your lawn. Even though Uncle Robin taught you tracks before you could make tracks of your own, you don’t recognize these. 
  • Everyone at the farmer’s market knows your name. You have never been to this farmer’s market. The potatoes have too many eyes, and they watch you walk by. 
  • You never thought you’d hope it’s only a moose outside at night. 
  • Giffords announces new flavors! Coffee Mint Moose Tracks (a new spin on your old favorite,) Heath Bar Beaver Den, Bloody Bear Tracks… it’s raspberry swirl, we promise. 
  • People don’t go near the barn on the old Michaud place, even though it’s been abandoned for years. Something about it being condemned, and not by the government. 
  • Something keeps bobbing up in the bay, bright red. It’s too big to be a buoy. No one’s claimed it.
  • The trees on Schoodic are shifting. We haven’t had a stiff breeze for days.
  • You can’t read the name of that new fishing boat. Everyone tells you something different when you ask.
  • The painted tracks to the UMaine stadium are red. Weird, they’ve been blue for decades. You haven’t heard anything about a hockey game tonight either.
  • I-95 just keeps going. And going. And going. It’s getting dark. What mile marker are we at again?
  • It hasn’t gone above zero in a month. The wind and snow get through the windows and under the door, even though you had the house winterproofed in the fall. You don’t remember what it’s like to be warm, even next to the wood stove. You don’t recall lighting it, now you think on it. 
  • The blackflies are thick as fog. They are in your eyes, in your ears, your mouth, your nose. You feel faint from blood loss. They are under your clothes.

One of the things I really loved the absolute most about Finding Dory is Dory and Destiny’s relationship because they were so honestly kind to each other and especially loved each other and each other’s own personal flaws and stuff, and like when Dory told Destiny she swam beautifully even though she was very nearsighted and always ran into things and Destiny said Dory was so beautiful and Destiny and that beluga guy helped Dory get to her family and I just love it so much I love that entire movie in general and it is one of my absolute favorites oh my goodness