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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

willowwispflame  asked:

What do you think of the theory that Chara knew the Snowdrakes? Apparently, you can't get through a genocide run without killing them, even if you get through the entire count down!

It’s totally true that you cannot complete a fun run without killing Snowdrake, personally, I find it impossible for Snowdrake and Chara to know each other.

(Note: This is part of the NarraChara theory)

The thing is, a lot of what Chara says about Snowdrake, just isn’t anything unusual? Compared to what is said about any monster in the underground. Here’s an interesting thought though: Chara only comments on the comedian aspects of Snowdrake and doesn’t say anything relating to his parents (Doesn’t even refer to him by his nickname!) also only refers to Snowdrake as “They/it” even though his father constantly refers to him by “He/him” and calls him “My son”

If anything, I think this monster is special for other reasons (This applies better to Underline mostly) but mostly by association/memories. Just think about it, Snowdrake ran away because his mother “Died” (The father does not know she is alive until the true pacifist end)

So, he ran away, as far as he could go in fact and then hangs out with other teens (Which also feed him and help him)

I’m also going to nitpick on the fact that Snowdrake is a teenager. I’ve heard the excuse enough times of “Monsters age different so he could have still known Chara!” except Undyne is a full adult and she has never met a human before (and has had certainly more opportunity than Snowdrake!) 

So in closing: The only reason Chara wants this monster dead, is solely by association with their own memories, or perhaps, the puns are just that bad - Mod Dusty

anonymous asked:

do you know any good films about trans boys or transmasc people? i can't find any :c, or maybe even some good cute mlm films?

hey! i’ll be honest… when i first saw this question i thought “yay! a film question! right up my alley!” , but then i realised…. i’ve never seen a film about a trans boy/transmasc person! i did some research, though, and here’s what i’ve found (i can’t vouch for how well these are portrayed or for any triggers, sorry!)

  • Romeos (2011) - about a young gay trans man and his cis boyfriend, apparently with a happy ending!
  • My Prairie Home (2014) - this is a documentary about Rae Spoon! if you don’t know their music, you should check them out - especially if you were raised religious. their songs are really relatable, and the documentary looks great!
  • 52 Tuesdays (2013) - from the perspective of the teenage daughter of a trans man who is just coming out, interesting from a filmmaking perspective in that it was only filmed on every tuesday for a year

as for mlm films, i know we have some in our movies tag! 

Marrish is giving me life right now, like omg, have you seen the way Parrish looks at her ? They’re so bloody cute and I can’t deal with them and I won’t listen to any of your bullshit about how they’re supposedly unhealthy or how Parrish would apparently be taking advantage of Lydia because what the hell are you even talking about ? Seriously though, what the hell ?