(even tho it was made before)

natter’s ancestor

her OG name was Serpenta, and im still really attached to that name so i dont wanna change it. but anyway, her real official title (for now) is the Lecturer (i dont really like that tho so i’ll probably change it)

anyway, she was a teacher who would secretly educate slave trolls in how to read and write. she was a strict teacher, who always pushed her students to their limit. she was eventually enslaved for those actions herself, and made a personal servant to the Governer (violet guy’s ancestor), before being executed for teaching the other trolls how to read and write even while enslaved herself. 

she and Apiuma’s ancestor, the Awakened, were in deep matespritude, all the way until Serpenta’s death. the Awakened never truly recovered after Serpenta’s death. 

anyway, i’m in love with her


the olicity q: [16/?]

hey so im moving out and my official move in day is feb 1st which is super soon and i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be but i made a wishlist of things i still need if u wanna help me out since i’ve never lived on my own before!! and am broke till i get paid again in two weeks



Surprise~ :3

Heh heh considering I can’t read yet again- (I messed up on inktober as it was suppose to be made of “ink”) and as I may not be able to do all of crossember, still this is what I have for crossember even if I misread it.  
And crossing off “favorite” wasn’t my intent tho I guess your favorite would be your own au I guess though I don’t know because I honestly don’t have a favorite au as I love all aus with all my heart.

But what I was going for originally before I noticed, the only thing I could think of is a Dual Sword Fight between the two and then later settling their differences aside and be friends perhaps, while tapping each others candy canes in communication. (It’s a cute game made from a 5-year old little friend of mine to knock off the candy cane from the players mouth like a sword fight) 
(However in reality, its not cannon for aus to enter wild sans au world including ink because of a certain someone who “prevents” them from entering.)

All and all I hope you like it <3
(Also the last one, Wild!Cross, was a bonus I made a while ago~ 

Ahhh how I love making swords hehe *w* )

Art, Wild!Sans /c/ me, @metalphoenixx

Cross!Sans /c/ @jakei95 @underversesans

Crossember Challenge @byutak    

Fake Girlfriend || Dan Howell

A/N: I’m sorry I wrote this while being extremely tired. I wanted to finish this for you so bad tho. I hope it’s not too bad.

There will be a second part!

Word Count: 1.5k

POV: Dan


Originally posted by darkphannie

It was the arrogance in his voice and the pretentious look on his face that made me say it. The simple sentence just slipped out of my mouth. Before I could even think about it, it was already too late.

I regretted driving back home from London just to attend another family gathering. Had I known he was there I wouldn’t have come in the first place. I don’t remember every liking my cousin Harry. Since we were little he tried to be better than me at everything. The whole family seemed to love him. He was great at charming people with this charisma and fake kindness. My grandma was the only one who saw trough his façade. He had wrapped all of my uncles and aunts around his finger, but I was granny’s favourite grandchild and she let me know by always getting me extra presents for Christmas. I don’t know how many times I have heard my parents say “Daniel, have you heard that Harry is doing great on the rugby team?” or “Why can’t you be more like him?”. A million times, probably. So, when he asked me if I was bringing a date to my auntie’s wedding next week I just couldn’t say no.

“Yes. I’ll bring my girlfriend.” I answered instead.

I saw surprised faces all around the table we were sitting at. Luckily my parents weren’t listening. They were the only ones that knew that I actually didn’t have a girlfriend.

Harry seemed taken aback. He raised his eyebrows and tried to look interested, but his whole expression seemed weirdly stiff. A month ago he broke up with his now ex girlfriend and I could tell that it was hard for him to comprehend that I had a girlfriend while he didn’t.

Am I a bad person for enjoying his blank astonishment? It felt like an achievement. It was like I was finally the one who won a medal at the local marathon while he had to watch.  I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of superiority that I nearly forgot that I in fact didn’t have a girlfriend.

“I can’t wait to see her. She must be lovely.” My grandma said full of excitement.

“Oh, she is very lovely.” I confirmed with a smile.

That smile faded as soon as I realized that ‘she’ didn’t even exist. I was as single as ever. No girls, no dates, nothing. My aunt’s wedding was the following Sunday, so I had exactly one week to fall in love with a girl and make it seem like we hadn’t just met. Easy challenge, right?

Nope. On Monday I found myself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I had given up on finding a date already. I would have to tolerate my cousin’s satisfied grin when he sees me show up on my own. I couldn’t bear the thought and quickly got up.

“I don’t know what to do.” I whined in despair, as I entered the lounge and found Phil sitting in front of the TV. I was hoping that my friend could help me out.

Phil knew exactly what I was referring to because I had been stressing about it since I came home from my family meeting.  

“Why don’t you ask Y/N?” he calmly suggested, turning off the TV.

“To be my girlfriend?!” I exclaimed with wide eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he serious?! Y/N was Phil’s childhood friend. The minute he introduced us we started hating each other. None of us really knew why, it was like a general law of nature and nobody questioned it. Phil had always tried to make us get along. He invited her over all the time so we could get to know each other, but we always ended up fighting about something useless. I’d always say mean things about her and Phil never forgot to scold me for it. I was obviously more than surprised when I heard his suggestion.

“More like fake girlfriend.” Phil explained and the whole thing started to make more sense.

“What if she says no?” I asked Phil, dialling her number. I was desperate enough to actually approve of his idea. I never thought I would say this but Y/N was my only hope at the moment. As I waited for her to answer her phone I felt my heartbeat speed up. Why was I getting nervous? I tried to swallow the lump in my throat but my mouth was so dry that there was barely any spit left.  

“Hello? Who’s this?” I heard a girly voice say on the other side of the line. I had never called her before. She didn’t even have my number saved. Ouch.

“This is Dan. I know this may sound weird, but I really need your help.”

I fixed my shirt in the mirror and couldn’t stop asking myself why Y/N agreed to do this. Maybe Phil somehow convinced her. The doorbell rang, signalizing that she had arrived, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“I’ll go get it.” Phil shouted as I grabbed my suitcase. Unfortunately, we had to stay in Berkshire for the whole weekend. Today was Friday and the wedding was on Sunday. It was a kind of tradition to stay over and I had to be there to help set up everything. Which meant that Y/N had to spent the entire weekend with me and my family, pretending to be my girlfriend while we actually hated each other. What had I gotten us into? That’s exactly why one should never lie.

I closed the door to my room behind me as I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come, I had to spend all of this time with Y/N. She was talking to Phil next to our front door. I only now realized that we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. My cheeks somehow started to get hot when I took a quick glimpse at her. She was carrying a medium sized suitcase as well and looked like she was ready to go.

“You ready.” I said bluntly, my voice came out sounding much ruder than I wanted it to.  

I could tell that Y/N tried hard not to roll her eyes as a reasonable reaction to my harshness.

‘You really hit it off. What a great start, Dan.’ I told myself, praying that this weekend would be over soon.

We said our goodbyes to Phil before we headed outside to my car.

“You can give me your bag. I’ll put it in the trunk for you.” I told Y/N, who sceptically eyed me.

“Why are you suddenly being decent, Howell?” she asked with a smirk. I just shrugged my shoulders and took her bag.

We drove the first ten minutes in complete silence. I couldn’t help but glance at her now and then.

‘Has she always been that attractive?’ I heard my inner voice ask, the thought surprising even myself. I scolded myself for thinking that and I repeated ‘I hate her’ a few times in my head. I was glad when Y/N finally decided to break the silence since it distracted me from my ‘forbidden’ thoughts.

“Shouldn’t we plan out our story in case somebody asks us about.. well us?” she laughed. The situation was simply absurd.

“So where did we meet?”

At the end of the car ride we had invented the perfect couple, we had created our perfect story for this weekend.

“Okay once again. We met on the bus as we were both on our way home from work. The bus driver nearly crashed into a car and had to slam on the breaks. I dared to fall over but you managed to catch me right in time. Then you asked ‘Are you already falling for me?’ and I laughed although it was the lamest joke ever.” Y/N concluded, trying to remember every detail of our newly invented love story.

“I wouldn’t make a lame pun like that!” I protested, still driving.

“Oh, yes you would, Howell.” Y/N said laughing, but I could tell that she was totally serious.

My aunt owned a huge mansion out of town. That’s where we were going to stay and it was also the location for the wedding celebration. It was pitch black when the car came to a halt in front of the huge building. I got both of our bags before I rang the bell.

“Daniel! It’s so nice to see you!” my aunt exclaimed, hugging me. I greeted her back warmly as her eyes met Y/N.

“I assume this is your girlfriend then?” she asked curiously.

I nodded, awkwardly wrapping my arm around Y/N’s waist. Only now the realisation hit me like a truck that a story about how we met wasn’t enough to be a couple. We also had to act like one.

“My name is Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” I heard her say. Her voice sounded like it was miles away because my thoughts were spinning. We had to act like we were in love all weekend. People who are in love do things, that people who hate each other would never do..  

when you were there before my eyes…

@jolymesweek day 7: new universe/universe reset

shoutout to my 3rd grade teacher who themed our classroom into Harry Potter, who made our four-table groups into the four hogwarts houses, who made most of our classroom activities based on Harry Potter, who gave us a taste of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, who made us butter beer (alcohol free) before we left for Christmas vacation, who at the end of the year made us watch all of the Harry Potter films, and raffled HP merch while all the other teachers were giving the other kids end of the year assignments

shout out to mrs. rhodes who made our year magical

Omg I made sweet potato fries 👀 I can’t believe I used to boil potatoes before baking them when it’s so much easier to just chop (toss with salt, Italian herbs and a little oil) and bake at 450, leave for 25 minutes *flip* 20 more minutes! They are so good they don’t even need keptchup (I’ll still prolly use ketchup tho) 😻✨🍟

Stardust Crusaders trio dancing, wanted to recreate this :D

i also made different variations under cut

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Even tho i had a burger & fries today, i feel damn goooood with this before & during progress pic!! I’ve hit a plateau recently due to stress - but i’m not gaining which is great! Trust the process.

March versus October 20


Is there someone out there that hates delena as much as i do; but loves klaroline as much as i do? And doesn’t compare these ships like if they were the same type of garbage?

Because FYI

Here is “klaus” after Caroline rejected as a person and once again, choose tyler over him:

The one who was most villainous villain of the show ,up to that point, spared the man that tried to take his life because he was tired of being klaus’s hybrid even tho that just meant that klaus would have too keep him alive because hybrids were precious and there wasn’t enough of Elena’s blood to make more. He spared the man that gloated in his misery, after the people(Caroline’s friends) that lured his brother into a trap to permanently kill him,left him laying there, before his eyes. Not to mention that Tyler made it his life mission to kill klaus,turning his hybrids against him, after and before Klaus’s doing of revenge(yeah i do mean the hybrid slaughter and g-bye mommy tyler drama). And yet he spared him and let him live and it was “all for” and because of Caroline. Let’s not forget how she also even tried to kill him and was the one that gave Tyler the idea on how to put him down. And yet he spared for her and only her. The guy tries to kill her but he cant! This cold hearted vampire tries to kill her ;but he cant. He couldn’t. Instead he saves her life from his werewolf poison. And lets her and her friends live because of her! All for her! He had the chance to kill him without Caroline finding out but he let him live instead to keep his word!

And then we have “Damon”, after a small breakup with a “fake” Elena:(a person who wasn’t even Elena):

Do you know you know who that was? Oh, Ha-ha, well let me introduce…That was none and only Aoron whitmore

Elena’s good friend:

And precious Cinnamon roll!:

Originally posted by halfprincesshalfgoddess

Whose only intent to shoot Damon, and doing me a favor, was because of this:

And because of suffering this:

while not knowing why until damon revealed it to him

And let’s not forget how these type of things(that Damon did): 

still happened even after and while Elena was with still with Damon?:

So what happened to Elena being Damon’s light? Lol nvm that was all bs lol

And you know what the real Elena did after knowing what Damon did to Aaron who was no longer trying to kill him and just wanted to live a normal life?:

I wonder what her friend would say about this, oh nvm.. forget it… he doesn’t mind… after all HE’S ALREADY DEAD!:

Caroline NEVER accepted klaus with his evil doings. She was only honest about her feelings for klaus because he promised her that she wasnt ever going to see him again! He didnt want to be selfish! He didnt want Caroline to be with him or force her to be with him! All he ever wanted was her honesty(and to see the world with her however this time all he wanted was honesty)! And thats what she gave him! And the only reason why she did was because she wasn’t going to see him around anymore:

But Caroline before never once accepted becoming his traveling lover unlike how Elena immediately became Damon’s lover the moment she found out she had feelings for him. Caroline didn’t want to be with Klaus because she hated the darkest parts that cared for him. And although at some point she wished for his redemption: 

She faced him about his lies and tried to guilt trip him into fully giving in to the light. And that is by doing it without any babying or trying to look for someone else to blame for his wrongdoings unlike eherm elena did with damon:

“SHOW ME your compassion. SHOW me that mercy that i would show you.”-she said to him

And apparently, by the tears in his eyes, Caroline’s words seemed to be enough to affect him. But It didnt matter how much she broke his bad because she wanted and only cared about was his good. She only care about this good:

And when he did give into light or did something good it always made her smile:

He knows his place but he will wait… and i wait for his redemption and the moment where a pure klaus can be with caroline:

However long it takes.

That’s the klaroline that exists that i ship. 

Not an evil klaus with a non existent caroline that immediately forgives him for all his wrongdoings and babies him trying to blame someone else for something he did. That’s not klaroline. Thats delena! So please stop comparing these ships! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! 

do u ever stop to think about how amazing cisco is tho….. like this boy:
-found a way to successfully reach absolute zero which has never been possible in any scientific experiments done before, and programmed it into a fucking gun too
-built a fucking time machine
-designs and actually sews together himself superhero costumes for people like he made those costumes by hand?? and I’m sure some of them he didn’t even much of a notice for like he probably worked all night on a lot of those costumes and making sure they’re practical and safe and look good
-is the one behind a lot of the plans to save the day and even if they don’t always work out, he’s still shown to be very resourceful and can think quickly on his feet
-is super creative and gives everyone codenames
-loves his friends so so much that he doesn’t even know what to do with himself sometimes
-would gladly take a bullet to keep his friends safe
-had a lot of really rough shit in his life, but he’s still as bright and cheerful as he ever was

and some people have the nerve to reduce him as just the comedy relief lol??

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 *part 3*

This is from a book I wrote but deleted btw**

Originally posted by fotokopicibierkek

Your P.O.V.

My heart was all the way up in my throat as I walked into the club. The time had flown quickly and I felt rushed to get dressed in my blue flannel, my vest and jeans. Before I realized it, I was at work. My eyes scanned the big building that was bright for a change. Everyone was cleaning a little bit and walking around in their working clothes. The dancers were practising movements at the poles and then the henchmen stood around the VIP area silently. Some of them were glancing at me suspiciously. Also the dancers ignored me, even tho usually they would come up and talk to me. Weird..

Suddenly Rick’s voice made me look at my left. “Girl you’ve got some explaining to do” He whisper-yelled at me. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled be back outside. It was raining, but we were standing so close to the door that the cold rain couldn’t reach us from the streets. “What on earth were you doing yesterday?” Rick asked me worriedly and I knew exactly what he meant. I looked into his eyes that were squinted and full of worry. Probably for me. “I have absolutely no idea. I’m kinda nervous to work tonight” I admitted and then pulled my sleeve. Rick ran his hand through his hair. He was a good friend of mine and he was really scared for my sake. Joker wasn’t anyone to mess around with. Neither a person to talk to once and never again.

“Y/N” I heard a familiar voice. The same henchman was standing by the door and he had the same sunglasses on. Rick stared at him and then at me. WIthout changing words he understood. “Boss isn’t here yet, but he told us to get you” He told me blankly. “Okay” I whispered, being way too scared to speak clearly. Rick’s lips parted, but nothing came out. We changed looks and then we got inside. Rick stayed by the big bar as I followed the armed man to a place I have never been to.

We walked through the VIP area and past the door to the small private club. It got darker and I noticed more henchmen.Then we stopped in front of an elevator that was close to the backdoor. It was a little strange, but I got inside. The man pressed the biggest number and then we moved up. I looked out of the elevator that had a small window. I saw Gotham getting bigger as we got higher. It was raining even more. Then in the distance I saw a red car speeding towards the club. The elevator stopped and we continued walking. The floor was black and the walls were deep purple. Then I saw big doors that were opened by two armed men with similar clothes. My heart was beating my chest painfully, but I forced myself to move. “Sit down”, the man demanded a little harshly. We were on the highest level of the club that was very mysterious. No one was allowed up here without a good reason. It made me even more nervous.

So I sat on a grey chair and stared at a black door that probably led to Joker’s office. The henchman stood next to me silently and I didn’t really want to start talking. I felt like he had orders to shut up unless there was something important to say.  Meanwhile as I waited here like a prey stuck waiting to get free.  There were paintings on the walls and one was of people playing a card game. It reminded me of Vegas. I sighed and saw a plant. At least some colour.

The silence was replaced by footsteps. My muscles stiffened and I stared at the big doors that opened. First I saw Joker himself leading a small group of his henchmen. My breath got stuck in my throat. This time Mr. J looked angry. He was frowning angrily and his eyes seemed darker. But as he saw me, he stopped and so did his henchmen. “Oh look at you” he smiled widely so I could see his grillz. Then he looked at his henchmen and pointed back. They all walked away without saying a word. “Good girl. I thought you wouldn’t come” He admitted and shut the big doors. “Well it wouldn’t be smart not to” I tried to answer somewhat calmly, but it was obvious that I was nervous again.

Suddenly he opened the door and I saw a dark room. “Ladies first” He spoke softly and then I stood up. I was hesitating at first, but forced myself to walk into the room. That’s when I noticed natural lights. Joker walked in and shut the door. All I could see was desk in front of a huge window that showed us a big part of the city. It was gorgeous to see. All those buildings spreading far across land. Joker turned on the lights and that’s when I got a little confused. There was a mannequin  on the right side of the desk with clothes on. The mannequin had a light blue top and above it a black corset that highlighted the chest very well. It also had a rainbow tutu and a white skirt above it. I noticed black pantyhoses and red shoes.

But I didn’t stare too long. I moved my eyes to Mr. J who was in front of the big window, facing me with his back. His hands were also behind his back and that’s when I noticed that he had a wine red jacket on paired with black pants. “Do you know why you’re up here dollface?” He questioned me with a raspy voice. “I don’t” I replied shortly, but surely. He turned around with a smile. His green hair was put neatly, but I saw splatters on blood on his shirt and his chest. It made my gut twist because I knew he had probably shot someone before this. He didn’t speak. Instead he made a hand gesture for me to come there. I walked up to him from the right side of the desk until I was standing right in front of him.

“You’re very beautiful” He whispered softly and touched my hair. It was a little weird, but I didn’t mind. I watched as he looked at my hair with his icy blue eyes that the light made look even brighter. Joker held my hair up and then walked behind me. My body felt weird and I was a little anxious. But he did something. It felt like he put my hair up in a ponytail. Then he let go and my guess was right. He walked back in front of me with a proud look upon his face. “Perfect” He let me know which made me blush so I looked at my hands. Suddenly my hands were interesting. I was a little shy so I didn’t dare to look up at him.

“What do you think of Batman?” He asked me out of the blue. Batman? My lips parted and I stared at Joker in confusion. “I don’t know..he never smiles” I just blurted something out. I felt like I was supposed so say something negative since they’re enemies and all, but I was too confused to think straight. “He’s such a sad piece of shit so he never smiles” Joker giggled quietly. Then he leaned closer to me and looked at my face closely. It made me feel bare that he came so close. Once again he ran his finger across my face in a smile motion. “What would you..do for me?” Joker got strange. His irises turned bigger and he started breathing heavier. My heart felt so heavy after pumping so much blood, but now I was scared. My heart would probably stop beating because it was going so hard.

“W-what do you mean?” I stuttered nervously and tried to keep my cool. Joker put his hand on my face and gently made me look up at him by squeezing my jaw. My own breath got quicker and it was obvious that he made me this nervous and scared. “Oh dollface I have a nice plan for you” His lips curved into a psychotic smile.I nearly gulped, but I forced myself not to. Then his other hand touched my lower back. He pushed me closer to him so our chests were touching. It’s like we were hugging, but instead of me wrapping my arms around him, they were between our bodies. Joker’s head lowered and I felt his mouth right next to my ear.

“I think we to should go on a ride, huh?” He whispered darkly. He started to really scare me now. My eyes stung from pure fear and my bottom lip was trembling. “Aren’t you g-going to let me work?” I questioned him nervously. His scent filled my nose since we were so close. He smelled like cars and a very expensive yet sweet cologne. “Oh love..consider this your job” He just chuckled and then walked away, leaving me astonished in front of the big window. The door opened and I shook my head.

“Are you coming?” Joker asked me bluntly, as he was testing me. I just half smiled and then nervously walked up to him so we could go on that ride he was so excited for. “I-I’m scared” I admitted as we exited his office. I really wanted to go down and work with Rick. Joker was making me nervous and he wasn’t giving my heart a rest. I was terrified to be honest. If he would get angry at me, or raise his hand, I’d flinch. Daniel had ruined my life so much. He made me the shell of the person I used to be. Now I was so scared and fragile.

“You weren’t scared last night” Joker noted, but his smile was long gone. Our eyes met again. Before we could talk, the door opened and two strong henchmen walked in. Joker looked at me coldly. Suddenly the two men were standing on both of my sides and Joker gave them a small nod. Before I realized what was going on, they put their arms around me and it made me scream. “Don’t! Please..I-I-I can walk” I begged them for mercy. One of them grabbed both my arms and put them behind my back. Then the other one tied my arms with rope. Joker stood in front of me and watched me struggle.

My world was spinning and I felt my heartbeat in my throat. “D-Don’t do t-this..Please” I sobbed and that’s when my tears started spilling. I shouldn’t have stopped. Maybe I could walk by myself if I just followed Joker? “Oh love if you knew what I have in my mind, you’d run away” Joker laughed evilly. My eyes widened from raw fear. I tried to wiggle away from the men’s touch, but they were stronger. They didn’t hurt me tho. “Let me go” I sobbed and then kicked the man in front of me. He was the one with ropes. I hit his jaw and he groaned. Suddenly I froze in fear. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

“S-Sorry..I didn’t..I” I tried to apologize even tho I shouldn’t. Everything just brought back flashbacks of Daniel. I held my breath and watched as the man stepped right in front of me. He seemed angry and his jaw was tense. I watched in horror as his hand raised and then everything happened in slow motion. I shut my eyes and faced down. I was too scared to hurt him again because he’d hurt me worse. Then I waited for the stinging pain on my face. I was being held on place by the other man and I wasn’t even wiggling anymore.

But the pain never came. I dared to open my eyes and I saw that Joker grabbed the man’s wrist hard. “Don’t lay your hand on her unless I tell you to” He whispered deadly and it made the man pale. It surprised me how quickly Joker had noticed what was going on. “I’m sorry boss” The man tried to apologize. Joker let go and then the man lowered himself. I watched as he tied my ankles together and I simply gave up fighting against them. Knowing Joker and his henchmen, it would be utterly useless. Tears were rolling down my face and I felt like I would die soon. My head hurt and my entire body was trembling from fear. Then a couple more henchmen walked in and I noticed that one of them was holding the mannequin. “Get her in the car” Joker demanded and then I was picked up on a man’s shoulders.  There was a rope around my waist that connected my arms and ankles, so I couldn’t run off if I fell. Then we got in the elevator with Joker, three henchmen and me sobbing and crying for my life.

What on earth was happening to me?


Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile Left The DNC Without Debt. Was That Wise?
The next chair gets a clean slate. But he also has a Republican president.

Omg they didn’t leave the party in debt! Fucking bitches!!!! 


I’m 23 and moving out of my moms house on Saturday. I’m kinda scared. Even tho I have lived on my own before but each time was a fail. The first time for maybe a month, the second time I made it six months but each time ends with me moving back in with my mom 😕. Although I was reassured that if things “don’t work out” I can always move back in, I don’t want it to come to that again. I want to reach the point in my life where I’m a functioning adult and my mom don’t have to worry about me

I just took a trip to memory lane back to years 2005-2007 and read my old Nightmare before christmas comics I made back then.

Yes, before I was doing Pokemon, SSB and splatoon comics, I made cheesy “clearly written by 15-year-old teenager” TNBC comics that were over 100 pages long.

These comics are in Finnish and so embarrassing that there is no chance I’ll ever publish them online. But they are a huge milestone in my comic making career. Even tho they are silly, I can never get rid of em.