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khaleesimaka asked:

3 headcanons for a SoMa hipster AU

If both are hipsters, they are painfully hipsters, with their iphones and fancy phone cases, their starbucks and listening to music bands that dont even exist. :D

1. You probably never see Maka without her laptop/tablet or her notepad and a pen. She keeps writing poems and share them on her super cool hipster tumblr blog and on Instgram. Soul might or might not be a big part of her Instagram, they are no couple (yet) but he knows about that. Soul has an Instgram account full with pictures of new CD’s and the covers of his record disks, Maka in adorable flower crowns and selfies together in their awesome new t-shirts they got in a secondhand store. 

2. Hipsters living by the sea would be awesome. In some warm state as well; i want them to be in america and I think in California it is warm? So California. With Maka having all of the short skirts and cute dresses and daisy ducks. ♥ Soul just wear all of the nice fitting t-shirts. ♥ They like to study outside on some lawn with their Starbucks (iced) coffees and go to Holi festivals and Maka drags him along some old book and secondhand shops. :) 

3. Soul has tattoos over his arms, looking smoking hot; also likes to wear dress shirts when there is an occasion with rolled up sleeves. Maka loves henna tattoos. They are not permanent. (her skin stays soft and beautiful and soul loves that cough cough)