(eheheh see what i did there

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Star sign: taurus sun/aries moon

Height: 5'3

Time rn: 10:57pm

Last thing u googled: “coachella 2017 lineup” LMAO

Last book u read: ways of seeing by john berger (i recommend for art majors)

Favorite music artists: don’t ask me that, there’s too many, but there’s never a day when i dont listen to porter robinson….

Last tv show watched: i just rewatched a couple episodes of downton abbey again

What are u wearing right now: llama patterned pjs and star wars shirt eheheh

When did u create this blog: uh i think 2010? i dont remember. my original one was 2007 and i know i left it for this blog like 2 or 3 years after

What kind of stuff do you post: things that appeal to me

Do u have any other blogs: ya but i don’t use it anymore.

Do u have Instagram: nerdeen

Do u have Snapchat: yeah but i dont give it out to anyone freely lol

Do u get asks regularly: no, nobody likes me anymore

How did u choose your url: im a fake hoe but a really wanna be hokage

Gender: female

Favorite color: pastels and earthy/neutral tones

Average hours of sleep: 4-5

Lucky number: 14

Favorite characters: creed & jim from the office, the hound, tyrion, and jon snow from game of thrones, glenn from walking dead, kakashi and itachi from naruto, howl from howl’s moving castle, gandalf from lotr, padme, obi-wan, and qui-gon from star wars

How many blankets do u sleep with: 2 at the beginning of the night and then 1 by the time i wake up somehow

Dream job: teaching/helping children with art therapy

Random fact about yourself: i’m ambidextrous

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INTP-ENTJ-ENFP At Least /Some/ People Appreciate It

INTP, ENTJ and ENFP are sitting around, talking to a few other people. INTP has been mostly listening, and ENFP is not able to pay attention to ENTJ because she’s getting distracted by other people.

ENTJ: Hey, ENFP, check this out.


ENTJ: *Takes watch off of wrist*

ENTJ: No, ENFP, look.

INTP: (hehehe)

ENFP: [bluhbluhbluh]

ENTJ: *Starts wrapping watch around ankle*

ENTJ: It’s a new fashion statement.

INTP: (Ehehehe!)

ENTJ: *Holds leg up in the air with the watch around it*

ENTJ: Huh, I wonder what time it is.

ENTJ: Oh, I’ll just look at my useful ankle watch.

INTP: Ahahaha.

ENTJ: *Hears INTP laughing*

ENTJ: Thank you, INTP. I’m glad this matters to someone.


ENTJ: *Shoves foot in her direction*

ENTJ: Did you see this?




INTP: *Is literally crying from laughter*

howdy fellows! I have just returned from watching the newest episode of drunk minecraft…eheheh…yes..that is a thing that i definitely did…I especially like the part with the drinking…and the mining…oh! and the crafting….hehe…he…

Fine! Fine! I didn’t actually watch it. I got just far enough to see bunnies and I panicked ok! what was I supposed to do? I have a thing! You dont just go around ignoring things. especially things about grown men and small furry animals. If that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right.