(effie tho)


top 50 otps of all time ☆  #30. Effy Stonem & James Cook  

“You know, if this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. Everything. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything. I’d do it all again.”

Why do I always have to like the most fucked up character in every single tv show/book and then spend the rest of my life justifying their actions?

#this is for all those bitches saying shit about my cookie #i’m hating all of you because cook was still there for freddie even when he was a selfish idiot and yeah i know cook made mistakes too but he never stopped caring about his friends #even when freddie hurted him that much he goes and kills someone because of him #so fuck all of you no offense lol :)

  • i had a job interview this morning and i went really well cuz it was a group interview and it was really fun and i made some friends, and the interview leader was cute and australian so i’m a little bit in love. so hopefully i’ll have a job in the next week or so
  • and today the dress i bought myself for my birthday next week arrived and i love it!!! it’s light blue and covered in sequins and has lots of tulle and im v excited to go out in it next weekend

  • i’ve also just realised there’s a chance i’ll be graduating with a first degree over all (and if i get a 2:1 then i’ll only be missing out on a first by like, the smallest of margins so i’m happy either way!)

it’s been a good day!!

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I'm glad my message made you happy! :) also! You're killing me!! But tbh I'm kind of happy ceili is leaving. I love Ellery but he's not a good fit for her (nor she for him). Maybe one day if they both change and learn to communicate etc. My heart breaks for Effie tho. She's going to be raised by Beatrice ffs. Poor girl.

Lmao yes Effie might have a few attachment issues, meanwhile Beatrice is absolutely delighted that she has this little formless thing she can mould into her perfect heir without an interfering mother around.

I agree about them being a bad fit for each other. They do love each other incredibly deeply but their relationship from the very beginning has been argumentative and volatile and they never really learned to resolve things in a healthy way through discussion etc. So when the shit hit the fan they had no solid grounding to fall back on.