(edit: please no)

  • Phil: maybe a fish, or a hamster
  • Dan: *laughs suspiciously*
  • Me: *gasp*
  • Phandom: *screams, war flashbacks, fainting, crying, in the distance: sirens*
  • World: *burns*
  • Phil: ..,..,,,, AltHOuGH I thInK I coULdn'T HandLE tHe ResPonSIbIlitY oF hAvINg a HaMSTeR

Alot of kpop idols are fans of Chris Brown which is fine as he makes good music. But fans often try and contact him to get him to collaborate with their fave idol.

You do realize 3 of Chris Brown’s ex partner’s have accused him of assaulting them some with incredible evidence. He’s also been accused of assaulting random people and having a dangerous weapon in public. Fans have also complained about his attitude.

It’s up to idols who they collaborate with but don’t push to get them a collab with a known abuser please.