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The Good Doctor
    “Burnt Food” (1.01) | September 25, 2017

The day that the rain smelled like ice cream, my bunny went to heaven in front of my eyes. The day that the copper pipes in the old building smelled like burnt food, my brother went to heaven in front of my eyes. I couldn’t save them. It’s sad. Neither one had the chance to become an adult. They should have become adults. They should have had children of their own and loved those children. And I want to make that possible for other people. And I want to make a lot of money so that I can have a television.

Too much going on in one photo. 

Ori: Ah yasss keep raining on me

Fili: Dafuq just happened, why is uncle calling me kili

Bombur: I’m gonna need this face in the third movie I know it

Dwalin: You don't even need to see my face to know I'm pissed

Bofur: let me just fall gracefully right here

Thorin’s majestic company, ladies and gentlemen.


team usa viewing today’s solar eclipse! (x, x)

(or: i teach myself how to use lens blur on snapseed)


adam parrish [x]

“being Adam Parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. he was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. The most important thing to adam parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master. this was the important thing. it had always been the important thing.
this was what it was to be Adam.”