FPP RetroChrome Results

On May 15, 2015 the Film Photography Project introduced their new hand-rolled color slide film called RetroChrome! FPP’s RetroChrome is cold-stored expired Kodak Ektachrome rolled from ultra-large cinema reels.

The film comes in 24 exposure rolls of 160 iso or 320 iso. Also in a 9-roll box (displayed above)

I’m the guy behind the scenes at the FPP and I’m thrilled to share my resuluts! Processed E6 color slide by the folks at The Darkroom. I scanned the images in my Epson v700 scanner. Super positive!

Processed E6 by The Darkroom for a color positive. Home-scanned via Epson V700. Super Positive!

What’s In the box? Each box contains (4) rolls FPP RetroChrome 160(160 iso), (4) rolls FPP High Speed RetroChrome (320 iso) PLUS (1) mystery bonus roll of color slide film!


Fagrifoss by Margus Sootla

Pentax 67ii, SMC 45mm f4, Heliopan sh-pmc CPL, Lee GND 0.6 HE, Fujifilm Provia 400X (RXP) self-developed in Fuji Hunt Chrome 6X (6-bath E6-) kit, IT8-calibrated & wet-mounted drumscan (scanned through PhotoMultiplier Tubes - PMTs - no CCD nor CMOS used in the light detection process).

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Leslie Knope starting the story of how Ben proposed to her with Ben’s great great great grandfather

Leslie Knope literally shouting that they are engaged from the rooftops and getting noise complaints

Leslie Knope inviting celebrities to her parties

Leslie Knope turning something like Twizzlers versus Red Vines into something Important

Leslie Knope sewing a Knope-Wyatt unity quilt

“Of all my metaphorical art projects, this is by far the cozyiest”

Leslie Knope sewing Joe Biden’s face into the unity quilt

Leslie Knope and her history of solving arguments with quilts

“Slight speedbump: everything is terrible. But I’m going to fix it with my secret weapon!”

“It’s a disaster, is what it is.” “You can say that again, Steve.” “See Ben,  they’re agreeing!”

Leslie Knope trying to flee a bad party in the taxicab with all the brownies and four bottles of wine