(dusts off hands)

imagine kindaichis actually good friends w/ a bunch of the girls in his class & some fucker gets jealous so he starts this rumour abt him saying hes gay (as if it’s an insult) & ppl start making fun of him and bullying him & one day while hes eating lunch with kunimi one of the bullies walks over and sneers “And who’s this? Your precious little boyfriend?” and kindaichis shaking with anger, with irritation, with hurt, and kunimi has had enough of seeing his best friend bullied like this so he stands up in the middle of kindaichis class, stares the bully dead in the eye and hisses “bitch i might be,” before picking up his bento and slamming it on the guy’s face, sending him reeling backwards and crashing onto the floor.

and as the rest of the class stares at him in shock and mild fear, he straightens up and dusts his hands off calmly, casts a glance around the room, bows slightly and says “pardon the disturbance” and grabs kindaichi’s hand and just drags an absolutely stunned kindaichi out of the classroom with him like nothing out of the ordinary just happened 

Student Council Prez [7]

Episode 6 - Episode 7 - Episode 7.5 OR Episode 8
Words: 7.7k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“Asshole demon…” You mumble under your breath as you’re hauling the trash bins out to the curb. You’re sweating with dirt stains on your cheeks, arms aching from scrubbing the counters and feet painfully sore.

Just as you’re taking a long breath, dusting off your hands, a loud screech rings in your ears. “LOOK OUT!”

One moment you’re on your feet and the next you’re on the ground with your head spinning, the trash bins fallen over onto you with banana peels and leftovers in your hair. “What the fuck?!”

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summary: you’re a medic in Neverland and Pan comes to you feeling sick
requested: yes (so cute)
warning: none
Your eyes stared at the dewy chamomile, waiting until the sun light hit it just right before plucking it from the earth. The birds hummed in the trees as the sun pushed back the black sky to reveal a blue one. Golden hues crawled against the soft soil before clawing its way towards the plant. It almost seemed to sparkle under the soft light. It’s medicinal properties were at its peak during the sunrise, making it perfect for the boys when they got sick, which was more frequent then you would have thought.

Your hands reached into the soil, pulling it up from the root and shaking off all the extra dirt. The plant was then placed in the woven basket bundled up with other varying flora species like passion flower, aloe vera, and lavender. After dusting off your hands, you walked back towards the camp where the boys were already up and about. A fire was roaring in the middle of the camp, boys already eating breakfast and laughing together. It was pleasant to see them act as people and not wild animals.

You went into your tent that was filled with dried flowers and varying plants alike. Everyone had their responsibilities here, despite the fact that Neverland was the place without rules. Boys hunted, patrolled, cooked, and built during their time here. All of those were appealing to you when you first arrived, but you found that many of the boys would become ill and have to suffer through the sickness for weeks before they could get better. Pan didn’t see any reason to heal them, but you did.

The basket was placed on the table, quickly tying your hair up into a pony tail as you began to go to work. Sunburns in Neverland were more common than you thought and boys always seemed to be eating some sort of toxic berry, despite all their years of living in Neverland. You tied up the chamomile, hanging it on your rack with other dried flowers. The aloe vera was next. You began to slowly strip it open, having the oils and gel goop onto a wooden bowl. The tent opened, stomping footsteps approaching you which you ignored until you were finished extracting the healing properties of the cactus. Once you were finished, you turned around to face a fuming Pan.

“What is it?” You asked, wiping your hands with a rag and eyeing him suspiciously.

“I think I’m sick,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest and gnawing on his lip. This feeling he had was…strange to say the least. He surely hadn’t felt it before and it ached his entire body.

“Well, how are you feeling?” You asked, cocking your head to the side and placing a hand on your hip. “You don’t appear to be sick to me,”

“Well that’s because it’s on the inside! It changes so drastically. One minute I’ll be filled with happiness, my heart is racing and I feel like I’m being lit on fire. The next minute, I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. I can’t eat or sleep,” He asked, running his hands through his hair. “Am I dying?” He asked, a sense of concern hidden behind his words. His symptoms sounded close to drug addiction, but there wasn’t any of that in Neverland.

“Can you see a pattern as to where you are when you get your feelings of happiness?” You asked, holding your chin between your hands.

“The bonfire, out in the jungle or the beach, even here I feel it now!” He exclaimed. Pan had a habit of being such a drama queen, which is something the other boys didn’t get to see very often. Although, it wasn’t exactly a luxury to you either.

“Well let me check your temperature if you feel it now,” you offered, stepping towards Pan and sitting him down on the makeshift cot. You tilted his head up, pressing the back of your hand to his forehead, staring down at him intently. You could see his cheeks and ears slowly become red as his forehead became hotter, making you furrow your brows. “Did you just get hotter?” You asked. He grinned up at you.

“I can assure you, Love. I’ve always been this attractive,” He snuck in a quip, making you roll your eyes. That was the Pan you are so familiar with. The annoying pan, but the one you felt comfortable around.

“Can you just focus, Pan?” You asked, sitting down on your stool. He groaned, nodding his head and slouching slightly. “Alright, now when do you feel anxious?” You questioned.

“When I’m alone, mostly. I also felt it this morning when the boys were out having breakfast, like I was disappointed. I don’t know what I was hoping for but whatever it was, it wasn’t there this morning,” He sighed, as if reliving the feeling. Your face became suddenly red at the realization. It took you so long. How can you say that to Pan? He would go ballistic. Being in love is an adult thing, not fit for the boys of Neverland.

“Pan, I think I understand what’s going on,” you said slowly, thinking out every word before you spoke. You didn’t know what frightened you more, if Pan was in love with you or if he wasn’t. It was understandable if it was Felix. An island full of boys for all eternity? It seemed likely. Of course, you had to make sure. Although, perhaps you just needed an excuse to do this.

“Well what's—” you quickly interrupted him, getting off your stool and placing yourself onto his lap. His ears became red but his face hadn’t wavered. “Oh, I see,” He grinned at you, holding your waist, “You want to do this now, Love? Maybe I’m not the one who’s sick,” You shut him up, putting your lips against his in a kiss which he was eager to reciprocate. It only felt like a short time before you pulled away, staring intently at you.

“Do you feel better or worse?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.

“Maybe you should kiss me again, Love, and find out,” He smirked, leaning in again, making you press a finger to his lips. A frown settled on his face. You swiftly got off of him and sat back down in your stool. That was answer enough.

“Pan, you’re in love,” you stated simply, although your stomach was doing flips at the thought it was with you.

“Love…” He trailed off, looking down at the realization. “Well, what do I do?” He asked, gripping the side of the cot.

“Well it’s up to you now. Just know that whatever you decide, love is not a childish thing. It has to be taken seriously and—” you trailed off, as Pan stood up and stepped closer to you. You stood up as well, taking a step back and running into your desk. “And it takes effort. It’s something to be cherished and…and…” You stammered, which was out of nature for you. Pan stood close to you, looking down at you with an almost devilish smile. Has he always been this tall? You felt like an imp compared to him now. “Pan…” You breathed, looking up at him.

“Love, you worry too much,” He grinned, leaning down and pressing his lips against yours.

Yoongi Scenario: Clumsy.

Request: can i get a yoongi scenario where you and yoongi are best friends, and you’re super duper clumsy and get hurt often, and he teases you about it until one day you trip and get hurt really badly and you’re trying to be positive about it but it also hurts a lot and he’s really worried and ???? just a lot of fluff pls and thank you

Genre: Fluff.

Yoongi extended a hand to you who were trying to keep your dignity after slipping on the sidewalk. 

You could hear the snickers and even some open laughs as you dusted off your hands that thank god weren’t bleeding or scratched, Yoongi glared at a group of people who were staring at you as they laughed rudely, you appreciated the gesture, even if he had laughed when you slipped in the first place.

-I swear Y/N, you should come with a danger caption or something-

Rolling your eyes at your best friend’s comment you tried to pull yourself together the best you could, you were used to it by now, because despite Yoongi saying that just to tease, you knew well that it was true. 

You were by far the clumsiest girl you knew, you fell all the time, you tripped with your own feet, you stumbled with things, got stuck in others; to resume it all you could say was that you were a walking mess.

Even your family, who mostly pocked fun at you, were worried that you might be hurt badly someday, always telling you to be careful and to watch your step because it seriously was like you had something on your feet that just made you slip in any given surface. It was ridiculous.

You were on your way to buy junk food to then go stuff your faces at your house, walking at a slower pace now as you spoke about what movie you could watch or if you should choose a series and just binge watch it since you were on summer break and had basically nothing to do.

You had been friends for a few years and by now you could say Yoongi was your best friend, you shared tastes in junk food and movies, you liked the same type of music and liked the inside more than the outside, you had the same sense of humor and thus were always laughing at something but above all Yoongi understood you well. 

You appreciated his friendship dearly and you could say that he felt the same, as he showed how much he cared for you.

For example at the moment he was the one slowing down for you to walk properly, he was carefully looking at you from time to time to check if you were ok. As much as you knew it was a nice gesture of him it also made you a bit self conscious, you didn’t want to be the seen as weak just because you were clumsy.

-I’m fine-

He gave you a stern look. -I saw you hit your knee pretty hard Y/N, you don’t have to pretend around me-

-I’m not pretending- you retorted, feeling stubborn.

Yoongi sighed. -Yes you are, I can tell it hurts, we can stop for a while if you want- You smacked his shoulder lightly, making him stare at you who had a playful little smile on your face. -What the hell was that for?-

-Don’t act like you know everything about me Min Yoongi-

He laughed. -But I do, you’re a pain in the ass for example-

You hit him again, laughing with him.

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Ryan Haywood dusted off his hands and smiled behind his skull mask as he gestured to the large pile of well-dressed corpses behind him. They were all men, their bleeding and broken bodies neatly arranged into a stack. Most of them, when they were alive, controlled prostitutes and took a cut of their earnings.

“Ryan!” Geoff yelled, his voice cracking, showing how disturbed he was. “What the FUCK IS THIS?!” He gestured to the corpse pile that the masked man seemed so proud of.

“It’s…” Ryan pulled off his mask, revealing a painted face and a mischievous expression. “…a tower of pimps.”
Barbara leapt out from behind a parked car and high fived Ryan.


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: “Alright. So, we got…” he taps his ink pen on the paper, “One standard issue male automaton. Caucasian, dark hair. All tests passed, and no flaws were found.“

A/N: 🤖 i forgot to tag @neversatisfiedgirl

“Where do you want me to sit this down at?” The brisk deliveryman questions, while wheeling the enormous box through my front door.

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He turned from the edge of the platform and dusted off his hands, but then he paused and touched his heart. The pain was in his heart, and it wasn’t going away. Without another thought, he jumped off the edge of the platform and dove into the churning mass below.
–Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization

Imagine the Nogitsune chaining you up

“What the hell Stiles?”

Stiles grins and steps back as you thrash against the chains wrapped around your body. Your hair whips around your face as you try to break free, and you angrily spit it out of your mouth.

When Stiles refuses to reply, you pause for a moment to inspect your surroundings. The land is deserted, save for you and Stiles. A pole of cold metal is pressing into your spine and it’s the only thing you can see.

“How are you doing?” Stiles asks, lifting up a handful of sand and letting it slip through his fingers. He watches the grains fall and then looks at you once they’ve been dusted off his hands.

When he sees your stormy expression, his grins grows wider and makes you angrier. With each passing moment, you have to try harder and harder to restrain yourself from lashing out. You knew that Stiles hadn’t been the same since he became possessed, and right now, that was your advantage.

Void Stiles didn’t know you. He didn’t know that the chains were no match for you, and that the distance you would have to cover to get home would be like a walk in the park.

And he didn’t have to know.

Once again, you flail against the binding, putting on a show for Stiles’ sake. “Let me go Stiles,” you say, a threatening tone to your voice.

“Or what?” Stiles teases.

“You don’t want to know,” you say back to him, sneering.

Stiles rolls his eyes and scoops up another handful of sand to sift through. “Why are you doing this?” you ask as you go limp against the metal links. They stop cutting into your skin and you sigh inwardly.

“I’ve got my reasons.”

“Reasons, my ass. I can hurt y-”

“You wouldn’t,” Stiles replies confidently.

He’s right, but you can’t show it.

“Watch me.”

A flicker of fear passes through Stiles’ eyes, but it disappears quickly. “Sure,” he says, stretching out the word.

A feeling of helplessness and rage washes over you and now more than ever, you want to hurt Stiles.

Too bad you loved his scrawny ass.

requested by anon :)

cael-senpai  asked:

INSOLENT MID-LANER. YOU WALK INTO MY DOMAIN THINKING YOU OWN MY BLUE CAMP!? Thou shall ask and accept what ever mine decision may be or incur the wrath of a jungler! (no ganks for you. i'll just camp top. *dusts hands off wandering off muttering something about self entitled mid laners*)


Sure, if I am feeding my ass off, and dying all the time or you need it for EXP.



Fight It (Calum Hood)

You knew something was wrong. He had been quiet the whole time, he sat on your couch. He curled up in one corner, his eyes traveling from the boys who were scattered around the floor. Their conversation filled the house. Laughter erupting from their lips. He ran his fingers through his hair and continued to stare. 

Pushing yourself off the ground you dusted yourself off. Putting your hand out to him, you watched as he hesitated. His hand wrapped around yours sending shivers down your spine. A small smile on your face as you helped him and led him outside. Walking towards the blanket on the ground you sat down and looked up at him.

You sighed as you took in the sight in front of you.

“We don’t have to do this” you heard him say. Moving your gaze from the stars above you looked over and smiled at the brown eyed boy.

“I like this” you whispered before you looked back at the stars.

“I mean being here with me” he replied, sitting up you looked over at him and raised your eyebrow at him. “You don’t have to deal with this” he motioned towards himself “You can go back inside and have fun with the guys” he shrugged a bit. His eyes on his lap, his fingers picking softly at the worn out fabric from his black jeans.

“You’re right,” you said, his gaze quickly moving to you “I don’t have to deal with this” you added “I want to deal with it. I want to fight it with you” you whispered looking into his eyes. “If dealing with this means that at the end of the night you will be back to yourself then yes Calum I will deal with it” you looking down at your lap. “But if you want I can leave you alone” you added.

His head rested gently on your lap, his eyes focused on the stars above. His lips slightly parted, his breathing was steady. You traced your fingers slightly over his Mali tattoo, his eyes shifted towards you.

“Are you okay?” you asked, he took a deep breath and shook his head slightly. Frowning you nodded your head and ran your fingers through his hair “Do you want to talk about it” you added, he shook his head again. Twisting his hair slightly in between your fingers, you watched as his eyes closed. He took in a deep breath. He reached up and grabbed your hand, pulling it down he pressed it flatly against his chest. You could feel the beating of his heart pick up. Humming quietly to him, his body relaxed a bit.

“Calum” you heard Michael yell, he quickly sat up his brown eyes focused on the glass sliding door. Looking down you noticed his hands gripping the blanket underneath him. Looking up you noticed Michael standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. “We need to go” he added “5 minutes” he motioned towards you before he headed back inside your house. Sighing you stood up and looked down at the brunette boy who sat in the same place. His eyes slowly traveled up to you, he was on the verge of tears. He sniffled a bit, he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands before he stood up.

Frowning you reached over and slipped your arms slightly under his, he sighed and wrapped his arms around your neck pulling you into his chest. Your hands moving up and down his back slightly.

“I’m sorry” you heard him whispered, shaking your head you pulled back slightly and forced a little smile

“You don’t need to be sorry at all” you whispered to him.

Rolling over you groaned. Sitting up in bed you stared at the dark bed in front of you. Hearing the doorbell again you slowly got up from the bed. Looking at the clock you slowly made your way towards the front of the house. Hearing the doorbell again, you held your breath and pressed your hands gently to the door. Getting on your tippy toes you peeked through the little hole.

Pulling the door open you stared at the brunette boy. He sniffled, he wiped his rosy cheek with the back of his hand.

“Babe” you whispered before moving side. He shuffled his way in and removed his black vans. Hearing the loud thud from the shoes you closed the door. His hands quickly wrapping around your waist. Pulling your body towards his. Frowning you wrapped your arms around him. His body shaking against yours. “It’s okay Cal” you whispered to him rubbing his back slightly. Pulling back slightly you took his hand and led him towards the couch. The minute he sat down he curled up in the corner. His brown eyes focused on the wooden floor in front of him

“Cal,” you asked, he flinched at the sound of your voice. He took a deep breath before he turned towards you. You scooted over and opened your arms for him. He cuddled to your chest, his hands gripping your night shirt. Leaning down you pressed your lips to the top of his head. “Do you want to talk about it” you whispered. He shook his head and closed his eyes. Nodding you rested your chin slightly on the top of his head. “We can just stay here” you whispered, your hand running up and down his arm slightly.

Rubbing your eyes you looked down at him. His breathing was steady, his lips slightly parted as small snores left his lips. Yawning you looked over at the clock and bit down on your lip.  He shifted slightly in his sleep, his head nuzzled into the crook of your neck. Running your fingers through his hair you felt as he moved closer to you.

“What time is it” you heard him groan

“5” you mumbled a yawn escaping your lips, he quickly sat up and stared at you. Rubbing your eyes you looked over at him and smiled slightly.

“You stayed up,” he asked rubbing the back of his head. He ran his fingers through his messy hair as you nodded your head. Standing up you fixed your shirt and made your way towards the kitchen

“Do you want coffee?” you asked as you searched for the cups.

“Why did you stay up” you heard him ask, looking down at the cups in front of you, you took a deep breath and turned around coming face to face with him. You didn’t hear when he made his way to you.

“I was worried about you” you mumble quietly looking up at him “I was afraid that if I fell asleep you would leave” you added before turning around and started making the coffee.

Sitting on the floor in the living room you wrapped your hands around the red coffee mug. He sat across from you, his eyes focused on his coffee. Shaking his head he looked over at you a small smile plastered on his face.

“Thank you” he whispered to you

“You don’t need to thank me, Cal. I’m always here” you smiled at him a small blush creeping up in his cheeks.

“You’re a great friend,” he said as he picked up his cup and took a sip. Feeling your heart falling apart you nodded and stared down at the mug that sat on the coffee.

“I try” you joked, your voice coming out weak. The knot in your throat getting tighter at the fact that Calum only saw you as his friend.

“I should go before the guys freak out on me” he mumbled as he tried to get up. Nodding you stood up and picked up the mugs setting them on your kitchen counter.

“Have fun on tour” you said as you walked with him towards the door. A small chuckle left his lips as he slipped his shoes on. He pulled you into a quick hug before he slipped out the front door. Closing the door you pressed your back against it. Closing your eyes you pressed your hand to your chest and slowly slipped down to the floor.

Lost dog

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Word Count: 1,696

A/N: In honor of Dylan birthday I wrote this, it sucks to the max tho. It’s full of fluff and he’s just super sweet and adorable. Hope you guys like it:)

The lid to the dumpster made a loud bang as you closed it after throwing the trash out.

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Peeling the dragon hide gloves off his hands, Griffin promptly plopped down on a stump outside of the Game Keeper’s hut. The class had just begun to disperse as Griffin dragged his bag closer vis his foot. Dusting his hands off on the sides of his robes, he pulled a familiar black Honeydukes box from the confines of his school bag. Time away from Hogwarts was good for one thing & that was turning oneself into a guinea pig for everything the sweets shop had concocted. Drumming his fingers along the box, he picked a small dark cake amongst the plethora of mismatched treats & took a hearty bite.

“Fucking hell, that’s delicious. Kinda spicy, which you wouldn’t think -” He cut himself off, allowing time to chew before the turned the box towards his onlooker. “Pick something.” He instructed, brandishing the box at them with one hand.

Never give up

A/N: Have you read my story “Rhythm”? So far it has four parts and is kinda like what you are saying, but, Y/N is Derek’s beta. (Rhythm (Some x Pack) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) And, aw, shucks. Thank you! (Visual aid for this prompt. I may have gone a bit overboard.)

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

@tylerleehale: Can i have an imagine where the reader is scotts beta and is a very good figher and derek falls in love with her and the pack notice it? Your my favorite writer your blog is freaking awesomeeeee 😍 i wish that i could be like you bc your fantasticc ☺️😍


You dusted your hands off after Scott came and took the baddie away from under your death grip. You’d never get tired of the look of shock in their eyes when little ole you bested them. You were the pack’s secret weapon. The most unassuming, weakest looking, most innocent in appearance, you enjoyed the spark of sheer terror you saw in the bad guy’s eyes as you leapt in the air, side-kicking him in the throat, then in his surprise, taking him down and keeping him down.

“Nice job, Y/N,” Derek complimented you with a small nod, walking over to your side, breathing heavily and covered in blood and wounds that seemed to heal with every step, giving a whole new definition to ‘walk it off’.

A little taken aback, you shook your head briefly before mumbling a, ‘thank you’. You couldn’t help but narrow your eyes at him, your eyebrows practically knit together.

He laughed, throwing his arms wide in an exaggerated question. “What? I’m not allowed to notice a good fighter, much less compliment them?”

“No,” you and Stiles said in unison, your friend’s face matching your own, skepticism seeming to run in the pack, as he walked up to your side from behind you, bat held lazily over one shoulder. He also had blood on him, but no slices or dices. Just the residual mark of being near a werewolf smackdown.

Derek huffed, letting his arms drop to his sides with a slap. “Fine. Last time I try and be nice.”

“You’re almost never nice,” you and Stiles once again said in unison.

“Okay. I’m leaving. This is creeping me out,” he said, backing away, motioning between the two of you.

“Bye, Derek,” you said in unison to his back, laughing when he yelled, “Stop it!”

“You know, I’m no werewolf or anything,” Stiles began when Derek was out of earshot, turning to you.

“I know,” you said with a smile.

He smirked. “Ha-ha, very funny, Y/N. Now shut up and listen. I may not have all your enhanced senses, but even I can pick up on what’s going on here.”

“Okay. Enlighten me, Yoda.”

He grinned at the nickname. “Hmmmm. If see it already, you cannot, then wait for it, you must.”

You stared at him for a long moment. “That was the worst Yoda impersonation I have ever heard.”

He hung his head. “I know. I tried. I just can’t get enough phlegm.”

You both laughed as you slung an arm over his shoulders, grabbing the bat and holding on to it as you both walked out of the building.

“You know I think the bat is your anchor,” you said amusedly to Stiles. “I mean, I know you’re not a werewolf, but we all have anchors whether we are supernatural or not.”

He shook his head. “No. I just like to hit stuff with it. Plain and simple.”

You laughed as you exited the building, feeling a pair of eyes on you, you glanced back over your shoulder to see Derek just looking away. You almost missed it, but his racing heart rate was a dead giveaway. It slowed almost immediately and you grinned at his attempt to hide.


Scott had passed the bad guy of to Chris, walking back into the building just in time to see you and Stiles leave, and hear Derek’s racing heart rate as he glanced at you.

Making sure it was just he and Derek, Scott walked up beside his friend. “You know, you could be a little more obvious.”

“What are you talking about?” Derek scowled.

“Oh, nothing. Just the fact that you are in love with my beta.”

“What? I am not!” He scoffed, his face and voice dismissive, but his heart beat slightly elevated.

“Oh, right. Okay. Sorry man. But while we’re on the subject, did you see Y/N fight today?” Derek’s heart sped up even more. Scott smirked and continued off his friend’s silence. “I mean, I think she is one of the most valuable members yet. No one expects her.”

Derek turned away, pretending to decide which of the two keys on his key ring he was looking for. “Yeah. You definitely made a good choice choosing her.”

“Well, I didn’t exactly choose her. She chose me.”

Derek cocked his head at Scott questioningly.

Isaac walked up slowly, smiling impishly. “She was sick. I don’t know with what, but I could smell it. But she was still hanging on, still fighting. She’s had a really tough life, but you’d never know it. She is one of the best fighters I know, and I don’t mean just when it comes to physical altercations.”

“What are you two getting at?” Derek asked slowly.

“Nothing,” the two said in unison, smiling devilishly.


Back at the loft, Stiles was helping Derek gather water bottles for everyone along with the first aid kit. “So, Derek. When are you gonna say something to Y/N?”

Looking at Stiles with a look that could burn holes through his head, Derek answered lowly, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Placing a hand over his heart, Stiles imitated a heartbeat, making it speed up when he saw you approaching the kitchen, smiling like there was no tomorrow, which he knew was likely when teasing Derek like this.

“What the hell is he doing?” You asked Derek, eyeing Stiles warily.

“I have no idea,” Derek lied, glowering at Stiles, who just kept going.

You leaned up to Stiles’ ear and said in an exaggerated whisper so Derek would hear, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to hide your bat for a month.”

Slowly, Stiles stopped, his voice fading with each “thump”. “That would leave me defenseless. I would die.”

“You’d think of something. You always do,” you smirked, grabbing a bottle of water and the first aid kit before turning to Derek. “Come on. Let’s get you stitched up.”


Lydia had shooed you away, and was attending to Derek, Malia and Kira hovering behind each shoulder, ready to help if needed.

“I’m not particularly comfortable with a banshee sewing me up. It just seems too ironic….”

Lydia pursed her lips as she glanced up at him, jabbing the needle a little more forcefully than needed, making him bite his hand to not cry out in pain.

“Point taken,” he said around his hand, eyeing Lydia’s smirk.

“Why don’t you just tell her?” Kira asked quietly, smiling much too wide for Derek’s comfort.


“Yeah, I don’t see what the holdup is,” Malia said point blank. “I mean-”

“Girls, quit pestering him,” Lydia chastised with a sigh, pausing her job only briefly before continuing on, her smirk coming back. “If he wants to be a chicken about it, let him.”

Derek let his hand drop down to the table he was sitting on, glaring at the girls. “I hate teenagers,” he mumbled for what must have been the millionth time in the last few years.

Liam came up to him with a bottle of water as the girls finished and walked off.

“Thanks,” Derek mumbled, taking it from him. “Do you have any advice for me?” His tone was sarcastic as he unscrewed the cap and began to drink the water.

“They’re right, you know,” Liam said, making Derek lower the water bottle slowly, along with his menacing gaze to the little beta. “Oh, stop with the brooding act. It’s so obvious. Just go over there and tell her! It’s getting to be really annoying!”

Derek opened his mouth to speak, but your voice ringing through the loft cut him off. “Guys!” All eyes turned to you. “Let Derek be. I’m not stupid. I have known since the first time I tried to listen to a heartbeat. He was the one to teach me, and his mistake, it was racing. It raced whenever we fought together, sometimes skipping a beat when our eyes met after a fight, and we knew everyone was okay. I must be a really good actor if I had you all convinced I was naïve and unassuming as well. Good to know. But seriously, leave the poor guy alone! Admitting your feelings for someone is hard enough, but we’re talking about me here. And I’m intimidating as hell.”

Wadded up napkins from the pizza that had arrived shortly before were thrown at you, and you smiled, shooting a wink at Derek. “Plus you all talk really loud. I could hear you all.”

You walked over to Derek and sat beside him on the table top, resting your head on his shoulder, enjoying the race of his heartbeat that he didn’t even bother to try and calm. Speaking quietly, so only he could hear, you watched your pack arguing over what movie to watch. “I’m a fighter, always have been, always will be. I’m stubborn and hard headed and I don’t give up on something worth my effort.” You looked up to see him staring down at you, the slightest smile on his lips. “So don’t you think for a moment I’m ever going to give up on you.”

Pairing: Ziam
Author: @josjournal / JoMouse (AO3)
Count: 2 / 6

Zayn leaned, arms crossed over his chest and cigarette dangling from his mouth, against the hood of the van Liam had rented for the weekend, watching him carry another box down the last flight of stairs and out the door. They’d spent the entire morning emptying out the flat they’d lived in for the last five years. He took one last hit off the cigarette before dropping it to the cement, grinding it out under the toe of his boot.

His body jolted as Liam slammed the back doors of the van shut. He was dusting his hands off on the legs of his low-hanging blue jeans as he reappeared around the corner of the van. “Well, I think that’s all of it,” he said, his voice quiet. He glanced towards the door. “One last go through to be sure?”

They walked up silently, Zayn’s eyes studying Liam’s back as he moved. When they reached the fifth floor, Liam unlocked the door before standing aside to let Zayn walk ahead of him. He glanced at the other man for just a moment before heading into the space they used to share. It was strange standing there, the flat feeling even more empty than it had the first time he’d seen it. Of course, Liam had already been moved in at the time, Zayn arriving in answer to an ad looking for a flatmate.

Now, the walls were completely bare, holes that had been quickly patched still visible from where Liam had insisted they hang some of Zayn’s art. There was still a dent in the wall next to the opening to the kitchen where Liam had drunkenly stumbled and gone headfirst into it, his hard head causing more damage to the wall than vice versa. Zayn stepped forward to run his hand over the spot as Liam passed him to go into the kitchen.

He heard the cupboards opening and closing, a sound he’d woken up to many mornings, along with the smell of fresh coffee and burnt toast. Zayn’s lips quirked slightly at the memories as they flooded. Turning away from the wall, he headed towards the hallway, stopping in the door of the room that had originally been his and then, when things between Liam and him had changed from mere flatmates to so much more, had become a shared studio and office. He spotted the streak of blue paint stained into the carpet from an impromptu makeout session.

“The whole reason we won’t be getting that security deposit back,” Zayn muttered.

“I’m thinking it’s the hole you put in the wall of the other room when Danielle showed up for my birthday, actually,” Liam said as he passed him, heading into the bathroom.

“Oh yeah,” Zayn admitted, remembering the feelings of jealousy and anger that had coursed through him until he’d had no other option but to let them explode through his fists. On the plus side, that had been the night Liam and Zayn had admitted their changing feelings towards each other. He really wasn’t going to point out to Liam that the hole is slightly larger because he’d hit it again at least once or twice over the last few months.

Passing the bathroom, he saw Liam leaning on the counter and staring into the mirror. He opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it before continuing down the hall towards the other bedroom. He hesitated outside of the room, not sure if he wanted to face the memories, both good and bad, that would come when he stepped inside of the room. He stood staring at the doorway, lost in his own head, until he heard the front door of the flat open and shut behind him. He didn’t even have to look around to know that he was alone in the flat, he could feel it.

He decided to skip the last look at the shared bedroom, knowing that would only make it that much harder to leave. He grabbed the key Liam had left behind on the ledge by the front door before closing and locking the door for the final time. He dropped his head to the door. “Wow…I didn’t expect it to hurt this much,” he thought.


Liam pulled the van into the drive, glancing into the mirrors to be sure he was pulled completely off the street. Hopping out, he walked around to the back, pulling open the doors. He shook his head at the amount of boxes that greeted him. How could so much stuff accumulate in just a few years? The boxes were colour coordinated so he could quickly identify which ones went where. He bypassed the ones with yellow stickers to grab one one with a red smiley face before using his back to shut the door.

Liam moved slowly up the walk, taking in the house in front of him, still amazed he was going to be living there. He was almost to the porch when the door was flung open. “‘Bout time ya got here, ya wanker!” Niall shouted.

“Language, ye arse!” Louis said, stepping up behind him.

Harry joined the two in the doorway with smacks to the back of both of their heads. “Behave, both of you,” he said, waving at Liam. “Let the man in and go get more boxes.”

“The ones with the red labels,” Liam reminded as he pushed past Harry and headed towards the stairs. He entered the master bedroom, eyes falling on the king size bed in the center. It was a step up from the double that had been in the flat, but at the moment it just looked big and empty. He set the box in his arms next to it, debating whether he should start unpacking it now or continue bringing in boxes.

He thought back to Zayn as he’d last seen him, standing in the hallway of the flat, staring at the doorway of their old bedroom. He’d looked so sad that Liam felt it like a physical blow even now. Leaving the flat and the life they’d built between its walls had been so hard, for the both of them.

“Wake up, Payno,” Niall said, walking into the room, setting the box in his arms next to the one he’d brought in. “There’s a lot of boxes in that van still.”

As they exited the room, Liam saw Harry’s back in the doorway of the room next to the one they’d just left, he had his phone to his ear and was talking quietly. He was going to ask who he was talking to when he heard the sound of a motorcycle outside. He was half-way down the stairs when another sound stopped him.

He turned to look back towards Harry, but he was gone. He moved to take a step up the stairs when the front door opened. He glanced over his shoulder to see Zayn standing in the doorway, a helmet under one arm and a single red rose in the other. Smiling, Liam started to take a step towards him but stopped when he heard the sound from upstairs again.

“Dadadadadada,” came the babbling of the eighteen-month-old they’d adopted three months earlier.  He stayed cuddled against Harry’s chest but was reaching towards Liam. Liam’s smile grew as he turned to hold his arms out to the entire reason they had to finally move out of their small flat into the two bedroom house.

Liam heard Zayn’s steps hurrying up the stairs to reach the two of them. He pressed a kiss to Hashir’s forehead before turning to offer the rose to Liam. “Honeys, I’m home,” Zayn whispered against Liam’s lips when he leaned in for his own kiss.