what if when hawke teaches fenris to read n write fenris spends a lot of time practicing in between lessons and he does that middle school crush thing where he writes hawkes name 500 times on a sheet of paper and draws little hearts everywhere and he gets embarrassed so he hides it in a book under his bed whenever hawke comes over. i dont have my tablet right now 2 do this idea any justice so i created this trackpad masterpiece and yknow what this isnt even a what if anymore i know this to be 100% pure fact hire me bioware


Gleekon 2015 was the first unofficial Glee convention organized in Italy by Associazione Culturale Italian Fandom. The con should have taken place in Milan from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September, 2015.

Fans from all over Europe have requested passes to participate to the event, paying large amounts of money for passes and extras to meet their favorite actors. The prices went from a minimum of €145 and, in the matter of a few months, the organization has received a great amount of money from about half a thousand young fans and their families.

After the announcement of the most famous guest, and the payment of a huge number of passes because of that, the event was suddenly canceled two months before it should have taken place.

Through a Facebook post, the staff has anticipated that there will not be a full refund but only a partial refund of about 50% the price. Even though a statement reporting how exactly the money was spent by the organization will be posted on Facebook on July 13th, we believe that many aspects of this situation remain confusing and obscure.

As a matter of fact, it is unknown why the staff decided to keep selling passes and extras until the day of the announcement of the con’s cancellation. Besides, who wasted money on the event is not even allowed to know the real and exact reasons that caused the annulment, seeing as they are kept hidden by the staff. Finally, the happenings lead us to think that the organization was highly unprepared and was not aware of the amount of tickets, and therefore money, they would need to bring this kind of event to life.

We are all very indignant and angry right now. We deserve more honesty and we deserve our money back, fully, seeing as the con and the promised activities are not taking place at all.

Let’s show them that this is not okay. Sign the petition here.


Video of Clary walking near possibly Dot’s shop (Tarot Card Reader & Psychic signs) in the first episode of Shadowhunters