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“… and they’ll always be ours.“

New render after longer time. This time something different from my usual stuff. Posing and exporting - 10 minutes, editing at least 3 hours (because my PC didn’t want to cooperate, ehm).

Enjoy! And sorry for Pricefeels…

decided to try pixel art for one even though you can barely tell its pixel but just really reALLY JAGGY LINES THAT I PROBABLY COULD HAVE DONE A LOT BETTER ON AND WILL PRObably cry myself to sleep tonight 


enjoy the tears and blood of a mad man. i’ll probably finish this with a background some time in my life

(i do commissions yo. so if you want to be a nice little greenbean and you want something done, just wriggle your frothy little booty over to me and i’ll hook you up) PRICES: http://cosmicegotronica.tumblr.com/commissions 

EDIT: i added color. just dumb colors. dont mind this. (and its better quality and not poop)

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can i request a harry imagine, where ure dating? like you snore in your sleep & u hate it/its so embarassing. H invited you to stay over (its the first time) & you dont want to bc u snore (he then finds out and says its okay/or y/n keeps it secret) you agree to sleep at his but you try to stay awake so you dont snore and then idk maybe he notices maybe not... maybe you'll find a good ending haha does this even make sense?:/

Snoring The Night Away 
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[A/N: HOORAY! SO, SO horribly sorry for how late this came! I apologize for my inactivity, I really wanted to put something out for you all and this was the easiest for me to churn out. I was half asleep when I wrote this, so if it’s crap, sorry! I was just wondering if you guys would mind this becoming more of a fan account (I’ll still write)? That way, you guys can know I haven’t just dropped off the face of the earth!  If not, that’s completely okay! Just let me know because I want this account to be one you all
want to follow! Other than that how are all of you? Please don’t think that I’m ignoring your requests, because I’m not! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a lovely rest of your days, my loves! :)]

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