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"... Thank you, Mr Spock."

Mccoy: *gives cup to the pretty woman he’s trying to woo*
Spock: *gives cup to Jim*

At a High Fashion Store
  • Harry: Eww, how can something this ugly be so expensive?
  • Draco: *looks him up and down* If all ugly things were cheap you'd be free of charge.
  • Harry: But...I was? It's not like you paid to get me lol
  • Draco: I pay every day.
  • Draco: With my nerves.

there was something i noticed from the wonder woman movie that hit me in my figurative balls, and it’s steve’s line here: “believe me, i wish i could put the blame on one person.” this kept nibbling at me, until i sat down and figured out what it was nibbling at me for. and i gotta say, it took some rubbing of my two brain cells together

it was the thing i needed to finally put the pieces together behind this line, because i’m a fucking dumbass who realizes things only years later: “i bet your parents taught you that you mean something, that you’re here for a reason. my parents taught me a different lesson, dying in the gutter, for no reason at all. they taught me the world only makes sense if you force it to.” see, i’ve been taking that line in the context that superman is upsetting the balance, right? like everyone else in the movie, batman is scared of what superman can do, and i haven’t taken that line beyond that point. but if that was the only message the line was going to offer me, why include that bit about the parents? why not keep it short and sweet, why not make it snappy? it’d make a hot soundbite.

but, the thing is, i wasn’t thinking about this line in the context of batman’s arc in this movie, i was just taking it at face value. but the first we see of batman is him running into the destruction, rescuing a man, rescuing a little girl, but being unable to save her mother. we see him lose his parents, and we see that he’s lost his son. we see him lose the man that he’d rescued. that’s a hefty string of bad luck - all those deaths, all so seemingly random. that’s the thing, right? batman lends importance to death - his parents’ death must have some meaning, jason didn’t die in vain, and neither did the civilian causalities of the metropolis disaster. his crusade against superman is his crusade against criminals.

batman is doing the exact thing diana’s doing this whole movie - he’s pinning all this tragedy on one person, he’s gunning to kill, he’s forcing the world to make sense. why didn’t i see it earlier

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hamilton but everyone's wearing actual clothes from the time period instead of the simplified outfits that they use in the show


jesus christ i m a g i n e

h, holy shit,,

hamilton in pink……………….


eliza…… in this….. amazign…..

i mean i know it’s. impractical and they’d probably sweat tonnes on stage and it’d be a pain in the ass AND cost a lot of money/time to make several hundred of these but. fuck me in the face.

u bet ur ass hamilton bought and wore this kind of flashy shit…. let him wear it…. let him prance about like the proud pretty boy he is…

Got sexually harassed getting dinner with my toddler lads 🙃🙃🙃


okay so there was a theme to my trip in portland today. When I told Colin I was gonna be in Portland, he recommended Atlas Tattoos, and I ended up being able to get Colin’s autograph on my arm tattooed by Lewis Hess, who did the bird on Colin’s wrist! (Plus a couple initials on Carson and Chris Funk’s flowers. He was really cool.)
Then I remembered Colin telling me about Wallace Books, the bookstore he and Jenny used to work at, where he first found The Táin. I ended finding The Táin at Powell’s Bookstore, but I stumbled across Eva Luna in there instead! I asked him to play it during the pre-show, but seeing as how he hadn’t played it since his Tarkio days, that wasn’t gonna happen lol. (He did end up playing Gymnast for me! I definitely cried a lil.)
I’ll just sum the past 24 hours up in one compound word: life-changing.


Here’s Chapter 14 !! Also: I might put up late updates (they won’t be too late…just a couple hours off or so??) often during this holiday break that I have (which is until January 23rd) because I can’t work on Puu while my family is awake. Sorry for the inconvenience. :’0

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Hello! I just gotta say I absolutely LOVE all of your headcanons, and I saw your post about the b99 squad meeting Supergirl, and it made me think about how they would react to meeting Peter (either with or without the mask). Any thoughts? (don't feel pressured to answer this or anything tho! just wondering)

I feel like I’ve talked about this before. I must’ve. I’ve at least thought about this when I’m like, daydreaming in the shower

The Nine Nine don’t just meet Peter once. Peter isn’t that lucky. The Nine Nine meet Peter after he is:

  • ‘’Found’’ at a crime scene and brought in for questioning, baby face suspiciously beat up, ending every statement with a question (”I was taking photos of Spider-Man?” “I didn’t realise it was private property?” “Please don’t call my Aunt??”). Every one agrees that there’s something Peter isn’t telling them - ending in them speculating over what said secret is in the break room (Amy guesses he saw the criminal’s faces  but is being threatened, Boyle votes drugs, Jake votes Peter is secretly the son of the mafia boss - no, the mafia boss himself, the teenage prodigy of crime. Gina guesses he’s a superhero. They all laugh.) 
  • Taken “hostage’’ by the super-villain of the day (and brought back to be questioned again). Johnny Storm comes to see how he’s doing. The Nine Nine are all starry-eyed and don’t notice Peter glaring at Johnny. 
  • Taken ‘’hostage’’ again for knowing Spider-Man (and, again, brought in to be questioned about his attackers). “If you want to hang out with the Nine Nine so badly, you can just drop by, you don’t need to do this,” Jake says. Peter, holding a bag of peas to his black eye, sticks his tongue out at him. Boyle is asking if Peter really does know Spider-Man. Terry wants to know the answer. His girls are fans. He wants an autograph for them. Amy tries to shoo them all away because Peter’s had a traumatic experience and they shouldn’t crowd him. Rosa is beginning to watch Peter suspiciously. She knows liars when she sees them.
  • KIDNAPPED AGAIN. Gina slips Peter pepper spray. Terry suggests self-defence classes. Rosa stares at him over the bullpen, eyes narrowed. Holt knows him by “Mr. Parker” and has stopped referring to him as the “blood stained child perpetually sitting at Peralta’s desk.”
  • In the middle of a drug bust, Jake and Rosa walk in on him changing.
  • “UM,” Peter says, shirt half on, bag shoved behind his back.
  • “I knew there was something sketchy about him!” Rosa shouts.
  • “My tiny vending machine buddy!” Jake says, betrayed. “I shared my peanut m+ms with you! How could you.”
  • Peter takes a step back. “It’s not what it looks like?”
  • The criminals burst in on the turned cops, guns raised. Peter webs the cops out of the way and knocks the criminals out. His bag drops. Red and blue spandex rolls out.
  • “Oh,” Rosa says. “You’re not a criminal. My bad, dude.”
  • Jake’s mouth hangs open. Jake’s world view is shifting. Jake is no longer the same person he was 5 minutes ago. 
  • “HOW,” Jake finally says, staring wide-eyed at the person who is, apparently, Spider-Man. “YOU’RE 12.”
  • They have to promise not to tell the others. Jake and Rosa demand his phone number. Jake wants to be this kid’s Commissioner Gordon. Rosa just thinks the arrest warrant they had out on Spider-Man was bullshit and they should help out someone generally doing good. Peter doesn’t know how to tell them no.

it’s my last day at church tomorrow and apparently everyone wants to pray for me so I’m gonna have to go up in the center of the sanctuary and be Paid Attention To and pretend that any of this moves me emotionally (it never has which is part of why i felt so guilty before), all of which I hate, but it’ll be my last time so it’s endurable

anyway they wanted to “lay hands on me” bc that’s extremely standard when praying for someone in this type of Christianity, but i said no to that because that many people touching me for that long is like……a Nightmare so now Mom’s going to touch me and they’re going to touch Mom, but I don’t actually get why touching is necessary? 

like if it comforts the person you’re praying for, sure that’s a good thing, but like, it clearly doesn’t me, so why bother with the circumlocution? surely if God is all-powerful, He has the capability to hear and understand prayers without the pray-ers being in physical contact with the subject of the prayer?

I’m not mocking here, it’s just weird to me that Mom’s response to “I don’t want to be touched by strangers” is “okay, the strangers will touch me on your behalf while I touch you to pass it on” and not “okay, touching isn’t necessary”.

  • keith: mullets are... like onions.
  • lance: they stink?
  • keith: yes---- no!
  • lance: oh, they make you cry?
  • keith: NO! layers! onions have layers. mullets have layers. they both have layers!
  • lance: ...alright, but i think i brought up some fairly valid points