(doing this was so nerve wrecking omg ;~;)

strider-obsessed  asked:

Heard your top surgery is tomorrow!! I hope everything goes smoothly and that you heal flawlessly. It'll be over in a flash and then you'll be feeling so great! I'm so thrilled for you!! Relax tonight, 'm sending SO much love and support your way !

Omg dude thank you so much I’ve waited super long for this and I’m thrilled it’s finally happening!! ! ! It’s super nerve wrecking but I got to visit a huge art store tonight so I’m doing pretty well so far!!!

I decided to do it. This is so nerve-wrecking. Omg. (Idk why i am freaking out). Ok may I please have a rtm ship with Donghyuk and Johnny. (I may come in for a second round idk). 

Ok some noticeable things about me. (Oh lord. I’m not that interesting XD). I’ve been doing music since I was 8 (when I started singing). I started rapping I believe it was 3 years ago? I started playing instruments when I was 10. I play pretty much everything, but I play trumpet (and vocals) in my Jazz Band. I also played sousaphone (the 50 lb. tuba thingy), accessory percussion, and xylophone in marching band. But my main instrument is the Bass Clarinet. I fluently speak 2 languages and am learning two more. I’ve been taking college (as well as high school) classes since I was 16. I absolutely love math. I was a boxer, and on a swim team for breaststroke. I’m that absolute mom friend. I also love to do fx makeup. I’m very indecisive, and i have the worst amount of self esteem ever.

This is legit all i can come up with.

I got 5 letters which spell out one word for you : C.H.I.L.L. Come in for as many rounds as you like I will make sure to knock you out with my writing 😂And your description is absolutely on point. Okay here is your much awaited React to Me: 


  • He would be so so so pleasantly surprised when he finds out you have so much musical talent
  • His eyes would go wide, his mouth form an O shape and he would just stare at you in awe. 
  • He would be very proud of it and the smile that would appear on his face as a result of that would be so wide and bright 
  • He might just crush you with a hug in excitement because I think to him it would mean a lot that you could understand his passion for music and support him 
  • Whenever he hears you sing, he would just MELT. 
  • He would keep on smiling, and the smile would grow until it reaches his eyes. 
  • Your voice would give him butterflies and he would try hard to calm himself down but he wouldn’t be able to
  • “Your voice is music to my ears. Sing to me all day everyday and I swear I would never feel stressed ever again” 
  • He would always ask you TONS of questions about the instruments you played. 
  • “So how do you play so many instruments so well? I didn’t know you were musical genius” he would nudge you 
  • I imagine him being very comically puzzled at your indecisiveness. 
  • He would watch you in amusement as you tried to pick between sometimes two dresses or sometimes even just what to eat
  • Weirdly enough it would be something that would make him like you even more, no matter how frustrating it could be for you 


  • Johnny would be your personal cheerleader at any event you played at. 
  • He would be the loudest person in the crowd, yelling and waving his hands frantically to show his support and love for you 
  • “YESS!! Thats my girl everyone” he would say proudly. 
  • Would insist on singing duets with you or just having karaoke nights every night 
  • “I love love love your voice. So obviously I want to hear it” 
  • No doubt I see him bragging about your skills and abilities to others rather proudly 
  • He would literally gush over it to everyone and anyone he could. Strangers at the supermarket? Yes them too
  • “My girlfriend plays every instrument known to man. She is really great at it too” he would proudly show iff his smile while talking about you. 
  • He would never be able to get over the fact that you take college classes in high school 
  • “Holy shit you are a totally perfect person babe. I was never this smart” 
  • His mind would be just blown away when he found out you were also a boxer
  • “Surprises everyday with you. What have you not done? How come you are s great at everything?” he would ask you. 
  • Despite all this he would be confused why your self esteem was low
  • “If I had this much potential and talent I would flaunt it and be proud of it y/n. This makes you so unique. You should totally be proud of that about yourself” 

I hope you like it!! Request again if you like :) I hope you make the day ahead of you a wonderful one! 

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay beautiful 




Hi guys! I’ve finally done it, this is my first commission ever– and I’m pretty excited to start it! XD

So, general guidelines:

  • I will only draw women (have you seen my man doodle? yikes)
  • All prices are subjected to change based on details.
  • Additional characters are +$8 each for rough sketches through color drawings; for detailed drawing/paintings, we will have to communicate to decide on the price.
  • I will not do delicate backgrounds; the most I will do is like that of Spider Gwen drawing’s.
  • I’m down for NSFW art, but again we’ll have to discuss the degree of it.
  • As for payment, I can only accept via Paypal. 

I strongly suggest for you to check out my main drawing tag, and side one to get a genuine idea of my ability and your commission outcome. 

If you are interested (hopefully),Please send me an email to ladyilena12@gmail.com; make sure your email is also valid, for we’ll be emailing back and forth. :)

Upon final agreement from both the buyer and the artist, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. I will start your commission only after the payment is received.

Thank you so much, I’ll be waiting. ;v;