(does it even make sense)


Since when does you being a teenage girl excuse you from being called out when you’re being rude as hell on someone else’s page? How does that make the person that YOU decided to disrespect immature?

How does that even make sense? Where they do that at?

And don’t go around, making excuses, saying that “they’re just meaningless comments.” Words mean things. Let’s not pretend that those comments aren’t emotionally charged. It still doesn’t make them right to say nor does it excuse you from that person responding to it. You may be teenagers, but you’re not toddlers, so take responsibility for the things you say and do better.

aurora135 asked:

Why would you comment on that post saying that the henna for the cancer patients was "cultural appropriation" honestly how does that even make sense?

my grandmother didn’t put henna on her head when she underwent chemotherapy why are these white women doing it and making money off it

you know what i love about tumblr? 

the fact that you can’t see how many followers someone has. on things like twitter or instagram, people tend to judge others by how many followers they have. on tumblr, though, regardless of whether someone has one or one million followers, you have no way of seeing it (unless they choose to disclose that) and therefore you don’t judge them by that.

 it’s cool that you only have the ability to judge blogs by their content, not by how many others have found them.

I agree when people say Phil deserves 3 million subscribers, and yeah, I think he deserves even more than that. But using “we got DanandPhilCRAFTS to 200 000 subscribers” when talking about Phil’s current count doesn’t really make sense. I mean, think about who those 200 000 subscribers are. Think about where they came from. I would bet that nearly all of them are subscribed to both Dan and Phil already, which is why the channel grew so fast, regardless of it being an April Fool’s joke. The people who subscribed are probably all part of the phandom, and if that’s the case, they would definitely be subscribed to both Dan and Phil. So yes, DanandPhilCRAFTS grew very quickly, but the 200 000 on that channel doesn’t affect or have anything to do with Phil. Phil deserves way more subscribers than he currently has, as his content is amazing and funny and creative, but trying to help Phil grow his following and the 200 000 an April Fool’s joke got don’t go hand in hand.

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It seems like you ship prussia/canada but could you draw russia/canada? Or if you dont want to you could do russia/america, if you have the time!!! I dont want to annoy you :DDD

No problm 

Sometimes I wonder if I should include books I didn’t like in recommendations list for people, because I have so many friends who love books that I didn’t, and so they might never find their new favorite book if I don’t mention it just because I happened to dislike it.

I guess one day you decided to drown me in your bath tub and since then, every morning I get up and wring myself of everything I have and had. I just want your legs to ache and your ears buzz every time you hear someone talking about their horoscope and I want you to remember your arm hugging my waist with only one eye open and your other arm moving along the sheets smoothing out the creases searching for my hand because I refused to sleep till I read the coming days message. But I didn’t really realize that you’re arms shattered while I was trying to fight you off and pieces of us went down the pipes and are somewhere in a sewerage along with everything we had. But if you think that isn’t enough yesterday morning there was nothing left to squeeze out of myself and I’m stuck here wonder if you left these cuts when your right wrist snapped or when you first told me you love me and you’re gonna hold me tight till your muscles give out
—  I’m Sure As Hell Not Gonna Let You Wash Me Away

things i wish cis ppl understood:

non-binary =/= identities between male and female (though some nb ppl id that way). non-binary is any identity other than male and female, and these identities frequently have nothing at all to do with any concept of male or female. i, as a femme afab non-binary person, am no more female than a binary trans man. 

go beyond recognizing non-binary identities, reject the binary as your default conception of gender. stop thinking of non-binary ppl in shades of male and female unless that is how they personally identify.