(does it even make sense)

I have a question for you guys. Do you any of you feel uncomfortable holding an umbrella? Not uncomfortable, but..uncomfortable? Does that even make sense? Because the other day, it was raining really hard so I decided to bring an umbrella with me for the first time(usually I just walk like that in the rain), and I had nooooo idea how to hold the damn thing. I was walking and I can’t even count how many times I whacked myself in the face with the handle of it, and then It started getting on my nerves so I looked like an idiot walking down the street fighting with my umbrella. Like does that happen to you guys or am I the only one? Because then I was getting splashed too by cars and by the time I got to where I wanted to go I was so mad it’s not even funny I looked like I wanted to murder everyone, more so than usual. So, does this happen to anyone?

I wonder if it ever crossed Waverly’s mind that maybe she wasn’t an Earp. She did so much research and never found a reason for why she couldn’t be the heir. Did she go weeks or even months without sleep hoping that she would find some kind of evidence that this intrusive theory wasn’t true? Did she know the truth deep down but didn’t want to let herself believe it? Is that why it hit her so hard when Bobo told her? Because hearing the words out loud made it real?

imagine the smithsonian finding letters to bucky from steve:

they’re one sided and steves copies from bucky were lost so they contain fragmented replies that news sites speculate upon and fics are written about:

*no I didn’t lick the stamps so you can calm down but if it’s any consolation I did carry them in my pocket for half a day
*if you keep using socks for that they’ll stay stiff
*why would I wear your jacket? it’s not the right size & I won’t melt in the rain, bucky
*in response to the question about sleeping problems, yes & thinking about that only makes them worse
*I do remember that day, mainly because of a black eye and what happened after we went to your place. your ma still hasn’t forgotten by the way. I can tell by the looks she gives me.
*that was the night we spent on couch cushions on the floor, woke up all stiff
*I can’t breathe very well since you’ve been gone, you know how much it kills me to admit that so don’t rub it in 
*I didn’t mean to say that your handwriting is messy, your letters are just late is all. blame the postman
*heard someone humming that song you used to sing in the bath, it’s stuck in my head now so thanks for that
*can’t believe you messed the lyric up. it’s “I’d work and toil all day just to come home to you” or something along those lines, not foil

after steve comes out of the ice he tries to get them back because dear god they’re embarrassing and he can remember exactly what each one was about. some were innocent, most were not and he knew back then that bucky could fill in the blanks on his own. 

years later the winter soldier visits the smithsonian and tries his damnest to read between the lines, maybe he’s imagining things. maybe they were actually innocent. he takes six brochures with steve’s face on the front, one of which has a photocopy of a skinnier shorter steve. that one is his favorite.

i truly love that joker is an established crime lord with a club in suicide squad because it adds sustainability to him as a character within the film universe. him just being this clown guy who has zero ties to anything who can’t stand on his own as a character without batman being directly involved just gets it’s so boring.

but him being this mafioso/scarface type adds this depth to him and huge potential to be involved with other rogues or heroes he wouldn’t be able to touch without it seeming like a forced interaction.

Honey honey

Honey honey love me dry

Love me breathless

Love me blind

Honey honey love me until you’re the only thing in my sight

Love me until there are no longer stars in your eyes but your eyes in the stars

Love me until i can no longer stand

And love me some more after that

Honey honey I can’t compare you to a rose

Or the ocean or the sun

They could only hope to be as beautiful as you

Or as funny or as smart or thoughtful or kind

Honey honey can you hear me?

If you’re reading this do you know it’s about you?

Should I write you a sonnet? A ballad? A book?
I’d write you a universe if I could. Maybe I will.

Honey honey love me dry.

Love me breathless.

Love me blind.


“If this was a movie, you would die first.”

Okay, but, thinking about it, nearly everyone but a few people voted for Naegi to be the traitor, but then there was Kizakura, pointing at Gekkogahara.

What catches my interest is him saying “just a hunch”. He’s probably suspicious of her because she has access to the computer system of the building, and that’s a valid reason to suspect her. Considering this is Danganronpa, this can mean that he really is on to something (or also absolutely nothing at all). She’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was thinking about my dislike of Frank and I realized it's more than my lack of trust(I can't seem to trust the guy, there's something there... Ugh). I thought about his relationship with Brianna and I realized it bothers me for the simple fact it was something Jamie should have experienced. I appreciate what he[Frank] did for Bree, he was a great father but I can't help but be bitter about it because he had something Jamie never had... his child's childhood. Does this even make sense?

Hi anon - yes, that completely makes sense.

However - you must remember that at the end of the day, Jamie wanted his child - Brianna - to be raised, and loved, and cared for by a father. By two parents. In a safer place. Which is something he knew he could not provide, as much as he longed to.

Remember these exchanges in Voyager (emphasis mine):

“But if I had,” I said, staring down at the smooth grain of the linen, “if I had — I might have found you sooner.”

The words hung in the air between us like an accusation, a reminder of the bitter years of loss and separation. Finally he sighed, deeply, and put a finger under my chin, lifting my face to his.

“And if ye had?” he said. “Would ye have left the lassie there without her mother? Or come to me in the time after Culloden, when I couldna care for ye, but only watch ye suffer wi’ the rest, and feel the guilt of bringing ye to such a fate? Maybe see ye die of the hunger and sickness, and know I’d killed ye?” He raised one eyebrow in question, then shook his head.

“No. I told ye to go, and I told ye to forget. Shall I blame ye for doing as I said, Sassenach? No.”


“Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters? To see you, and know I would sacrifice honor or family or life itself to lie wi’ you, even though ye’d left me?”

“You have the filthy, unmitigated, bleeding gall to say such a thing to me?” My voice was so high, it came out as a thin and vicious whisper. “You’ll blame me?”
He stopped then, chest heaving as he caught his breath.

“No. No, I canna blame you.” He turned aside, blindly. “How could it have been your fault? Ye wanted to stay wi’ me, to die with me.”

“I did, the more fool I,” I said. “You sent me back, you made me go! And now you want to blame me for going?”

He turned back to me, eyes dark with desperation.

“I had to send ye away! I had to, for the bairn’s sake!” His eyes went involuntarily to the hook where his coat hung, the pictures of Brianna in its pocket. He took one deep, quivering breath, and calmed himself with a visible effort.

“No,” he said, much more quietly. “I canna regret that, whatever the cost. I would have given my life, for her and for you. If it took my heart and soul, too…”

He drew a long, quivering breath, mastering the passion that shook him.
“I canna blame ye for going.”

So - because Brianna lived, and thrived - he can’t begrudge Frank for providing that for her. For providing for his child as he would have.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for him to live with the knowledge that he was not able to raise his own child. That, together with the fact that Claire had to raise Brianna with Frank  and live as Frank’s wife (even though it’s something he knew would happen), is something that clearly eats at him, as we see during his passionate argument with Claire at Lallybroch in Voyager::

“Do ye know what it is to live twenty years without a heart? To live half a man, and accustom yourself to living in the bit that‟s left, filling in the cracks wi’ what mortar comes handy?”

“Do I know?” I echoed. I struggled to loose myself, to little effect. “Yes, you bloody bastard, I know that! What did you think, I’d gone straight back to Frank and lived happy ever after?” I kicked at him as hard as I could. He flinched, but didn’t let go.

“Sometimes I hoped ye did,” he said, speaking through clenched teeth. “And then sometimes I could see it — him with you, day and night, lyin’ with ye, taking your body, holding my child! And God, I could kill ye for it!”

So, anon - at the end of the day, Jamie can’t regret the choices he made to save Claire, and save Brianna in the process. For it gave him the precious gift of his daughter - and the knowledge that she had the childhood he would have given her. As Claire so eloquently tells Brianna in Dragonfly in Amber:

“The truth, then, all of it. I couldn’t bear to leave him,” Claire said softly. “Even for you… I hated you for a bit, before you were born, because it was for you that he’d made me go. I didn’t mind dying—not with him. But to have to go on, to live without him—he was right, I had the worst of the bargain. But I kept it, because I loved him. And we lived, you and I, because he loved you.”

I will never be good enough for you, will I? Right when things started to get hard you gave up. You gave up on us and you walked out of my life and for that I will never fucking forgive you. You decide to make your way back into my life and when you do, you hurt me ten times worse. You told me you loved her instead of me. But who was there for you at 1 AM when you were crying your eyes out instead of being fast asleep? Who was there for you when you were having panic attacks and anxiety attacks instead of feeling happy and content? How do you think I felt all the times you called me to tell me about your new girlfriend? I will never understand you and what happened between us. But I will never fucking forgive you.
—  does this even make sense