(does a disco dance)

Was listening to [THIS] last night and it spoke so deeply to my boogie woogie soul that I had to draw this funky ghost girl. Her name is Boogie Banshee or B.B. for short. 

you-had-me-at-hallow  asked:

The marauders at a disco party would include??


-Absolutely going nuts

-has all the best dance moves to a T because he and Sirius have been practicing

-laughs the whole time

-”Come on Moony! No one is watching!” 

-everyone is  totally watching

-never deviates from the center of the dance floor

-except when Lily has gone for refreshments

-then he moves to stay in her line of sight

-asks her to do the Discofox with him but is rejected

-does the dance with Peter instead

-”You got it, Pete! 1-2-&3!” 

-never seems to stop or ever run out of energy

-crashes in the cab on the way home


-perfected all the dance moves practicing with James

-but is all over the place, not just staying in the middle

-he even ends up on stage at some point

-acting oblivious to the way his hip movements are affecting the girls

-is totally doing it on purpose

-along with his sweaty hair flip every time he does a disco finger point

-tries to get Remus to dance with him when James is dancing with Peter


-ends up doing the Discofox alone with an imaginary partner like the dramatic geek he is

-is so buzzed on adrenaline that he begs the boys to go to another club when it’s time to go home


-does NOT want to dance

-but loves watching his friends have fun

-”No, the wall is much better company than you lot, thank you”

-secretly loves the disco but refuses to give in to James and Sirius’ antics and begging

-but Lily catches him bobbing his head to the music more than once

-”No, Pads, I will not dance with you.”

-”No, not even if you let me lead.”

-smiles the whole time

-lots of embarrassed head shaking 

-and eye rolling

-but he is having the time of his life watching his friends act like idiots

-gives in to Sirius’ pleading and takes him to another club while Peter takes James home


-is awful

-like cannot dance to save his life

-and he knows it

-he just doesn’t care because he is having fun

-beams when James compliments him

-not because he believes a word James is saying but because James is kind enough to try

-steps on James’ toes 3 times while doing the Discofox

-his favourite move to mess up is the “stealth walk”

-he usually ends up falling over laughing

-but who cares because he is with his friends and they all look ridiculous even if James and Sirius actually have rhythm

-collapses with James on the couch when they get home