(do u ever just think about it)

@ the anon a couple days ago who sent me a very kind ask about any OCs i have and just encouraging me to draw them more: u made me cry into my mug of ice cream & i mean that in the best way

i want to work really hard at figuring out what in the heck i have to say and contribute with my art tbh & that message just… really jived with my thinking about that… I only ever draw fanart (WHICH IS FINE) but I also wanna do something else. sometime. i’ll get there.

my art journey is meandering at best, but i can’t help but stick with it. thank you very very much for the kind words (i just wanted to hang onto the message for a bit longer)

if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships

do u ever think about someone and ur like: i wanna take care of them so hard??? i want to be their #1 supporter especially during times when they think no one believes in them. i want to comfort them when their thoughts are too loud and i’ll stay up with them all night until they drift off into a peaceful sleep in my arms. like u just wanna b there for them???? and love them endlessly????? and give them affection and so much love that they have never received????

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d

a concept: Victor usually wakes up first in the mornings. So when Yuuri wakes to find Victor cuddled against him, breathing slowly and steadily, it’s a pleasant surprise. He brushes his fingers through Victor’s hair and Victor instinctively moves closer to him, gravitating towards Yuuri’s touch whether conscious or unconscious.

They have to leave soon, so regretfully Yuuri whispers to him in Japanese, trying to wake him. Victor hums, still asleep, and tangles a leg in between both of Yuuri’s. Yuuri kisses his forehead and his chest aches with unconditional love that could reverse the turn of the Earth, that could part the ocean, that could put out the embers of the sun. Five more minutes won’t hurt anyone.

To all of the people who are saying Kai could’ve said no to the dreads: 






OH SEHUN HIMSELF SAID THAT THE STYLISTS NORMALLY DO NOT LET HIM DYE HIS HAIR THE COLOR HE WANTS TO (it was in an old interview but its relevant now).& to put that in perspective, sehun tried to die his hair blonde for lotto and they made him re-dye it immediately. Also In regards to red velvet, all idol groups are treated differently, take f(x) for example and compare how they are treated in comparison to other girl groups. If exo can’t even use their phones at some points, you can see how strict SM can be. nbsp;

SM hair stylists are obviously extremely colorist and gave Jongin that hairstyle for an unfortunate reason that is wrong on so may fucking levels.(and if u don’t know the reason thn pls message me)

But Jongin can’t do anything but work with it because its not like he’s in any authority to disagree with it, and he gets paid for it either way.

Like do y'all think Exo would srsly be out here preforming in bright pink suits and elf costumes if they wanted to?? Ya’ll think Byun Baekhyun wants to be walking around with a striped mullet? No grown man wants to do that, but they HAVE TO CUZ IT’S SM. 

SM is a notoriously Strict and awful company, and they have prohibited idols from having a say on numerous things. If you want to hate on someone, hate on SM and their warped and racist/colorist ideologies.

We all know that Jongin of ALL Kpop Idols is NOT racist or colorist– he has experienced that same discrimination against himself firsthand ever since his debut, and has demonstrated time and time again that he is in fact not ignorant.

But anyways, I’m tired of this bs against kai. Just cause y'all hate exo and r threatened or some other dumb shit, doesn’t mean u should be attacking jongin or making things up about what he can and can’t do, when your not even an exo stan in the first place. 


(and yes I’m a black exo-l btw so trust me ik the pain)

do y'all ever feel creepy for having a crush like,, you’ll picture the two of you going on a hike and holding hands or going to one of those buildings filled with trampolines together and ur just like “stop!!! this is nonsense!!! u dont even know them that well stop thinking about them all the time!!! they would probably be weirded out by this bc they think of you as a friend at best,, S T O P”

Find your dialogue prompt!

A: The first letter of your first name!

B: Your birthday!

  • A: “Can I help you?”
  • B: “Be gentle.”
  • C: “Help me find my scarf!”
  • D: “What happened to your arm?”
  • E: “What the hell happened here?!”
  • F: “How are you feeling?”
  • G: “Well, this is interesting! Did you know-”
  • H: “I just thought of a world without puppies and got really sad.”
  • I: “I love you.”
  • J: “Please kill me.”
  • K: “Want to know how I got these scars?”
  • L: “On go, we’re going to run, okay?”
  • M: “Help me.”
  • N: “Did you hear that?”
  • O: “Kiss me.”
  • P: “What’s your favorite sin?”
  • Q: “Does God ever say ‘Oh my God’?”
  • R: “We’re stuck in a maze!”
  • S: “So, today I was thinking we should-”
  • T: “Did you just murder someone?!”
  • U: “Code Yellow, I repeat code yellow!”
  • V: “I want to show you something.”
  • W: “Can we cuddle?”
  • X: “Do you want to talk about your childhood?”
  • Y: “Who wants to die today?“
  • Z: "I am the hero this city needs!”

  1. “Oh, I saw a spider”
  2. “You shouldn’t have had that sixth cup of coffee.”
  3. “Speaking of that, I just got laid.”
  4. “That should be illegal.”
  5. “High School Musical.”
  6. “Speaking of gay, I’m gonna go do some gay stuff right now.”
  7. “Unrealistic.”
  8. “I hope you outlast your relatives.”
  9. “Easy, psycho.”
  10. “I won!”
  11. “I’m confused, as usual.”
  12. “I volunteer as tribute.”
  13. “It’s magic!”
  14. “Dang, I was so close…”
  15. “I have a headache.”
  16. “I love being left alone.”
  17. “Can I kiss you?”
  18. Please, tell me more.”
  19. “Stay quiet!”
  20. “Oh maaaaan, sounds amazing, who can resist!”
  21. “That’s so gay.”
  22. “This is all your fault.”
  23. “Are you okay?”
  24. “No.”
  25. “A badly timed joke?”
  26. “I want to leave.”
  27. “5 more minutes.”
  28. “I’m calling the police!”
  29. “Queue the music.”
  30. “Stop following me!”
  31. “We’re all going to die.”

(if you get something confusing, then try to explain it, BAM, you’re writing)

You know what I like about artists?

That…every single thing they do it’s amazing.

I’m not even kidding, like, the doodles, man. The doodles are my favorite thing ever because they are just so small, carefree, and fun.

I have a few artist friends, and they sometimes share their stuff in our squad chat and it’s always good to see the doodles because they light up my day. 

I think the doodles are my favorite part of art.

And this is just a guess here, bc I’m no artist in the sense of drawing so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I can just imagine that …every artist is so at ease while doodling and they don’t think much of it and yet it’s amazing on its own way once it’s done. 

Like, this is coming from someone who has like, zero talent in drawing ok? So, believe me when I say that I’m in A W E by every single piece of art. 

I see a lot of art/fanart where they go like ‘oh it’s just a doodle psssssh’ and whenever they are joking or not, I fall in love with it because damn, look at that.

To be able to let every single drop of creativity you have inside you and let it run smoothly across a tablet, paper, or whatever you draw in, it’s incredible. 

I wish I could do that, I really wish so, but I can’t; which is okay ofc, got my talents somewhere else. 

Like, for me, for instance, as a writer, it really takes me…well a while tbh, to come up with a cool thing. Sure, I can ramble about the idea, and expand it a lil, but like, it’s not the final product. 

Doodles? Doodles are art whenever they are finished or not. Maybe that’s just the way I see it? Small, tiny, carefre, charming, cute, for fun. 

*shrugs* I don’t know, man, it’s something that has been on my mind, but I really hope that every artist out there appreciate their own doodles bc I think they are cute and good. 

So, keep up the good work guys, because someone out there appreciate your art, no matter how small you think it is. <3

do u ever think about the fact that harry literally used a safety pin to try and close a 12 inch rip in his shirt and like,,,, the safety pin didn’t even do much because the hole was too big but he just left it in there anyway

hey man do you ever just think about hunay like…do u think about how shay had literally spent her whole life underground, and then this boy comes crashing out of nowhere and inspires her to turn her life around…she was scared to ever even go outside and then she risks her life to save him!! and u ever think about how hunk was scared to even leave the ground, and he was terrified of aliens at first, but he sees shay & the other balmerans being mistreated and he’s like “yeah so i want to save this ENTIRE PLANET” and he promises to come back for shay, he calls her a hero (*coughs* and he canonically thinks she’s pretty) and just……how they bring out so much courage and hope in each other, hunk literally shows shay the sun for the first time…listen i’m just really emo about them okay