(do u ever just think about it)

*me during a primetime interview*
interviewer: so did you ever think that what youre doing would ever impact the world this way? on this scale?
me: well of course i worked hard and i felt passionate about it but this is really by God’s Will that i’ve gotten so much success
interviewer: how did you perfect this art form? i know many before u have tried but it was you that revolutionized what it means to express feelings and relate to the masses.
me: memes are my life i really had no choice.. writing and painting and dancing and filmmaking just wasnt satisfying the intensity of my emotions anymore

i have so many things that Im so passionate about but I cannot really talk on here or make posts because the simple thought of people just scrolling past them and ignoring them just makes me really nervous and anxious…like say what ever you want about me being attention seeking but really, if someone on the internet opens up and shares something only to be completely ignore do you think they shouldn’t feel bad?? its like telling a joke and nobody laughing at it, it just leaves you with a bitter taste of sadness and your self worth just drops to the ground like u have no idea

i really wanna talk about so much shit that I love and Im hyperfocused and love and Will Literally Fight For but just the thought of people not even giving a single sign of even caring puts me on the edge…it just makes my self steem drop. like, if people dont care about my personal posts then what can I expect from a fandom/interest post???

im sorry for talking so much im just really thinking about it and it jsut keeps bothering me

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do u ever see yourself getting back into uploading on youtube?? ily :)

honestly I was thinking about that two days ago .. I want to. even if it’s just random stuff. once u get a desktop computer my content is gonna be soooo NICEEEE . bc I have so much recording stuff that I can’t use too.. shitttt

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can u please do andreil + "Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

  • it’s been six months since the Foxes beat the Ravens
    • Neil is slowly, so slowly, adjusting to the thought that he doesn’t have to run
    • Andrew helps.
  • it’s been six months since Neil got Andrew to admit that this is something
    • what something is, Neil doesn’t know
    • Andrew doesn’t talk about it.
  • so Neil’s starting to spend nights in Andrew’s bed,
  • and he’s starting to lose sweatshirts, only to find Andrew wearing them the next day.
  • he finds that he loses himself when the sunlight filters in through Andrew’s window in the morning, 
    • and Andrew’s asleep, just still
    • and his hair looks almost golden in the morning light
    • and Neil just sort of, stops breathing.
    • this terrifies him.
  • so he doesn’t think about it. too much.
  • but this feels important, and he knows they’re something, but he doesn’t know what they are and the urge to run away from it is so strong and
  • “Andrew?”
  • “What?” his voice is rough and heavy with sleep
  • “What are we?”
    • Andrew rolls over, looks incredibly annoyed
  • “98%, Josten.”
  • “I’m serious.” Neil props himself up on one arm.
  • Andrew does the same, but doesn’t say anything.
  • “Do you ever think we should stop this?”
    • Andrew looks at him, like,
    • why would you even ask that?
  • “No,” Andrew says it as a fact.
    • as though it had never occurred to him before.
    • Neil is relieved,
    • but only slightly. 
  • Andrew sees this and says,
  • “I never want to stop doing this.”
    • he kisses Neil’s shoulder now
    • Neil is speechless,
    • is breathless
    • is in love.

tbh do u ever think Adam isn’t bisexual but rather pansexual

Like he never once thought “blue is a girl and Ronan is a boy, guess I like both” he kind of just sees people for their minds, personality, and soul rather than what they physically look like.

I don’t know much about different sexualities, but this one just seems right

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do u ever think about tape surviving in space. what is its purpose. there is nothing for tape to stick to in space. just one single scotch tape, floating through the endless void, sticking to nothing, serving no purpose, only surviving the way no life form could. tape could survive in space, but would tape really live in space?

u kiddin me? all those asteroids and planets and moons and stars to stick to? when you refer to space youre thinking of the empty void between masses, but theres so many masses and so much time to get to them all when you’re an immortal roll of tape on a mission to stick the universe together

when the roll of tape runs out, the mission is complete and the tape is not ‘dead’, rather it lives on in all of its individually torn cellophane strips scattered across the cosmos. 

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do u ever think about dan and phil and just get rlly warm inside? like they are alive RIGHT NOW. probably doing something together. watching a movie right now. eating breakfast/lunch/dinner right now or even just sitting together and using their phones silently?? idk this makes me so happy

awww yeah tbh its kinda funny how that feels cause sometimes it feels as if theyre only “really” alive when they post content but then you forget theyre not characters and actually living and breathing humans and you freak out :)

but i totally get this feeling tho hahah

p.s: its 4 30 am right now so theyre probably asleep.

Do u ever just sit and think about how Sherlocks line “the thrill of the chase, blood pumping through your veins, just the two of us against the rest of the world” come from the memory of their last chase in trf, when they were handcuffed together, and how Sherlock clung onto that memory for two years so it was the first thing he thought of to try and win john back

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hey dude just wanted to tell u that i love u and also what do u think about kanye? im seeing him thursday

love the guy……my older brother introduced me to him when i was a little kid (college dropout just came out) and my first two ever concerts i went to were his shows…including glow in the dark tour….but i didn’t have contacts or glasses yet so i couldnt see anything…also my two youtube channels were named after kanye songs lol…always felt like we are on the same wavelength…i have lost interest in creative ‘success’ and accepted failure but in the back of my mind the only hope is kanye somehow comes across my art and makes me his protege lol…anyways hope you have a lot of fun! 

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the gang fanfic is so good!! I was listening to music and seventeen started playing. then when I went to the part with akmu, an akmu song was playing

It’s fate I’m sorry the world wants you to read my gang au there’s no backsies I don’t make the rules

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do u ever think about how half of the fandom doesn’t even understand cas’ character and just passes him off as some weak baby child to fill the feminine side of their ship

no he can be smol and cute but he is also very wise and tough thx

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do u think andrew ever regrets anything he says that hurts neil? like i know he thinks everything out to the max but maybe he hit a nerve he didn't know was there and is like well fuck ok (we all know he's not one to say sorry verbally or anything along those lines other than kinda pretend things don't really happen but do u think he ever kinda thinks he would take it back if he could idk)

oh hell yeah andrew regrets things he says, not even just hurting neil - he’s resigned himself to being who he is, but he regrets things all the same (even if he dismisses it immediately). i can’t find it in the extra content but the thing about andrew recognising neil about to go over an edge that he’s already gone past? that for me sums it up - andrew wishes he hadn’t become what he is. (and who can blame him?)

andrew only acts when he feels he has to. so he won’t comfort neil unless neil actually needs help coming back, and in the same way, he’s not going to take back something he says just because it hurts. he’ll throw nathan at neil, he’ll say “i hate you” even though he doesn’t mean it and he knows there are nicer ways to be, and on and on and on.

most of the time it’s commonplace. neil knows what he’s like, and he blinks and sees past the bullshit, and andrew doesn’t have to think about it. but sometimes he’ll say something and there’ll be the barest hint of hurt before neil remembers that it’s fine, it’s actually fine, and andrew will regret it with an intensity that could almost hurt. he won’t apologise, but he’ll make it up in his way (he’ll let neil get away with something he usually wouldn’t), because andrew is an ordered being, all about balance.

god i don’t even know if any of it makes sense, but essentially, andrew off the drugs does feel things in a semblance of a normal manner and he hates it.

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Wait what's wrong with the Great Comet fandom???

im on mobile but *insert the cracking fingers and intense typing meme here*

listen,,,, gre*t c*met is my fave musical Like Ever,

but the fandom has problems!! every fandom has problems, of course, but this one Has Big Problems!!

listen i just wanna say just because u don’t post about h*milton doesn’t mean you’re not racist.

cause like apparently not being related to h*milton = not racist??? w h a t

anyways this isn’t about h*milton (don’t fucking send me asks about h*milton)

here’s a list of shit ive Seen,,. This is naught about anyone, but like if u think u do one of these, try to improve!! we have a Small Fandom™, it’s easier to get better at this shit ok,

•incest shipping (sonya/natasha and Anatole/helene)

•why is there only two (2) fics in the ao3 tag for the ship between two WOC (natasha/helene)

• ok this is also a Thing I have with the source material, but like,,,, why doesn’t this fandom give a flaming shit about helene like seriously,

im like at dinner rn so like there Is a lot of shit i missed but like,,, if u wanna talk about ur On problems with the fandom,,, go right ahead, bye im turning off anon because i don’t trust yall

miss my good friend so much haven’t seen him in like 8 months . he moving to canada tho im so sad. last summer i think , basically he heard about all my bad stuff i was doing last year and we went to the beach in sokhna and he was like i need to talk to u i was like ok what and he was like no not here in private so we swam  far into the sea and he was like why are u doing this to urself u need to stop cuz we all love and care bout u so much . like honestly it touched my heart more than anything . u see this is the type of feeling that is worth living for  , i appreciate and love him so much . his father actually died recently and im so upset so devestated about that. because he doesn’t deserve anything like that, purest soul I’ve ever encountered 

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Do you think Hannibal would ever get so bummed about Will being sad after the fall he would take him to an animal shelter to look at the dogs? or maybe take his time to lure in a stray for Will?

one day will would be like ‘im gonna leave you hannibal’ and hannibal will be like ‘but if u leave who is gonna take care of all these dogs?’ and will is just like ‘???’ and hannibal takes him out back where has like 6 weird dogs all for will and will is just like ‘god dammit’ but he kno he been got 

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hey man, random q but do u ever get annoyed by how CC goes on and on about how attractive her characters are? idk, i was reading the bane chronicles and it was annoying how almost everyone had to be so incredibly stunning and this was SO IMPORTANT to their characterisation. sorry, this has just been annoying me for a while (>.>)

No, I totally get what you mean. I definitely think cc has it in her head that a character’s level of attractiveness is directly tied into their value. I mean, back in like, the first book, Clary has that line about how ‘maybe there aren’t any ugly vampires because no ugly person would want to live forever’ like WOW OKAY THEN. Off the top of my head I really can’t think of any major character that cc DOESN’T explicitly state to be attractive (even Luke??? Like, please don’t make Clary tell us how pretty Luke is…) Main characters, supporting characters, villains, actual children (yes Raphael is technically an adult but we get a LOT of description about how pretty his 15-year-old body is), cc really goes out of her way to make them ALL super attractive.

But in my opinion THE WORST BY FAR is the Herondale men. Oh my god. I never, in all my life, want to be subjected to cc describing the appearance of a male member of the Herondale family. It’s disgusting. I can’t handle it. ‘Look here’s a new Herondale dude, better set aside fifteen minutes to describe how his eyes are laughing but hide deep pain and how inevitably SOME part of his body sparkles like liquid gold’ like LEAVE ME IN PEACE I DO NOT CARE. And it’s only the men! Like, damn cc, we get it, you’re into dudes. Do you not realize that some of your characters are into women as well??? The only time women get ogled in the same sickening detail as the men is when Magnus first meets Camille, and even then it’s incredibly tame compared to anyone in the entire series ever meeting any male Herondale. I find it difficult to believe that every male member of this family is universally attractive to every other character in the entire series.

Jeez, cc. CHILL.