(do u ever just think about it)

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i just discovered that you have redbubble and im SO EXCITED but i do have one question: do you think you'll ever sell your [frigGIN BEAUTIFUL] natsume piece as a print as well??? (pls say yes im begging u)

Oh my! Sure, I havent thought about that lmao thanks! (灬ºωº灬)♩ I will upload the file in a sec

man do u ever just think about who you would be if you didnt have to deal with your mental illness and trauma??? like where would i be without it ???? who would i be friends with ???? how would i be spending my time ?? what would my hobbies be??????? ive had to give up so many things because of this shit like ??? who would i be without it ??????


it would have been better if we’d never met.

do y'all ever feel creepy for having a crush like,, you’ll picture the two of you going on a hike and holding hands or going to one of those buildings filled with trampolines together and ur just like “stop!!! this is nonsense!!! u dont even know them that well stop thinking about them all the time!!! they would probably be weirded out by this bc they think of you as a friend at best,, S T O P”

do u ever think about isak in even’s point of view…like we all Know isak is head over heels for even, but thats just because we see it from his perspective? from even’s perspective, isak’s quiet but charming, and doesn’t really open up till they’re smoking in even’s house together. he’s sort of shut off and doesn’t talk and doesn’t look him in the eyes. but even knows he’s at least a little interested because he stays at the house longer than he had to, he made jokes and they talked and connected. i think the first time even knew, for sure, that isak liked him was at the party. at first all he sees is isak making out with emma, which makes him a little bit jealous and think oh ok maybe i misread things, but then, on the dance floor? even looks up and all he sees is isak staring at him. and it makes his heart beat a bit faster, make him feel a bit reckless because. yeah. he’s interested. for sure. so in the kitchen he decides to go for it, and they get interrupted, but even never really saw isak’s response. he didn’t get pushed away but isak didn’t exactly lean into it or go for it either. and even when they get together, and even after they kiss for the first time, isak is so quiet. even a little bit guarded. i don’t think he ever comes out and says, “hey, i really like you.” so whenever even hears isak express some sort of feeling or sentiment (i hope you’re not sad because of me or you’re the man of my dreams, etc.) he ges excited and it means a lot because its just verbal confirmation of something that isak mostly expressed physically. man. i love them.

Anime summaries in just a few sentences
  • Durura: Stahp KiLIlnG PePolE IZaYAa
  • magi: Aladdin NONONONOOOO
  • psycho-pass: dont even think about killing him u idiot
  • soul eater: *gets nosebleed from fighting and theres a sexy katttt
  • kill la kill: talking clothes and half naked Ryuko
  • hunter x hunter: *intense gay staring*
  • fairy tail: *is unsure what to ship*
  • samurai champloo: "Ill do anything for f00d"
  • black butler: let me beat the shit out of these idiots, young master
  • my little monster: stop that haruuuu
  • kuroko no basket: gay basketball players
  • deadman wonderland: a guide on how to make the most terrible ending EVER
  • Vampire Knight: we all wanted her to end up with zero
  • kotoura-san: StaP THt MAnAbee

u ever think about how people say Tony isn’t a villain in civil war and yet Tony in the end behaved in exactly the same way that Zemo, actual villain of the movie did? Zemo wanted to hurt Steve and in doing so tear apart the Avengers and so he went after Bucky. Tony wanted to hurt Steve and so when he found out about his parents, he went after Bucky with the intention of killing him and taking him away from Steve forever

do u ever think skinner thought mulder and scully were banging from like year one and they probably had him over for dinner like post-iwtb and were like “yeah we’ve been together for like X number of years” and he does the math and is just like “….what fuckign.. .waht he fcuk … you went…for seven years you didjnt..??? i cant fuckign beleive…” 

do u ever just think about how exo say “the el dorado” in el dorado. theyre just saying the the dorado


@dreamworks do the gays a favor and give allura cool space hair (or markings!! whichever works) in season two please n thank you ✨

(transparent ver! free to use, just credit <3)

do u ever just wonder if bands have group chats. like they send each other audio recordings and talk to each other as a group when they’re not all together and discuss ideas and stuff

but more importantly, do u think they have like group chat jokes. that typo that happened that no one lets go. do u think one member spams the chat with memes while the rest of the members all yell at them. bands with group chats. think about it