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one more tiny thing

I am terribly sorry to post again about this subject matter, I don’t like having too much OOC or problematic issues on my blog, but I just want to say one more tiny thing on this that is something you should consider:

Something like the “headless” or “tutu” fetish is a odd thing. It’s not like other fetish’s were there is obvious porn or well known.
I know there are some out there who actually have characters with levitating heads or they wear maid outfits or they wear tutus in a non fetish manner.

It’s important to not judge someone right off the bat! Some people actually just have characters whose heads levitate or something and its in a completely SFW way!
So please make sure the person is guilty of forcing it or something before you judge them harshly!
It’s super important to double check before you judge them as a “horrible fetish person”

To those who do draw these things in a completely non fetish manner…
Please be careful. Please.

There are some rather sick people who might try to “prey on you” or something. Even if you aren’t even doing it as a fetish, some may still try to prey on that. So please be careful!

If you see something that you may think is a fetish ask but aren’t quite sure: Ask some friends! Ask others to make sure!
If you think someone might be one of THOSE PEOPLE: double check if you can! Ask around or something! We don’t want to go throwing around blame on someone who is completely innocent and just happens to have characters wearing tutus!
If it does turn out to be a fetish ask in the bad way: Block. Whether on or off anon. Block. You can block anons so if you get a creepy anon just block! The blocking system may not be the best on tumblr currently, but its still better than nothing!

All this may be somewhat scary or intimidating to see, but there are so many people in the community who will help you out or support you if you are having issues with these things! So please don’t be too scared by all of this! I’ve seen some start to get uncomfortable or really nervous, but just remember there are others who will help you!

Stay safe everyone! I hope none of you have to deal with this subject matter too much or at all!
Happy blogging! 

I’m going to sleeep now guys! (3:30am) I would really appreciate it if a few of you could let me know what you think of the ‘pilot post’ for the new story! Whether you think I should continue it, what you think of the tone, the setting, the look of the characters so far etc. It would mean a lot to me and would really help me! (either reply on the story post, send me an ask, or send me a message; this post will be deleted later! hehe)

Obviously, I’m not going to abandon Finding Marley; I really would prefer to finish it first! But I haven’t had much inspiration for it lately :( and maybe working on something new would bring back that inspiration?

I also have a new stories page that matches my downloads page going up tomorrow! 

(( ok so, don’t freak out but my computer screen was broken <:D Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I’m completely unable to draw, it might just take some time to get some things out
Actually, I’m using my tv as a screen, even as i type this, and I’m even drawing out an update, as much as I can
It’s really hard to draw while using a screen ;v; So if it ends up looking a little wonky, that’s why kdjfng ))

Alright, may as well unfollow me now because I’m just going to lie here sobbing over Welcome to the Madness for the next like, month.  And the video hasn’t even been released yet.  

I need more friends IRL to talk about this stuff with so that way nobody is surprised when they find me curled up in a ball and sobbing on the floor of my living room.