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like honest to god shut the fuck upppp... you were good when you posted userboxes but now your garbage personality is seeping in and it's all turned to shit... go back to not talking or fuck off please

i just got told to fuck off my own blog… like… my little shrimp…… the unfollow button is right there… if one of us is going to fuck off its not going to be me? i live here?

also ‘my garbage personality’… coming from someone whos being a mean nasty to someone on tumblr.com for not catering explicitly to them… someone on tumblr.com whos never said anything mean to u …. yet i am the garbage man… interesting…………

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In the second pic of your sketch dump four weeks ago (the one with the Rot at the bottom), there's this rune right next to the alchemical symbol for silver (the two triangles inside each other). Does it have any particular meaning? It reminds me of Icelandic magical staves, primarily Vegvísir and Ægishjálmur, but it definitely isn't either of the two. What is it, if anything at all? Sorry if this is weird, but I'm curious.

WHAT A CATCH! It isnt any Actual stave in particular, but it’s definitely based on  Ægishjálmur And Others! I love the circular shapes 

That one is an idea for my revenants world stuff! where a lot of magic is done through sigils n symbols n whatnot
aaand that one is supposed to be a particularly strong Binding sigil of sorts…

here’s some scribbles i apparently never posted?
But the idea is that Binding + one of these particular alchemical symbols + some other magic fiddleshits would restrict The OP Magical Potential and Capabilities of revenants to a single specific element

SO THE HUGE MESSES towards the bottom would be what’s carved Somewhere into a revenants person..

It might also be used for forcibly binding Demons into People?? BUT IM NOT SURE yet

also yes i fuddled with mercury a little to Better Suit my aesthetique

i got out of my depression hole for a little bit today and thoroughly cleaned & organized my room, did my laundry (and actually folded and put everything away) and organized my dresser drawers as well as wash all the sheets on my bed & make it too and even took a shower

it’s not much but when the depression is so bad that every little task becomes difficult and i can barely get myself to get out of bed, it feels nice to spend a day fixing the mess i’ve made

New theme, a bit more simple.

My avi and the description on the left side of the page are now smaller, I hope everyone can see the menu below now (people with small screen resolution cannot use it before). You have no excuse now to not have a look at the FAQ before asking something :p