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Possible stream dates

In tomorrow’s Weekly Update, DeeJ should be announcing more Rise of Iron streams! Hopefully, they will be on a Wednesday so I can give the streams my full attention. If they are on Thursday, I might have a bit of a problem getting that news out there!

PSA! @keymastered

As you may have noticed, Deej has been a little absent from their Simon, mostly because they had post Ramadan family things to take care of and really unreliable wireless. They can’t be on very much at the moment but they should be home at some point after Tuesday! Deej looks forward to getting back to rping and all that and they have not abandoned anyone. This goes for their Alec account, as well. If anyone was curious, that is the situation!!!!

askylark replied to your photo “PS Exclusives CONFIRMED  If you have pre-ordered Rise of Iron from…”

I’m sorry if this is a question with an obvious answer but–is the sparrow PlayStation exclusive? Or is it included in the Xbox pre order as well?

No need to apologize! Great question nonetheless, the Gjallarwing Sparrow is NOT a PS4 exclusive (thankfully). Deej said in the stream that the sparrow will be available for both consoles, it’s just the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow that is only available if you pre-order and the Gjallarwing will be available through Eververse. (:

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Is Rise of Iron pre-orderable on xbox 1. The stores near me sell the code for it on the xbox store, they don’t have a pre-order for it on xbox 1, unlike the PS4 which they have a pre-order for.

Unfortunately, The pre-order for Rise of Iron is not available for XB1 yet. In the stream today the only thing Deej said was…”Soon…” 

I assume that they are potentially waiting to make the pre-order available till they release all the details about the PS4 exclusives but that is just a guess.