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The signs that the sign likes you

*probably check Venus as well*

~ shy but extremly excited
~ talks to you 26/9
~ isn’t as stubborn with you
~ lame pick up lines and random compliments
~ want to do things and go places with you

~ shy aF
~ lots of eye contact
~ laughs at your jokes
~ more touchy with you
~ shares EVERYTHING with you

~ will talk to you like a.l.w.a.y.s
~ and if not to you then ABOUT you
~ becomes more touchy
~ makes fun of you, but in a good way
~ always joking around and tries to make you laugh

~ asks you for advice and help (because they trust you that much)
~ shy flirter
~ always makes sure that you’re happy and nothing’s bothering you
~ isn’t afraid to talk about their emotions in front of you
~ caring mom

~ acts to you as if you were their best friend
~ wants you to pay attention to them 24/7
~ caring and loving even at their worst
~ buys you cute gifts and food
~ always wants to look good around you (tells you what they’ve acomplished and stuff)

~ always willing to help you with ANYTHING
~ tired but never of you
~ moves out of their comfort zone just to spend time with you
~ more goofy and talkative around you
~ will do cute little things for you to show you they like you

~ wants to take you everywhere with them
~ often reminds you of how amazing you are
~ flirty and romantic, but not too much
~ always seems happy around you
~ makes you laugh

~ talks with you about deep stuff
~ much more talkative around you then they usually are
~ maybe the strongest flirting out of all the signs
~ on and off towards you

~ wants to do everything with you (not everything but like… you know what i mean)
~ random (but really nice) compliments
~ bullies you in one minute, cuddles you in second
~ pays more attention to you then they do to others (in public for example)
~ honestly you will most likely KNOW because they won’t really try to hide it

~ lets you in their world (= is more openminded about their emotions)
~ more goofy, excited an talkative around you
~ romantic (!)
~ talks to you about your passions
~ shares their favourite music with you

~ talks about you with literally EVERYONE except you
~ talks to you a lot and pays a lot of attention to you
~ bullies you
~ lip flirting (smiling, biting their lips,…)
~ isn’t that afraid to talk about more deep stuff with you

~ stares at you a lot and can also be touchy
~ wants to know everything about you
~ shy shy shy
~ always super protective
~ want to help you with whatever you’re doing

Let’s take a look at this deep dive into Cassian’s feelings about Jyn in the Rogue One novelizaion:

“Most of all, he listened for Jyn. He listened for her struggles. He listened for her voice. He tried to determine which steady tread on the sand was hers. For all Cassian heard, she might have vanished from the face of Jedha.
Was it concern that made him fixate on her? His mission was to find Saw and, through Saw, find the pilot; find proof of an Imperial weapon that could mutilate the galaxy. If possible, he was also to find an eliminate Galen Erso – a man very likely culpable in that weapon’s creation. Jyn was first and foremost a means of finding Saw. She’d already served that purpose, which meant she was now expendable.
She dominated his thinking nonetheless. Cassian believed pity nor pragmatism explained it.
Maybe it was the need he’d seen in Jyn, the fire that had carried her through the fighting in the Holy Quarter. It seemed obscene to leave that need unanswered, abandoned to the dust.”

Just…look at this pragmatic, ruthless, unerringly devoted rebel captain falling completely in love. And it’s such a foreign concept for him - his eyes have been fixed on the flag of the Empire for so long, so bent on taking it down, that when he’s forced to look down he can’t remember what looking into the eyes of a fellow soul feels like. And he looks into hers and sees so much of himself: the world-weary gaze of a compassionate soul for whom trust is as foreign as emotional connection. And from that empathy an understanding grows into love - a love firmly rooted in mutual admiration and respect.

This is the seventh installment in a series of book recommendations, all of which will introduce you to kickass women from mythologies around the world, all of them written by women. All books listed had to pass the following criteria: 

  • Be written by a woman
  • Be fictional
  • Have a woman as (one of) the protagonist(s)
  • Feature Russian or Slavic mythology

This recommendation list comes on the heels of the Asian mythology rec list, because I really wanted to include Russia (which falls under both Asian and Slavic mythology), but I wanted to keep the country as a whole in one post. @kostromas (x) and @lamus-dworski (x) (x) were kind enough to take some time answering my questions.

While I mainly looked for books ft. Russian and Slavic mythologies (I used this Wiki file as a measure to determine the Slavic region), I also include a few books with other origins, such as Norway and various Eastern European countries, because I think - out of all the recommendation posts I have done and plan to do - this is the one they would fit best in. 

Please note as well that there is a lot of overlap among most of these cultures, with different versions of a character appearing in many, so some of the below classifications may be rather arbitrary (I usually go with what’s 1) listed in the summary, then see if 2) the writer specifies a culture, or if 3) readers had helpful input).

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that this post could do with some clarification and additions. To start with, I’d like to address the small number of books listed under Slavic. I don’t mean to say that only the countries listed are Slavic countries. The list is as limited as it is because I found it difficult to locate books that met all the above listed criteria, and an unconscious fifth - that they be written in English. If you take out any one of those criteria, a larger pool of books would open itself up, and I encourage you to consider that as an option.

While I understand that limiting these lists to books written in or translated into English is not ideal, I also don’t think I am the right person to judge which books written in Slavic languages should be included, as I am not Slavic and don’t speak or read Slavic languages. Readers should be aware though, that reading a book featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures, which are not written by someone who identifies as Slavic, may promote a stereotypical or otherwise harmful depiction of those cultures. 

Moreover, those authors who do hail from the relevant region are more likely to be published if they don’t push the envelope too much to be acceptable for a generic Western audience. Therefore, additional reading of books on and / or featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures can aid in understanding the context of these tales. I have listed a couple of books in the honourable mentions with that in mind, and I have decided to add an asterisk (*) to all works written by an author who is confirmed as hailing from the region their work is set in. Typically, I’ve listed one or two books per author, but do check for their other writing.

Finally, I should add that I might have made a mistake in including Russia in this list. This was done because I wanted to keep the country in one post, rather than splitting it between the Asian list and this one. The Asian one was sufficiently long I didn’t want to add it there, but I might have been better off creating a completely separate list for it rather than including it here.

With the above reasons in mind, I have decided to move the Slavic section up, I have added a number of entries throughout, and expanded the resources list at the bottom.



Other regions (not Slavic or Russian)

Undefined / speculative

Historical fiction

Comics & graphic novels

Some collected tales


Honourable mentions

Other lists you can consult

If you have any suggestions for other Slavic and / or Russian women who deserve more attention (and a corresponding book), or which mythology should definitely be in this series, drop me a line!

Other kickass women in mythology: women in Greek mythology | women in Egyptian mythology & historywomen in Mesoamerican mythologies | women in Celtic mythologies | women in Native American mythologies | women in Asian mythologies | women in pirate lore & history

NHL Awards explained

Someone asked me to go through each Award given at the NHL awards and explain how they’re given and what they’re for so instead of answering an ask I decided to make a separate post.

All these awards are based on the regular season only and votes are cast before the playoffs even begin.

Hart Memorial Trophy

This is the leading lady of the NHL Awards. The Hart Memorial Trophy is in essence the MVP award. It was first awarded in 1924 and is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. Each member of this association votes for a first, second, and third place winner and they are all added up with first place votes weighing more then third and so on. This association votes on most of the awards. It officialy goes to the player most valuable to their team and does not necessarily go to the best player in the league, although most of the time it does.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

This trophy basically goes to the most gentlemanly player in the league. Imagine playing a sport know for being so rude you award players who are nice. It was donated to the lead by Lady Byng of Vimy in the 1920′s. Anze Kopitar is the current holder of the award, and like a lot of awards the winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association. A lot of the time it goes to a player with the highest playing ability matched with the lowest penalty box score. Usually theyre a top 6 forward on a team and some only go to the penalty box once or twice all season.

Vezina Trophy

This is another big ticket, the Vezina trophy is the MVP but for goalies. Goalies can still win the Hart, Carey Price for instance one both in a single year. The trophy is named after a goaltender for the montreal canadiens who played for the club from 1910-1925. It was first awarded in 1927 and the current holder is Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals. It’s generally used as a good measure to how good a goaltender is, which may sound weird to clarify but a lot of these awards don’t measure what they  say they do according to critics. However, the Vezina is pretty straight forward. 

Calder Memorial Trophy

the Calder is another headliner at the NHL Awards because it’s the MVP for rookies. It is named after Frank Calder who was the first ever president for the NHL. The Oldest ever player to win the calder was 31 years old, as he played in the KHL for most of the career before playing his rookie season in the NHL. After that they changed the rules so only rookie players under 26 as of September 15th of that year, could win the calder. This is also voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

Art Ross Trophy

This one is different because this is not a trophy that is voted on it’s earned. The Art Ross Trophy goes to the player with the most points at the end of the season. It was donated to the league by Art Ross who was a GM and coach for the Boston Bruins until the mid 50′s.

James Norris Memorial Trophy

this is one that I personally don’t really like. The Norris trophy is supposed to be a sort of MVP for defensemen but it doesn’t really measure good defensemen it measures defensemen who score a lot. A lot of people would tell you that a defenders job is not to be a forward. It was named after James Norris who was the owner of the red wings from the 30′s to 1952. Bobby Orr won the award 8 straight seasons. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Bill Masterton Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the player who shows the most perseverance and dedication to hockey. This trophy tends to start a lot of controversy because people like to think it’s the award that goes to the player who was closer to dying. They obviously do not see how terrible it is to award a player for almost dying. But that’s another conversation. It was named after Bill Masterton, a North Stars player who died after he sustained an injury in a hockey game. The trophy has been around since the 60′s. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Ted Lindsay Award

This is a unique one, and it’s usually paired with the Hart trophy but not always. Basically it’s another MVP award except the big difference is that this award is voted on by the NHLPA, basically the players vote on the MVP. It was called the Lester B Pearson award but in 2010 they renamed it after Red Wings great Ted Lindsay.

 Jack Adams Award

The Jack Adams is another award I don’t like much. It’s awarded to the best coach at the end of the regular season. But it usually ends up being the coach that over-preformed or a coach of a team that over-preformed. For me it’s usually the “wow we didn’t think your team would be this good” award. Usually the team that wins it baffles us so much that it could only be the coach. This though means coaches like Quenneville only won it once,a nd he was with the Blues at the time. Other coaches like Alain Vigneault have never won it after leading his team to the President’s trophy and now rehauling the New York Rangers. instead it goes to guys like John Tortorella, who was being paid not to coach the canucks for a bit. And Dan Bylsma who was fired from the team he won it with because of how poorly the team was preforming. My favorite was Patrick Roy, who won it in 2014 and 2 years later quit because he was doing nothing. Basically, in my opinion, it’s like another Vezina trophy except the goalie gets no credit. The only time it really semed to actually go to the best coach recently was this past winner was Barry Trotz.

Frank J Selke Trophy

I like to call this trophy the Bergy because he’s won it 3 times and has been nominated almost every other year he’s been eligible for it. This award, like most of them, is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. It goes to the best two-way forward. Basically a high scoring player who is also defensively inclined. Players usually up for this award are like Bergeron, Toews, Kopitar, last year there was also Ryan Kesler ect. Basically the guys who aren’t high scorers but big names anyway on their team. It’s been awarded since about 1977

William M Jennings Trophy

This is another award that is based on stats and is therefore earned differently than the other ones. This trophy goes to the best goalie tandem, or the goalies of the team with the best goal for.  As in if your team lets in the least amount of goals during a season both goalies will receive this award. It’s a little goofy in my opinion because goal differential is a team stat but i like the idea of multiple goalie awards.

King Clancy Memorial Trophy

This award is awarded to the player who exemplifies leadership on and off the ice and has made a humanitarian contribution to their community. This usually goes to players who have some sort of leadership place on their team whether with an A or a C but who also is known for charity and programs for their community. It’s one of the two Charity awards. It is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

NHL Foundation Player Award

This award is the other charity award. Basically this award goes to the player who applies the “values of hockey to enrich their community.” The winner of this award gets a 25,000 check donated to a charity of their choice from the NHL.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy

Soon their going to change this one to the Alex Ovechkin trophy, just kidding kind of not really. Anyway this one is another one based on stats. the Rocket Richard Trophy is awarded to the highest goal scorer that year. This is just based on goals and not on points total like the Art Ross is. Rocket Richard was the first ever NHL player to hit 50 goals in a single season and he’s an iconic Montreal Canadiens player. The Habs donated this award to the league in 1998 and it was first awarded in 1999 to Teemu Selanne. And I joked a little at the beginning but Ovechkin has a record 6 Rockey Richard trophies

Mark Messier Leadership Award

This is a unique award because the winner for this award is chosen by Mark Messier himself, who also awards it personally to the winner on stage. The winner of the Messier Leadership Award is usually a captain who best shows leadership skills on and off the ice for his team.

The NHL General Manager Award

This one is pretty self explanatory. IT is awarded to the best general manager of the year. It has been awarded since 2010 and has not been given to someone more than once. the winner is chosen by a panel of all the general manages, a few executives and a few media members. 



If anybody knows me on my main blog or irl i’m sure you are aware I am an avid theropod enthusiast, I predominantly draw birds. When I first saw posters for Rio I was exited because I did like the first ice age, and I actually did like how Blu looked design wise. I did not see it in theatres, for whatever reason a school friend dragged me to see the 3D yogi bear movie instead (it was horseshit). Eventually I rented Rio on DVD to see with my mom and it was…….meh? and then mostly forgot about it. 

But that was younger me before I critiqued movies and had fermented in bitterness. So being a bird lover with a lot of things to say I decided to crack this into two separate posts because covering the designs alone will make this posts long and image heavy.

Why am I cracking down so hard on ‘realism’ in this movie’s designs? Well mostly because the “theme” of this movie is bird conservation. In a realism-based setting. Unlike, say, Seuss’s original Lorax. it has an environmentalist message but has a well developed Seussiverse where nonsensical creatures fit the nonsensical habitat. With rio however, it is based in our world in our present time. I expect the creatures shown to be based on reality. Otherwise you break reality, making your conservation message weaker by showing animals in this context that don’t even exist. These bird designs come off as lazy recolourings where the story and setting is just under researched.

Most clearly this can be seen with the “blue macaws”. 

Blu and Jewel are in fact supposed to be a real species of parrot, they are Spix’s macaws (which look adorable). They are critically endangered, and only one wild individual is known that was spotted earlier this year. Too bad they look nothing like the design, they couldn’t even at least make Blue a more turquoise tint.

Rio seems to model all of their macaws as Aras, the genus of larger macaws including the stereotypical scarlet and bluegolds. Spixs arent Aras, they are the only Cyanopsitta species, a smaller macaw which would be about under half of Blu’s size and roughly half a pound in weight.
If you took a colourless image of Blu i would assume he is an Ara macaw, or even the giant Hyacinth’s macaw. (In fact, most images that come up when i look for ‘Rio bird species’ places him as a hyacinths.) They also use Ara calls for his noises… 

Call me old fashioned but I think when you’re trying to make a movie about a real critically endangered species, I think you should at least try to competently represent it. Had he been a large species i would have loved his design.

However personally that doesn’t bother me as much as the background birds do. All of the macaws are odd recolours by which i mean hardly discernible species. In the top photo I see what may be a blue and gold, a scarlet or green-wing, and maybe even a red-shouldered macaw… which makes no sense because they are the smallest macaw, at 0.3lbs. BUT THEY ARE ALL OFF COLOUR AND NONE OF THEM INCLUDING BLU HAVE BARE SKIN ON THEIR FACES. i guess for whatever reason they thought it would look ‘too ugly’ :/

I literally had no idea what these bottom ones are, the only bird I’ve ever seen like that first one is a leucestic blue and gold, the green one may be a military macaw???? its just so frustrating to look at. So I went on the wiki and there they called them golden conures and peach fronted conures… that are large macaw sized..

(a golden conure with a large macaw trio, rio’s are the same size and shape..)


Then there’s the stock passerines… these guys are supposedly finches and there’s again a variety of recolours in the movies. but they are all just ‘ball with eyes’, a bird design stereotype that i really hate. I thought the blue one may be fairy wren but those are only endemic to australia soo

Other background birds included in Rio 1 are waders and other passerines or near passerines. I’m alright with the jamie foxx and will i am birds. I actually enjoy the cockatoo design as well as the toco toucan, but there’s more birds I dislike than ones I like. 

 I’m also bummed they had no raptors because south america some really cool ones like the harpy eagle, an abundance of diverse owls, and falcons. Other neat birds include hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, guans, hoatzin, cock-of-the-rock, curassows, and the potoo, just off the top of my head. Basically it just feels under researched on blue sky’s part when they set out to have a movie about birds and endangered species, but i’ll talk about my resentment for the plot later…

design nitpick round:

  • the parrots’ feet are missing a toe. parrots are zygodactylous, they should have two toes in front and two in back. so do woodpeckers.
  • the baby parrots are already immediately fledged with all their feathers, just looking like mini adults with a large head. just for once i would like to see nakey altricial birds in cartoons..
  • how did a toco toucan and keel billed toucan mate and have offspring.

I decided to post this separately because it cluttered up the other post.
Anyway, it’s a hastily drawn follow up to this.
I can’t believe I actually taught myself how to make gifs for this stupid joke…  I just couldn’t help myself.

films to watch

so i saw a post listing films in foreign languages and i thought i could expand on the list a little bit but my addition got so massive i decided to move it to a separate post. this list will focus on my target languages and feature a little bit of french as well just to spice it up. 

films are good for several reasons

  • usually quite fun
  • actually challenging if u watch w/o subtitles and the easiest way to achieve immersion in the privacy of your home
  • “productive procrastination”
  • might give u cultural insight as well
  • or encourage you to learn some history!!!!
  • i’m really tired of people watching almodóvar and being like uuuuuuhuuuu look the great spanish director and forgetting that not only are there spanish films not directed by almodóvar but also that spanish is spoken in other countries as well and GUESS WHAT they produce culture

ok here we go!!!!! im really lazy and my computer is agonizingly slow so i can provide no links. if something interests you search for it et voila

WARNING!!!!! long post 


  • magia salvaje - this is an uber cool colombian film showing largely unexplored areas of colombia which i think is the most beautiful country on earth. it was recommended to me independently by a friend from my spanish class and my colombian pen pal gal. from its website: “magia salvaje es la cinta del mundo natural más ambiciosa realizada en el país (…) [realizada en] 85 locaciones y 20 ecosistemas. (…) un tributo a la belleza de colombia“ tl;dr: cool shit u should watch, it’s available on yt
  • señor ávila - a p good series filmed by the mexican hbo starring tony dalton as an exemplary father and husband that starts working as a paid killer for the mafia, but it’s not all peachy because it affects his personal life and his son gets into some really deep shit. gets a bit grim at times but good nevertheless
  • retrato de un comportamiento animal - really cute indie film made in uruguay. an unlikely couple on a trip to brazil. expect nice landscapes and voseo
  • relatos salvajes - dark humour from argentina, a series of episodes in which people go absolutely bonkers over the most petty shit and also get p violent when you wouldn’t expect them to be. produced by pedro almodóvar if that serves as any recommendation.
  • la historia oficial - another one from argentina. drama. set during the dictatorship and based on true events, follows a family through a period when they would literally tear lil kids from their mothers and drown the parents if they were enemies of the state. watch it
  • juana la loca - spanish historical drama about their queen joan the mad
  • el laberinto del fauno - can we just, omg, ok, i love that film so much. fantasy, set during the civil war in spain. a little girl discovers this world with monsters and other creatures and it’s scary as shit but she goes through these adventures because she cares for her family. watch itttt
  • doce hombres sin piedad - this is the spanish version of the american classic 12 angry men, recorded in 1973. you can watch it on youtube.
  • gran hotel - spanish tv series, historical drama sort of downton abbey style. weird shit is happening in this lovely hotel, what do we do??? apparently available on netflix
  • como agua para chocolate - cute film “about how life used to be in mexico” (imdb) based on the p famous novel by laura esquivel. lovely colours, romantic love and a lot of nice food
  • los diarios de motocicleta - starring gael garcía bernal in an adaptation of che guevara’s memoir in which young che travels the world on his motorbike
  • no - ok this is some amazing shit (oscar nomination holaaaa). it’s a chilean film with gael garcía bernal set in the 1980s. in 1988 pinochet held a referendum in which basically if u said “yes” he stayed as te country’s official and lawful leader and if you said “no”, well, he went. the film is about the campaign that sought to get rid of him
  • talento de barrio - sorry but i couldn’t omit that one. it has daddy yankee in it, period.


  • la dolce vita - please do yourself a favour and watch it
  • la grande bellezza - as above. this is my favourite film of all time. look for the soundtrack on yt and you will know why
  • il bidone - early fellini follows petty thieves in rome
  • il prefetto di ferro - set in the 1920s. giuliano gemma as cesare mori aka the iron prefect who comes to palermo to deal with the gangs. good shit
  • ladri di biciclette - directed by vittorio de sica, set in post-ww2 rome, “a masterpiece of italian neorealism” (wiki). a desperate family needs their bicycle to survive
  • amarcord - comedy/drama, set in the 1930s. coming-of-age. “Fellini skewers Mussolini’s ludicrous posturings … that <<imprisoned Italians in a perpetual adolescence>> by mockig himself and his fellow villagers in comic scenes tha underline their incapacity to adopt genuine moral responsibility or outgrow foolish sexual fantasies” (wiki). won oscar for foreign language.
  • gomorra - tv series based on famed novel by roberto saviano. rival mob clans. good shit
  • il vangelo secondo matteo - “trattando in maniera antidogmatica un argomento di carattere religioso, l’opera fece sensazione e scatenò un aspro confronto intelettuale sulla stampa, proseguendo le non sopite polemiche per le accuse di vilipendio della religione” (wiki). three oscar nominations.
  • una vita violenta - poor kid in rome attempts to transform his life after leaving prison
  • la notte - marcello mastroianni in a study of a deteriorating relationship
  • la nostra terra - cute film which is literally my aesthetic aka people working the land. educated guy from bologna comes down south to start a community and sell organic veg he will grow himself. featuring creepy mafia guy freshly released from prison and sneaky southerners
  • la mafia uccide solo d’estate - drama but also a comedy fresh from palermo. lil boy observes how the mob influences people’s lives
  • il capitale umano - drama. a car accident ties together the lives of two families. people go crazy. great performance by valeria bruni tedeschi
  • il rosso e il blu - follows the lives of three school teachers as they get really involved in the fucked up lives of their students. confusing but oddly satisfying
  • latin lover - fun comedy of how a famed actor dies leaving behind a shitload of lovers, wives and children who all meet for his funeral.


  • trash - an AMAZING brazilian film about two favela boys trying to solve a criminal mystery and unearth corruption before an ill-willed police officer gets to them; all thanks to a wallet found in the dumpster they work in. really good cinema with appearances made by rooney mara and martin sheen
  • singularidades de uma rapariga loura - modern portuguese film based on a short stories by eça de queirós. a blooming romance meets an unexpected obstacle. spot on aesthetic and cleverly blended cultural references. directed by manoel de oliveira who is THE MAN, check out his ther shit such as the p recent o convento starring john malkovich and catherine deneuve
  • saneamento básico - p straightforward but fun brazilian comedy in which a small town community will do anything to raise money to fix their sewer system
  • this is embarrassingly short i will make a separate post to expand 


  • farinelli - an AMAZING film based very loosely on the life of the most famous castrato singer, farinelli. loooveeeee
  • la religieuse (2013) - a really stuningly made adaptation of denis diderot’s novel about a girl thrown into a convent against her will and desperate to get out who discovers some dark family secrets.
  • tom à la ferme - weird indie canadian film with xavier dolan, a gay man travelling to meet his dead boyfriend’s family and terrorised by said’s boyfriend’s horrible brother. more dark family shit for u
  • yves saint laurent - nice biographical film with pierre niney
  • dans la maison - terrifying and fascinating drama about how one seductive teenager ruins some families. 10/10 would recommend
  • les choristes - really good film about how a music teacher transforms the lives of a class of “difficult” boys. set in the 1940s to spice it up
  • les liaisons dangereuses (1959) - adaptation of laclos’ classic novel, set in the present day. directed by roger vadim.

that’s it - I hope at least one person finds it interesting/helpful!!!

i once promised a crash course in polish thing and i know i’m delaying it horribly but sometime next week i will prepare a similar post about polish films (if u folks are interested, ofc)


a small series of drawings of the lycra beings with actual mutations! 

there was gonna be salamander man and plastic pinocchio too but my computer decided to shut down and lose their finished versions.

so ill post them separately when theyre done again, and update it here!

(psst, the first pic is transparent, btw!)

Okay! Very excited about this one! It’s based off of a request sent to me by @queer-dog-boys (I LOVED THIS REQUEST) but it got so long that I decided to post it separately.

Wolfstar Soulmate!AU in which the first words your soulmate says to you appear as a tattoo. Remus and Sirius are soulmates but they don’t figure it out until later…

Warning: very slight mention of abuse (in the beginning)

Growing up:

Sirius was ten years old when the words appeared on his inner left forearm. He was laying on the drawing room floor, his cheek already swelling from his mother’s harsh hand, his salty tears not helping the pain of the cut beneath his eye. And he was scared and so young and his family hated him.

So, when the words came, they came with a bit of hope for Sirius Black. They traced themselves across his skin in a messy scrawl right before his eyes.

Are you okay? Are you sure?

They came with the knowledge that, one day, someone would care- they would care so much in fact, that they would ask twice. Once just to ask and then again- to make sure.

He stared at them for hours from his place on the spotless hardwood floor, until finally it gave him the courage to sit up, and slowly make his way to the bathroom where he cleaned his small cut, staring at the words through the mirror the entire time.

Remus was just eight when the words appeared on his left inner arm, and all of his friends were gone. He wasn’t allowed out of the house, he was lonely, and neither of his parents would quite look him in the eye. He just didn’t know what he’d done wrong. He wasn’t a monster all the time… At least, he didn’t think he was… He hoped not…

He was sitting on his bed, knees curled to his chest and staring up at the almost perfectly round moon, trying to will it to disappear, when they appeared. Once second his arm was blank and the next, soft cursive was inking its way across his pale skin as he watched with wide-eyes,

Do you want to join us?

And at first, it brought tears to his eyes because he thought it was some sick joke his friends - or who use to be his friends - were playing.

But then he realized - this was what his mum and dad had been talking about. This was his soulmate’s first words.

And this realization brought tears to his eyes for an entirely different reason because, for a while, with how everyone else had been treating him, he had seriously doubted that his even existed.

But here was the proof. And the words.

And Remus sat up, grinning, for a good part of the night, just tracing his fingertips over the slightly raised letters, because someone did want him. Maybe not now… but they would.

And so he would wait.

Hogwarts: 1st Year

The Hogwarts express loomed in front of Remus, tall and red, and smoking - ready to be on its way. His hand tightened around the handle of his trolly, maybe out of nerves, but mostly because he was so excited he couldn’t breath.

He never thought he would be here, never dreamed in a million years he would be on his way to Hogwarts with all the rest of the eleven year old wizards. He always thought he’d be right where he’d always been: homeschooled in their library, by Mrs. Craint who always spoke in rushed, panicked sentences and jumped every time he so much as scooted his chair.

Because he was use to that- people flinching away from him, crossing to the other side of the street. And he was so, so happy to be here… but he didn’t see why it would be any different.

So he walked alone to the train, handing the guard his luggage to pull into the compartment under the seats for him, before boarding. He silently walked, glancing into the booths at groups of friends laughing and joking. They all just looked so happy Remus didn’t know how it could be real. He’d certainly never felt that happy, didn’t know it was possible. He passed compartment after compartment, friends after friends, until he came to the end, sighing with relief when he saw a single empty booth.

He glanced at the compartment across the hallway, through the glass door, at saw that was filled with three boys, laughing at something the one with glasses was saying. There was a small, rather chubby boy who was practically on the floor in giggles, and then there was a dark haired boy. He seemed to be rather joining in with the boy with glasses. Remus turned away because he knew he was only torturing himself, and entered the empty compartment.

He sat for about an hour, watching the hills roll by, occasionally turning into small towns or rivers. It was a bright and sunny day, with no moon in sight. Half way through his hour he found himself wishing that he had taken a book out of his trunk to read. He had taken to counting the trees that went by to entertain himself, and was up to 22 when the sound of the compartment door sliding open made him jump and whip his head around.

The boy with the dark hair was standing there. Remus swallowed hard. Here it comes, he thought. The mockery and the flinching and the loneliness-

But then a slightly crooked smile spread across the boy’s face and he gave a sheepish wave,

“Do you want to join us?”

And Remus was so caught up as he was pulled out of the cold compartment and into the one across the hall - the one that smelled of chocolate and candy and was full of two other boys smiling at him - that it didn’t even register. He didn’t even remember the words inked on the inside of his wrist.

Sirius had noticed the boy across the hall almost instantly, and had been watching him stare out the window from the corner of his eye for the past hour before he decided he had to do something. He scolded himself for not doing something sooner.

“Lads, I say we invite him in.” He jerked his head across the hall.

James looked across the hall and Peter looked at James, as if waiting to see what he had to say about it. And James just smiled,

“Yeah, why not? Go get him.”

So here they were, four instead of three. They boy hadn’t really said much… actually, the boy hadn’t said anything. He just watched them talk with wide, guarded eyes as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. And Sirius didn’t push him, only handed him a chocolate frog or a hand full of beans every once in a while.

To say they were overjoyed when they were all sorted into Gryffindor would be an understatement. The night was full of all the food you can eat and laughter until they were ushered up to the dorms by the head boy - Alexander Stuntleputt. They filed into their dorm, which they were quite pleased to find they had all to themselves. Peter took the bed closest to the door, then James, Sirius, and finally Remus, who took the bed between Sirius’ and against the wall. They talked until Alexander came up and shushed them.

But Sirius couldn’t fall asleep. They reality of what had really happened that evening was crashing over him in waves.

He was in Gryffindor. He was a Black, Toujours pur, and he was a Gryffindor.

He knew he’d never be able to go home again once his mother found out. He was finished, disowned from his family. As far as he could see, he had no family anymore.  The thought made his eyes sting and he tried to keep quiet but if there’s anything that’s hard to keep in, it’s tears.

He was trying to muffle a sniff when-

“Are you okay?”

The quiet voice came from his left, and he started a little, turning his head. The boy, Remus, they had learned when Professor McGonagall called his name for the sorting, was peering at him from his own fourposter, his amber eyes seeming to glow in the dark.

Sirius hurriedly wiped at his eyes and nodded, “Y-Yeah. ‘m alright.”

Remus bit his lip, “Are you sure?”

Sirius went to nod again, but something stopped him- he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But instead, he slowly shook his head.

Remus sat quietly for a moment before he was swinging his legs out of bed and going to rummage around in his trunk. Sirius noticed that his pajama pants were much to short for him - he must have grown recently. When he surfaced, he was holding a thin package. He hesitated for a moment, eyes flickering from Sirius to his bed, until he seemed to rally his courage and walked over to Sirius’ bed, sitting on the very edge. He held out the parcel and, in the moonlight coming through the window, Sirius now saw that it was a large bar of chocolate. When Sirius didn’t react much, Remus gave a little impatient huff (which somewhere in his subconscious Sirius found rather cute, and would for many years to come) and tore the top foil off, breaking off a large chunk and holding it out to Sirius.

“It’s chocolate.”

“Well, yeah, I gathered that.”

He held it out more insistently, “It makes me feel better when I’m down…”

And Sirius doesn’t know what to say because he can’t remember a time when anyone has ever tried to make him feel better.

“It helps, I promise.”

And so Sirius takes the chocolate and takes a little bite. And it turns out Remus was right (he’ll later figure out that Remus is always right), it did make him feel a little better.

He takes another bite and chews slowly, studying the other boy’s face,

“You know, this doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you what’s wrong.”

Remus doesn’t even flinch, he doesn’t look like he was expecting an explanation. All he does is shrug his shoulders and smile sadly, “That’s alright… Some secrets have to be kept.”

He breaks Sirius off one more piece and lays it carefully on top of a scrap piece of foil on Sirius’ bedspread, before wrapping the rest up and setting it on Sirius’ bedside table. Without another word, he climbs right back into his own bed.

Sirius bites his lip for a moment, “Hey, Remus.”

Remus turns his head, and Sirius can see his eyes are already beginning to close.

“Thanks. For not making me say… And for the chocolate.”

And Remus has got that disbelieving look in his eyes again, the same one he had on the train, like he can’t believe Sirius is still talking to him. He just nods, and rolls over to go to sleep. Sirius finishes the chocolate and does the same.

Both of them don’t quite put two and two together though. Even with the warm feeling spreading across the lettering on their wrists.

Hogwarts: 5th Year

The ceiling of the great hall was a mass of murky black clouds, only lit up once and a while but hairpin flashes of lightning. Rain pounded against the windows, trying desperately to get in at the glowing, warm Christmas feast.

“I’m only saying,” James paused to take a rather large bite of his treacle tart (his third slice of treacle tart). He swallowed, waving his fork in the air, “that, like, what were the chances? I mean, really what were the chances of the four of us sitting together?”

“You act like it was fate or something.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“It was fate!”

“It was.” Peter added helpfully.

James ignored him, “ Honestly, what was the chances that we would all just happen to sit together? C’mon Padfoot, back me up on this.”

But Sirius was feeling his own version of rain, he wasn’t listening. He glanced over at Regulus, at the Slytherin table, for what felt like the thousandth time. He watched as Lucius talked to him, a smirk on his face. His younger brother looked enthralled, eager even. And it made him sick. It was when Lucius caught Sirius’ eye and his smirk widened, that Sirius really get uneasy. He turned away, huffing unnecessarily loud. He leaned his head on his hand, rubbing at his temple. He didn’t know what to do. Asking Reg about it was certainly out of the question; he hadn’t really talked to his brother since he got to Hogwarts five years ago. And Malfoy certainly wasn’t going to tell him what they were planning, was he? He had no way of finding out, no way of saving his little brother whom he was sure needed to be saved.

“Hey,” He looked up quickly, a voice so close to his ear startling him. He was met with the warm, amber eyes of Remus, his brows drawn together in concern, “Are you okay?”

Sirius cleared his throat, nodding at his best friend, “Yeah. Yeah, Moons, ‘m fine.”

Remus didn’t look convinced and set down his fork, “Are you sure?”

And damn Remus, Sirius thought, because he always just knew, didn’t he?

And he went to nod, because who was he to ruin Christmas? Everything was fine and everything that wasn’t fine could wait.

“I’m okay, Re, really-“

But he stopped, eyes locking with Remus.

And he wasn’t really sure what made him think of it because his thoughts had been nowhere near  that subject. But it was suddenly as if someone was trying to read a picture book in his head very quickly; he was getting flashes of images before the page was turned: Their first night, crying, a very small boy peering at him from the bed next to his, a soft voice in the darkness, chocolate…

The words on his wrist, the ones he knew, or thought he knew, so well grew hot.

And it took a second, but then someone un-crumbled the last page and everything just clicked.

Are you okay? Are you sure?

Sirius’ own fork clattered to his plate. He felt like he’d just surfaced from a very long underwater swim.

“Sirius, what-“

“Shh.” He gripped Remus’ wrist under the table to stop him from talking - he had to think.

It’s too good- It’s too perfect- It can’t-

His thumb brushed over Remus’ skin absentmindedly and he felt raised lines of ink, much like his own. Without another word to James or Peter, he swung his legs over the bench and nearly tripped Remus as he pulled him along behind him and out of the Great Hall.

“Sirius,” Remus was pulling back, trying to slow Sirius down, “Sirius stop!”

He gave a final tug and it was enough to set himself free of Sirius’ grip and cause him to stop. They stood there in the entry hall, about 10 paces apart, breathing hard and staring at one another.

“Sirius, you’re scaring me.” Remus’ eyes were confused, “What’s wrong-”

“Do you remember on the train?”

Remus shook his head in bewilderment, “What happened on the train-?”

“No, the first train. The first train, first year, do you remember it?”

Remus nodded slowly, “Of course I do. It was the best day of my life… Pads, what-“

“You didn’t say a word the entire ride, not a thing.” Sirius took a few steps towards Remus, “Not until that night…” He bit his lip, “Do you remember that night?”

Remus answered hesitantly, he still wasn’t sure what was going on, but surely, “You were crying.”

“And?” Sirius pushed.

“You were crying and so I gave you chocolate. To make you feel better-“

No. Well, yes, but before that?”

Remus opened his hands in a, ‘what do you want me to say?’ kind of gesture.

Sirius groaned, frustrated that Remus wasn’t catching on because that could mean it was all in his head. He rubbed his hands over his face, angry at himself for getting his hopes up. He just wanted so badly for it to be true.

“Sirius please tell me what the hell is going on. What’s wrong?”

“I- I thought-“ He couldn’t look at Remus, he kept his face in his hands, “I don’t- fuck, I’m so stupid-“

“Pads,” There were too warm hands wrapping around Sirius’ wrists, “Pads, stop. Talk to me-“

“I can’t. I can’t, I was wrong-“

“Wrong about what?” Remus insistently pulled Sirius’ hands away from his face, revealing his red eyes and wet cheeks. Remus pressed his hand to Sirius’ cheek, wiping away the fresh tears, “Pads, what’s wrong, I don’t understand… I’m sorry, I just- you have to tell me.”

And Sirius just stared up at Remus for a moment, leaning his cheek into his hand because if this were the last normal moments with Remus, before he said anything, he wanted to savor them.

Finally, he sighed, his voice breaking, “You asked me if I was okay.”

Remus nodded, obviously still lost as to what he was suppose to take from this, “Yeah. Yeah, you were crying, I was worried…”

He trailed off when Sirius started shaking his head, fresh tears falling, “You asked me if I was okay and then-“ He felt like he was trying to talk through cotton with the lump in his throat. His hands shook as he raised his arm, his fingers trembling as he pushed up his sleeve, “then you asked me if I was sure.” His voice finished as a whisper, and he closed his eyes, not able to look at Remus’ shocked face. He shivered when he felt Remus’ fingers tracing the letters softly.

“I- I know it’s just a coincidence. I know, I just- fuck, please don’t hate me for this - I just… I hoped-“


And he slowly opened his eyes, instantly taken aback at the sight in front of him. Remus wasn’t cringing. He didn’t look awkward, or pitying, or like he wanted to walk away, no…

Remus was crying. Remus was crying, and smiling, and he let out a laugh and a sob at the same time, bringing up a thick sleeve of his sweater to wipe at his eyes. His fingers wrapped around Sirius’ wrist and the words, sliding down to grasp his hand.

“Fuck, Pads… Why’re you always so dramatic?”

Sirius was too stunned to do much more than stutter, “I- Wh-“

But Remus was already pushing on, “Always jumping to conclusions without any fucking reason. Merlin..” He was shaking his head, the huge grin across his face not going with the tears on his cheeks at all. He took a last step forward to Sirius and they were so close now that their chests were touching. Remus had to angle his neck down to still look in Sirius’ eyes,

“Do you remember what the first thing you said to me was, Pads?”

And Sirius’ heart was beating so hard, it could have been trying to escape and run right to Remus as he shook his head.

And Remus let out another wet laugh as he pushed up his sweater sleeve to his elbow, allowing Sirius to see the words inked there,

“Do you want to join us…” Sirius read them softly, over and over until, again, everything just fell into place.

“W-wait. I- said that?”

And Remus’ hands again were cradling Sirius’ face, wiping tears with his thumbs, or maybe just feeling Sirius’ soft skin in a way he’d never gotten to before, “Yeah. You did.”

And Sirius, seemingly unconsciously, fisted Remus’ sweater in his hands, “I- That means- Remus.”

“I know.” Remus was still smiling.

And then Sirius was smiling with him, clutching his sweater, “Remus. Re-“

But his words were cut off by Remus’ mouth, the feeling of Remus’ lips hot on his.

And all Sirius could think was, this is who cares.

And all Remus could think was, this is who wants me.


Hi, I’m a dummy, but what’s new? Anyways, I made a post for some Valentine’s day Doodle Call earlier, but I realized my I hecked up. Buuut it’s too late to change that last post now so I created this instead. 

Please like this post instead if you’re interested on a doodle with Adara and your muse!! Aero and Adara are just examples of how they’ll look. Again, I’ll be pretty selective, but I will try to do all I get. 

Separate Art Posts: Adara | Aero


Silverflint Domestic AU: Inspired by @mrbarrow‘s awesome Domestic AU gifset. Silver and Flint go back to Miranda’s house and make a peaceful life there with good books, plenty of food, and a comfortable bed. They go fishing, tell each other stories, and tend Miranda’s vegetable garden. It should be too quiet, too sedate, but they’re both so tired of fighting and pretending that it’s only a relief. They’re safe and comfortable and happy together, and finally James can return Flint to the sea and become himself again. 

(Oh, and of course Silver comes home one day with a parrot and Flint is far less than impressed, but his irritation only makes Silver more pleased with his impulse purchase.)


Here’s Keima in style 15: Tenri’s style!

I decided to base Tenri’s style off of the second KLK ending, because I found that the song kind of related to Tenri in a way! Not only was it cute and bubbly, the meaning behind the lyrics was surprisingly accurate!

I also decided that for this style I would post the characters separately, just because I feel it’d be a bit distracting to have more than one at once.

The main draw of this style for me is choosing a bunch of different outfits for the characters to wear! It’s kind of surprising which characters have more expansive wardrobes than others…

Take Keima for instance. Being the main character, Keima had A LOT of costumes to choose from. It was legitimately hard to just choose ten ;n;

Young Jaina Proudmoore with an unbroken (and sort of redesigned) Jaina’s Staff from the End Time dungeon 

I could finally finish this ;A; More Jainas are hopefully coming soon