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Navidad/Halloween. Gracias 💚

´¡Hola! Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para participar en nuestra dinámica

ARIES: Halloween

TAURO: Navidad

GÉMINIS: Halloween

CÁNCER: Navidad

LEO: Navidad

VIRGO:  Navidad

LIBRA: Navidad

ESCORPIO: Halloween



ACUARIO: Halloween

PISCIS: Halloween

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Hamil-Tots, part 1

(So I’ve been super obsessed with @hamil-tots blog so I decided to make a hamiltots story! It covers the first three songs, I guess… Kind of like when they all first meet? So, I hope you enjoy!)
Alex stood on the porch of his new daycare, feeling optimistic. He could barely reach the doorbell, but he stood on his toes and pushed it three times. Clutching his lunchbox and his stuffed bear, Usnavi, Alex waited for someone to open the door. He could hear other kids inside, laughing and playing. He suddenly got very nervous. What if they didn’t like him? Were they going to be nice? 

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Anthony Ramos

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