(dawn acts like it's her house

All Might: Role Model ➡️Flawed Father Figure

I dont nerd about this kind of thing often but this is killin’ me (in a good way) just how dynamic and flawed and real this whole situation between All Might, Izuku, and Inko is about ‘role models’ in Izuku’s life– and how All Might is gradually turning from a role model into a flawed father figure.

(Manga Spoilers up to ch96 under the cut)

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Living with an Aussie

Dawn was actually a bit nervous living with someone that she liked. I mean, she had lived with people she was in a relationship, but not with a girl. But she quickly shook it off. Walking in and kissing Sienna’s cheek, dropping her bags on the floor. Managing to take off her pants(so she was just her tee-shirt and underwear) and walk into the kitchen at the same time. Looking sides the fridge,“Where is the unhealthy shit I eat…”