(dated 2004)

Chris Cornell.

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for a solid hour now. I’ll start something, then backspace every word until it’s all gone, and I think that’s how my mind and heart feels right now.

This isn’t just a case of a musician I was a casual fan of dying too young. Soundgarden is a band that I discovered as a child in the late ‘90s. I have fan art of Chris Cornell that I drew when I was 11 fucking years old. I had a silly teenage crush on him, too. There are old picture files on a zip drive I own that date back to 2004 with titles like “Ohh Chris!” and “So Sexy”.

And now this guy that was so much a part of those silly times is…gone. Just gone. He took his own life. God knows what led him to do this. It could have been the result of months or even years of heartache that wasn’t managed properly. It could have been an impulse decision made while upset, as so many suicides occur that way. None of us will ever know what was going on in his head last night.

His bandmates, his friends, his family, and millions of fans are now stuck in a horrid grieving process that will take a long time to work through. My first thought this morning after seeing that Chris was actually gone, as in gone and never coming back, was about how Jerry Cantrell is going to have to bury another fucking friend of his that died too young. Another one. He has had to watch dozens of people he loved die like this. The same could be said for any grunge musician right now. Another brother. Gone.

But I want to say something to all of you - nearly 1,000 of you - you are so fucking loved. If you’re not loved by the people in your life, there are people like me and others on the internet who are going to be there when your head starts slumping. Please, please take care of yourself. If you’re battling suicidal thoughts, please reach out to me or someone else. Don’t make an impulse decision to leave this world when you have so much more to offer, so much to give. I failed to take my own life three times. I am glad something stopped me each time. Death culture is rampant and it might be comforting to think about when times get rough, but please don’t die.

I am not okay. I’m probably not going to be okay for a while. Last night was a mess and I was already upset about that, but now that Chris is gone, the only thing I can do is kind of divorce myself from my emotions a bit. Regardless though, I am here for you. Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. Maybe when my head settles we can have some kind of group session about this and play some Soundgarden tunes (or hell, even Audioslave or that jank Timbaland album) to get through this together. 

Chris Cornell, the second best voice in grunge, has been silenced, but recordings of that voice will be around for a very long time. I am so grateful for all the times I was inspired by his singing, his songwriting, and his sense of humor. Chris wasn’t just a pretty face - he was highly intelligent and had such a unique way of looking at fame and praise. He didn’t want to be a sex symbol. He didn’t take groupies. He didn’t have that same hedonistic attitude that befell so many other musicians. He was a cut above the rest, something truly special, and I’m going to remember him that way.

I’m going to remember Chris Cornell as the amazing person he was, not for what he did in a split second while alone and hollow inside. He is still full of life through the life he gave to others.

did you know that harry potter is desi and ron is a freckled ginger black man and hermione has big hair and dark skin? did you know that they are all bisexual?

did you know… that dean and seamus are legally married and have been in a civil partnership since 2004?

neville dates anthony goldstein - and did you know that they’re both jewish and so is at least 5-10% of hogwarts?

did you know that ginny weasley has to charm her tight ginger curls out of her face to play on her all-lesbian quidditch team? did you know she’s with her nonbinary girlfriend luna and they are IN LOVE? did you know that harry will someday agree to father their children and that means that james, albus, and lily will have three loving parents and a huge extended family?

oh and while we’re talking about the next generation, scorpius malfoy is a trans boy, and you know what? that’s just fine with his gay father, who by the way has spent his entire adult life making amends, and also lucius malfoy is in azkaban and everybody cheers!

Austronesian Roots of the Tagalog Peoples

As with virtually all the lowland peoples of Maritime Southeast Asia, the Tagalog people who settled on Lusong (the Pasig River delta area, including the polities of Tondo and Maynila) were austronesians. (Scott, 1994 p.12;  Alvina,2011 p.9 ) (Osborne, 2004) They had a rich, complex culture, with its own expressions of language and writing, religion, art, and music. (Benitez-Johannot,2011)(Osborne, 2004)

There is some debate (Alvina,2011) about whether the Austronesian culture first came to the Philippines from continental Asia as proposed by Peter Bellwood and later Robert Blust (Alvina,2011), or from Maritime Southeast Asia as proposed by Wilhelm Solheim and  William Meacham (Alvina,2011). But the general consensus among scholars (Alvina,2011) is that the austronesians settled in the Philippines during the earliest stages of their migratory dispersal no later than about 3,500 years ago, (Alvina,2011) and later waves of migration spread from the Philippine Archipelago to reach as far east as Easter Island (Langdon, 2001; Van Tillburg 2004), and as far west as Madagascar. ( Burney, et. al., 2004; Dewar and Wright, 1993)

The cultural heritage uncovered by this recent scholarship explains why Philippine cultures, as pointed out by writers such as Nick Joaquin, seem even more similar to Micronesian and Polynesian cultures than they are to Continental Asian and Maritime Southeast Asian cultures.(Joaquin, 1988)

These Austronesian cultures are defined by their languages, and by a number of key technologies including the prominent use of boats, the construction of thatched houses on piles, the cultivation of tubers and rice, and a characteristic social organization typically led by a “big man” or “man of power.” (Benitez-Johannot,2011)(Osborne, 2004)

Deeply ingrained Austronesian religious beliefs persist to this day (Maggay, 1999; Demetrio, Et. Al, 1991 ), having syncretistically incorporated elements of hinduism and buddhism (Osborne, 2004), and having later adapted the structures of later dominant religeons, (Osborne, 2004;  Benitez-Johannot,2011) creating the syncretistic forms of “folk islam” and “folk catholicism,” (Maggay, 1999) which can still be observed in the Tagalog region and throughout the Philippine archipelago today.(Maggay, 1999)


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Shishou cracks open a cold one

“hey artoria, do you want a bottle?”


“haha, that’s cute. i’m opening you one. don’t spill it all over yourself when i bend over to hand it to you.”


“Hey has anyone seen my diary? You know the one that dates back to 2004 in the Throne of Heroes, the one that has the red and pink sparkles all over it, it catches on fire if someone else touches it, y’know, it smells like the perfumes in Victoria’s Secret (my favorite store) … did anyone take it, it’d be nice to find it, and also, has anyone seen my black gothic kimono that I wear to funerals, I need to wear it because Billy (my boyfriend) has been acting up again about being a true goth and I have to teach him about folding a kimono right side versus left side so we can settle an argument, and it’s just tearing me apart right now but I’ve also lost all my bells so I can’t trap him inside of one and set it on fire (I really want to though)… It would be really nice if I could find it because it reminds me of that time I killed Anchin, you know the time, the one that got me here in the first place, you know if you think about it the Throne of Heroes is kind of like afterlife jail, if you do something bad you get forced to stay in there for eternity and you can’t even be conscious in the Throne, you’re just kinda staying there, which makes wishing for incarnation even more important if you want to stay alive, but only assholes really get to wish for that, or get their wish granted, and like I know it’s bad of me but does anyone else find Archer GIlgamesh immensely hot? Like I just want to steal him away from Enkidu and set him on fire and watch him wriggle, wriggle, and like, how did he manage to escape the burning grail goo that one time in 1994, I wrote it down in my diary because it was so exciting I was so hot and so was he, and I know it’s funny because like there’s fire jokes but that’s just how being a dragon in real life is, none of this “fake dragon” stuff like you pendragons or whatever with your blood and whatever but like real dragons? we actually turn into them, especially when we’re angry, have any of you ever done that? I don’t think so and even if you did you’d be at risk of being killed by Siegfried (who is also a hunk) but I don’t want to screw with Brynhildr too much, she’s scary but I know I can take her in a fight if I really try, but it’d be interesting to see how we go Lancer - to Lancer class wise, but Berserkers win anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Anyways I hope you all have a good night and remember to say goodnight to Master or else I’ll have you all burned to a crisp like Jeanne D’Arc was and you can call me Pierre or whatever his name was. Bye” 

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Can you give a brief rundown of the timeline of chad and hayley's (josh and sherries relationship) from the star tot he present. I'm new to all of this, Ive been a fan for a long time- but I never followed their personal lives so closely. If you could, I would greatly appreciate it!

oh god this is gonna be long…. i really can’t keep it brief bc it isn’t brief at all it’s so bad…. anyway enjoy it’s all under the cut for you!! 

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Happy IDAHOBIT Day!!!

In 2004, the date of May 17th was chosen to establish this day of recognition due to its significance within the LGBT+ community, as it is the anniversary of the day the World Health Organisation declared that homosexuality was no longer considered a mental disorder back in 1990.

Sounds like something worth celebrating, right? But only if you get invited to the party. Back in 2004 this day was entitled ‘International Day Against Homophobia’ or ‘IDAHO’.

In 2009 Transphobia was added making it ‘IDAHOT’ but it wasn’t until 2015 that the acronym was extended to include Biphobia and it became known as ‘IDAHOBIT’.

Coming out stroy of Portia de Rossi

A few days ago I have written about the coming out story of Ellen Degeneres, but what is Ellen without Portia. So this time is it Portia her time.

 Portia came out in December 2004, she did that in a intervieuw. She spoke for the first time openly about her sexuality and her relation with Ellen.  But before that, she was married with a man, Mel Metcalfe from 1996 to 1999. From 2000 to 2004 she dated singer Francesca Gregorini.Although the rumours Portia denied that they were together and they didn’t show up often in public. 

Then she met Ellen and she came openly out.

 ”For me being honest about who I was, coming out, being gay, starting to day, that was a huge turning point for me, because I realized without changing my life, there was no point in changing the way that I hate.”

She found a change to accept herself and be happy with a women. That women was Ellen.  Portia has truggeld a lot with her sexualtity  ”I Just Didn’t Want to Be a Lesbian”

but now she is proud of how she is , and she has a lovely wife!


Cool, and controversial, here’s the infamous Bratz Secret Date TV Spot in HD!