Speaking of deja vu…haha…

I used to experience deja vu a lot when I was a kid, but not so much anymore. If that was happening all the time, I’d probably go through life in a constant state of bewilderment.

Ahh this reminds me of that Groundhog Day episode.

“We don’t have a whiteboard, but we do have a white boy. So Link, I would love to draw on your chest.” DAFUQ

Rhett: (TURNS TO STARE) Hopefully you don’t have any weird chest zits.

Straight for the home of the sex drive they go. WHY IS HE DRAWING ON LINK’S NIPPLES WHY IS THIS NECESSARY?! Of course Rhett has to poke and slap him a bit. Whose idea was this? Why isn’t he buttoning his shirt back up??


I love the little “Is that a scar?? What happened there?” So many freckles…

So basically living a boring life leads to more deja vu? HA no wonder I experienced it so much as a kid.

Okay, I just had to pause as Rhett’s going on about the thing that’s never happened before because Link put his hands in his shoes and I am both excited and frightened.

HELP ME THEY’RE SHIRTLESS AND THEIR FACES ARE SO CLOSE TOGETHER I need to stop typing in all caps. Whose idea was this? One of the writers? Did they come up with this on their own? Why? How did that conversation go? Like, I paused to stare in the camera like I was on The Office and look at this!

GUYS why don’t you just kiss already… that would surely snap everyone out of any kind of deja vu ever.

Same wheel ending intro nice nice…

Rhett: That doesn’t happen anymore, that there’s a toy that everyone has. Name one.
Link: Overwatch
HA he ain’t wrong. I feel like the whole world’s been playing Overwatch ‘cept for me because my computer has a broken hinge and is basically a potato did i mention my birthday is in 11 days

I have questions now. What hero did Link play? What hero does Lincoln play? I feel like Link would appreciate Zarya for some reason. ;P Is it sad that any mention of them doing dad things makes me super happy.

Okay, I’ve never heard of Simon Air before. It’s been established that I grew up under a rock though, so please have mercy on me. :P

“This is exactly like church handbells.” Kinda…? I was in handbell choir in college and it was incredible. Started out playing the giant bells (which is not as fun as it sounds) and moved to play the smaller ones that actually got melody and harmony parts.

I could watch them play this thing foreverrrrr