-18 Colors(14 solids, 4 patterns)

-New Mesh

-Custom Thumbnail

Recolors are allowed(please don’t include mesh though) and if you want to make it into a dress using this as the top base, go ahead! I tried and failed. 

Named off of one of my favorite songs from “Glory” sadly it is exclusive to the Japanese version but I am sure you can find it somewhere online with no problem. Also happy belated birthday to Britney Spears because yesterday was her Bday and she SLAYED at the JingleBall Festival. 


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its like -93519 degrees outside 

Amegilla species, Unknown Banded Bee, collected in South Africa by Laurence Packer.

Banded Bees are a diverse group, occurring in lands all across the Old World and Australia.  Asian and Australian groups tend to be more of the “Blue-banded” variety  while in the Eastern part of their range they more often than not lack any blue reflections.  

Since members of this group “buzz pollinate”, meaning that the bees upon approaching flowers rapidly vibrate their wings, they are being investigated as possible sources of tomato pollination in greenhouses in regions that lack Bumble Bees.  Bumble Bees are now widely used for this purpose in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia, but their introduction into areas where they were not present has led to worrisome conflicts with other bee species and declines in local Bumble Bees.  Tomatoes retain pollen inside rather than outside their anthers like most plants do.  These specialized flowers must be shaken in a certain way so that the pollen is released and becomes available to both the bee and the plant.  Interestingly, human cleverness has not made bees obsolete: studies have shown that flowers that get sonicated by bees have higher yields than those that are simply mechanically shaken.

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I rlly wana pull off a crop top but I'm fat and self conscious about my arms. Any tips? I wana look fab without the sad

personally I’m self conscious abt wearing crop tops too!
the most obvious answer is just to do it, no second thoughts, insist that you look fab even if you don’t feel fab, bc chances are you’re the only one thinking about your arms anyways!
 the alternative, however, is that crop tops don’t necessarily have to be short sleeved? you could wear a long sleeve crop top, or cut one yourself.

As promised, the fic update is here! And I swear I uploaded it before 12 so I still kept my promise! It’s over 15k of words, and i hope you guys like it! <3 

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If you want a summary, just know this is Keith’s heart for most of the chapter.