products needed:

lavender hoodie: American Apparel- $31.33

red V-neck: shopspring-$90

Red Glasses: Kate Spade- $98.58

styling gel for all your emo needs: Redken- $19.50

Kiss Me

Word Count: 298 (I know it’s really short, sorry about it)

A/N: Loosely based off of the song Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran because I love him and his music and I was listening to his entire album last night.  This was pretty bad too but oh well, enjoy! :) 

You were Bucky’s addiction, you knew it, he knew it, everyone knew it. Bucky could never get enough of you, of your lips against his skin erasing all of the pain, all of the hurt. Your lips attaching itself to his neck as you straddled him causing him to want you even more.

Every morning, the two of you would wake up cuddling into each other, legs tangled, the bed sheets messily covering the two of you. You were always the first one up allowing you to wake up Bucky by peppering sweet kisses from his jawline and down his neck. If that wasn’t enough to wake him up, you would suck on his sweet spot on his neck causing a moan to slip out from his lips.

Your eyes were yet another thing on the long list of things he adored about you. The way you two would get lost in each other’s eyes showing just how vulnerable the two of you were.  Whenever he was with you, it was like all of his worries would just disappear.  

Whenever you were at a low point, Bucky knew exactly what to do to comfort you.  He would wrap his arms around you causing you to wrap your arms around his waist.  He would snuggle his face into the crook of your neck and whisper sweet little nothings in your ear.  

The feeling he received whenever he was with you was an unfamiliar feeling, a feeling that he was told repeatedly he would never receive.  The longer he was with you, the more he realized just how in love he was.  The sparks he felt whenever you guys touched and whenever he attached his lips to yours.  He knew from then on that he was deeply in love with you. 


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To celebrate I’m going to be doing loads of meme posts (send a photo in) and also drabble games! Thank you for making me happy and being a part of this little family. I love you all! lets live the Illionaire way ;) #followthemovement #1life2live #illionairebaby #goodvibesonly


Episode from Asaka Manato x Misaki Rion’s 「Match」

In the middle of shooting Maakun became a little rascal.

Maakun: I’ve got a bad feeling about my balance.

Staff: Next, sit side by side please.

Mirion: If you’ll excuse me.

Mirion: *Putting her leg down* There we go.

Both did get along playfully  ❤︎