I kind of pulled a Cheryl Strayed this week. Since last fall, I never gave myself the chance to properly grieve the end of my relationship, and what was, for me, the realest love I had yet felt. I turned to sex and alcohol and let all forms of my pain manifest into anger and that manifest into physical and mental behavior that could not be more unhealthy. This hike to the peak of Mt. Timpanogos is (if I’m not mistaken) one of the toughest and highest in elevation climbs in the state, and it was a climb that I wasn’t going to do, something I didn’t think I would be able to do, and it about nearly knocked me out. At the base, after spending the entire day on the mountain, I had severe heat exhaustion, blisters and muscle cramps, dehydration, a slew of nasty symptoms from doing what I did that day. I spent the rest of the day and part of the next in rehabilitation mode. And I felt, despite the pain I’m still experiencing in my whole body as I write this, that in a lot of ways I healed myself, or at the very least a part of myself. 

I cannot change the way I felt, what I said, or anything that occurred in the last year as much as I can change the trail on which I took to reach the summit, I just knew and trusted that if I continued to walk upward I would find the end, and I’d have to revisit the treacherous rock faces on the way down, but they were familiar, everything I put myself through I could handle with more grace. I spent a lot of time focusing on myself to keep going through the grueling heat and hours of walking (this was an elevation climb of, from what i understand, around 4500 feet, and a 15 mile round trip) and when I stepped through the door back into the condo I sat in silence for a couple minutes before I started crying. Partly from the pain in my legs and feet and partly because I had accomplished something on both a physical and mental level that I never thought I could. The second picture above is a rock I found in Emerald Lake, the glacier lake at the peak of the mountain. I kept it with me because the way the sediments had collected seemed to show the shape of a person. I kept it because when I took on that hike, I found more than a person.

I found myself, and that person was free. 

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My Pin Up Girl order from Zulily came in and the dress fits like a glove. I was so nervous since I never have ordered a dress from PUG and went up a size to a 4x… but it fits perfectly! No alterations needed! PHEW! I had been eyeing up this dress for like a year waiting for it to go on sale. I got it for $49.99 and am beyond stoked. I cannot wait to wear this when it gets cooler outside. I feel like a fat Poison Ivy from the Cramps in this!

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Kuper’s short pieces really work better as full pages rather than half-pages (which is how they’ve been published in the past). In a half page, they’re just cramped and difficult to parse. In a full page, they have room to breathe. There’s a lesson there, somewhere.

(Heavy Metal issue #143, March 1993 - Page 63 Modern Age by Kuper)

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Is there any astrological placements that can tell what type of period/menstrual cycle you would have?

Oooh interesting! But it would mostly have to do with the Moon in your chart, since the Moon rules menstrual cycles. I would think if you had a lot of Scorpio influence, it would either be really heavy or irregular because Scorpio rules the genitals. So I would think if you had Moon in the 8th, it would make it irregular or painful. I also think Moon in the 6th would have a similar effect, since the 6th house is about health. And Virgo rules the stomach, so maybe Virgo moon/Moon in the 6th would cause more cramps or bloating. Libra rules the lower back, so Libra moon/Moon in the 7th could have a lot of lower back pains during their cycle. But those are just my thoughts, as I haven’t seen much on this topic :-)

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Hey WitchyB! 1) loving the new icon! 2) so... It's "shark week" again... And those awful menstrual cramps keep coming back again and again... What are some witchy remedies I could use to help lessen them? Thank you so much WitchyB! You are a life savor... Literally! Well maybe not literally, but it feels like it!!

1) thank you! I picked this one because it reminds me of a doughnut!

2) I don’t do health spells so it’s nothing witchy but: lots of water, a heating pad, a banana, and chamomile tea are great helpers when the pill isn’t being fast enough.