(couldn't get the colour right)


After reading the HorrorTale comic I had a need to try drawing this guy, and this is the result!

And damn am I happy with this :D like his face turned out soo damn good and his hand didn’t turn out that bad either! and this time I succeeded in cleaning the sketch up so well like look how clean this shit is! don’t think I have ever succeeded in cleaning up a sketch this well when I have drawn in my sketchbook! The only thing I am not so happy about is his other arm, as I wanted it to be in his pocket but just couldn’t get it right so I changed it so it just flops down beside him <:

Also I wouldn’t shake his hand if I were you~

losteidolon  asked:

Wildfire for Chocobo forest?

Landscapes: Chocobo Forest

Chocobo Forest only ever had one chocobo in it… It should have been called ‘litter forest’ since it’s full of things that have been dropped on the ground.

A Snowbaz moodboard with Ezra Miller as Baz and Luke Newberry as Simon


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it