(come to the dark side we have cookies...)

I just got this great comment by aronin3151984 on AO3 and now I can’t help imagine this:

[Villains and Heroes are in the middle of a dramatic standoff]

Doom (sneers): You and your precious band of misfits don’t have a chance, Captain America!

Crossbones: Yeah! Because we will have Iron Man!

Tony (raises eyebrow in surprise)

Rhodey (sarcastic): Oh really?

Crossbones (smirks): Yes. Now come, join us on the Dark Side, Stark, because we have COOKIES!

Henchman #367 (pulls out basket of freshly baked, still warm cookies with melted chocolate chips)

Rhodey (horrified): Oh shit.

Captain America (laughing): Tony would never betray us for cookies of all things

Tony (stares intently at cookies with wide, glazed eyes)

Captain America (laugh falters): Tony? …uh oh…

Rhodey (desperate): Tony, NO! REMEMBER YOUR OATH!!!

Tony (shakes head): Right. Right. LOKI! GET OVER HERE!!

Everyone (blinks in surprised confusion)

Loki (doesn’t move, challenging): And why should I do that, Man of Iron?

Tony (blissed out smile): Because the Dark Side may have cookies but the Light Side has COFFEE

Villains (staring at Loki in alarm): !!!!

Loki (looks torn)

Tony: And take the cookies with you!


Villains (sadly skulking off to their secret emergency hide-outs, muttering): coffee…coffee…WE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THE COFFEE!!!

Dads fun

Logicality/PTA Sanders


Honestly, Prince and Anxiety found it all particularly… Disturbing.

After all the time spent together, it was obvious that something would develop. After all, Logic and Morality were opposites and opposites always attracted. Besides, they were always together, arguing, making Thomas’ life a living hell together, and honestly neither Prince or Anxiety could say there was anything more romantic than that.

And when Logic and Morality decided to stop the bickering and the running around in circles, it came to no one’s surprise that wonderful relationship that worked far better than anyone could even imagine.

And still, Prince and Anxiety couldn’t say they were fully comfortable with what was going on. After all, while Morality was the closest they had for a dad, Logic also made a very strict father, so watching the two together was like watching parents being lovely to each other.

And no child found that any type of amusing.

So whenever they kissed in front of the other two, Prince and Anxiety did not hesitate and let out a grossed out sound and look away. Or when Morality gave Logic flowers (plastic ones, because he was allergic), Prince and Anxiety just groaned out of annoyance.

And the two meant no harm, but slowly they noticed that Logic’s and Morality’s contacts had been stopping and they were confused, suddenly feeling very guilty for acting like that.

So one day, when they knew both were home and together, they decided to apologise. They headed to Logic’s bedroom, knowing the two would be there, and slowly opened the door, trying not to scare anyone inside.

The TV was on, so the other two did not hear the door opening, but thy were surely too lost in their own little world to notice anyway. Morality was sitting in Logic’s lap, face nuzzled against the teacher’s neck, leaving soft kisses there as the teacher caressed the father’s hair with his fingers and wrote down a few notes with his free hand.

They looked incredibly lovely like that, so both Anxiety and Prince moved away, and slowly closed the door.

“We have been harsh on them” Prince said, and anxiety nodded, before furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes. But I’m not letting them make out on the couch. Last time they were humping each other” he said firmly, and Prince made a disgusted and surprised face, making the dark side chuckle. “What? It’s true”

“Don’t remind me of that day. I still have nightmares” Prince said, dramatically, and Anxiety chuckled louder before nodding and walking away.

“Come on Princey. Let’s make some tea and eat some cookies. Leave the lovebirds be”

“Alright. But no more reminding me about gross stuff with our dads”

“Do you think Logic calls Morality daddy?”


i really hate palpatine with all my heart and soul but as a disorganized person i also deeply respect his long term planning abilities like damn forget the cookies come to the dark side we have time management skills

That Should Be Me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader // Steve Rogers x Peter Parker

Warning: Nothing, swearing I guess?

When Peter calls it off to keep you safe, he takes it hard and when Steve drags him from the Tower to give him a pep talk into moving on they had no clue they would run into you while on a date. Peter can’t let go, he has to know how it goes, even if that means following from a distance with Steve telling him how bad this is.

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“You know you can’t stay in the tower forever.” Steve chuckles. “You do not live in a Disney movie.” He shakes his head sipping his coffee.

“I see her everywhere though.” Peter grumbles kicking an empty cup on the sidewalk.

“Figuratively.” Steve looks at him.

“Yeah figuratively.” Peter sulks as they continue down the sidewalk.

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Sam x Daughter!reader, Dean x Niece!reader

Warnings: Possible unicorn

Word Count: 588

A/N: This is my submission for the amazing @nickiwinchester97 s challenge

Prompts are in bold

“Hey dad!” you said when you almost ran into him as you ran out of your room. “Hey sweetheart, how ya doin’?” He asked looking down at you while pulling you into a side hug and continuing to walk down the hallway, slowing down to factor for your height difference. “So I was thinking, I have my own room in this shiny, dusty, old, new bunker and I want to have my own stuff in it.” You stated. “Okay,” he said looking down at you and nodding, “like what?” he questioned. “Well father, I’m glad you asked.” You started before flipping your phone out of your pocket and unlocking it. You gave him an excited grin as you passed him your phone.


Dean laughed as he heard his brother and niece arguing in the hallway, “Y/N c’mon, you are 15. You do not need a giant plush unicorn.” Your father said, looking down at you while you pestered him down the hallway. “It’s not a unicorn. It’s a horse with a sword on its head to guard my hopes and dreams.” You responded lightly shoving his arm as he turned into the kitchen, causing him to roll his eyes. “Uncle Dean help me!” you called out, earning a muffled groan from your father. “What’s up kiddo?” Dean asked enthusiastically as you ran over to the table, knowing he’d like a way to annoy his brother. “Check this out, wouldn’t this look great in my room?!” you asked excitedly, feeling slightly discouraged when you saw his skeptical face. “Wait before you respond!” You call out while running over to the cabinet where you had hidden your bribe. “I knew you were baking yesterday!” you dad called out when he saw the large amount of cookies you were holding.


*Yesterday afternoon*

You quickly threw the, luckily, cool cookies into the container you had found and hid the cookies. As much as you loved your dad and uncle Dean, you actually wanted to be able to have some of what you baked today. “Hey dad, hi uncle Dean!” you said enthusiastically as your family entered the kitchen, “It looks like the hunt went well given the fact that neither of you are bleeding or limping!” “Great observation.” your dad replied as Dean made a face, “It smells good in here, did you make something?” You slightly panicked for the security of your treats before replying, surprisingly calmly, “Nah, I microwaved some stuff but there’s nothin’ now!” You got suspicious looks but neither of the brothers decided to push it.


*Current time*

Come to the dark side, we have cookies!” you said desperately and sliding the container across the table to your uncle. Dean grabbed a cookie from the container while looking at your full force puppy eyes. He took a bite before winking at you and saying a quiet “Not bad before turning around to face the doorway, where your dad was still leaning against the wall. “I don’t know Sammy, she makes a pretty convincing argument!” he said before shoving the rest of the cookie in his mouth. “Dean don’t encourage her.” He replied as you smiled widely at him. 

Dean lightly smacked your arm to get your attention, signaling you to use your puppy eyes on your dad with him. “Pleeease?” he asked, causing your dad to sigh and leave the room before he gave into the puppy eyes you had so adorably gotten from him. “I think we made progress!” you uncle clapped before grabbing another cookie.

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Did you know Tomura's real name is Tenko Shimura?! (Guess who's back~) Headcanons for the villains with a sad s/o?

yes yes… I know v,v but he will always be tomura in mah heartuu! More villains?!?! Might as will make this a villain headcanon blog. COME TO THE DARK SIDE. WE HAVE FREE COOKIES FOR EVERYONE. 😈 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪


  • Tomura with sad s/o fails miserably sometimes since he is already dealing with him at the same time, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do anything nice for his s/o too.
  • If he senses his s/o feeling blue, he would softly command them to cuddle with him. If his offer doesn’t work, he would embrace them in his arms and stroke their hair carefully with his fingers.
  • On rare occasions, he would instigate kisses on their lips to make them feel better or say something very sweet about them too. He would even pepper them with more kisses until they giggle, which makes him smile softly that he can do something.


  • He’s not sure how to handle a sad s/o, since he’s so busy following his own goals. But the best he can do is be there whenever they’re crying, even having some company helps.
  • Steals a lot of things for his sad s/o. From cheapest to expensive, cute, weird, etc, anything. He won’t care about it as long as he’s trying his best for s/o.
  • Takes them along with him, he’s not going to take them where he’s killing heroes but just sit on top of building and enjoy each other’s company. They would silently enjoy the view and cuddle.


  • Overhaul/Chisaki isn’t so sure of how to take care of his sad s/o either. He’s so focused on his goals to even notice sometimes, but if he does sense his s/o feeling down, he would ask them to lay with him on his couch. He is very careful not to place his hands on their back for too long, since he is concerned of his quirk a bit so he lightly pets their head while they rest on him.
  • Chisaki secretly places handwritten notes in their belongings. He isn’t too straightforward with appreciations, so he wrote his to his sad s/o letters sometimes to make them feel better.
  • Gives his s/o lots of light kisses on their head, forehead, cheeks, etc. He even manages to say something sweet, “I know I’m not the best and I don’t give you enough attention, but I do appreciate you and your smile brightens up my days. So feel better soon, my dear.”


  • He is one of the villains who is a little understanding compare to most of the villains when it comes to his sad s/o. He would wrap his arms around them and bring them close to him, embracing them silently. He tells them if they’re ready to talk, he is there for them. Otherwise he doesn’t mind if they don’t discuss it either, at least he’s there with them.
  • Tries to tickle and make them laugh to forget about their sadness. He loves seeing his s/o happy, so he won’t hesitate to do anything to make his s/o laugh.
  • He would make something special for his s/o when they’re down. Whether Itd be something small like a gift, even taking them out to see movies, go to arcades, play a little game with fake guns, etc, to keep their mind occupied. Even If he’s willing to go into the filthy public, too.


  • He has a humorous and lively personality to him, so he would try his very best to make his s/o laugh! Even if it means hurting himself, but that’s okay for him since he can duplicate himself how many times he likes.
  • He even would lightly tug on their cheeks to imitate a smile and tries to lighten up the mood. “S/o, please smile for Twicey~! I don’t like seeing you all sad, it makes me sad too. -fake sniffles sniffles- ”
  • Buys them some comforting food, he thinks that maybe they’ll feel better afterwards if they eat something they like. Or buys them anything cutesy, like stuffed animals and names them. “This two these are named Twice, since I bought two of them!” - “… But you’re Twice, Jin…” - “Well I want you to keep the two of them so you won’t ever have to feel sad and alone! -insert pouty noises-”

The true story of Asajj Ventress

or why she joined the Dark Side, what she was taught, and how she left.

… it was all for the cookies ^^

(Note: Be careful, they do have cookies on the Dark Side, but they’re not actually sharing them!! You need to steal them and then run for your life)

YES, I ship Ventress with cookies!! <3

I’m so happy I’ve finally finished this little strip :) Took me longer than expected but it’s done!! Yay!! \o/ 

We Have Cookies AU Part 2

pichupal replied to your post “We Have Cookies AU Part 1”

It took me embarrassingly long to figure out the AU name. “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” Reborn says, offering a plate of Bianchi’s latest deadly creations.

-snicker- That’s exactly how that name gets title dropped. xD 

  • Sometimes Tsuna cursed his soft heart. (But not always, he wouldn’t have become a superhero if he didn’t care so deeply)
  • But, there just wasn’t any way he could just leave Gokudera collapsed in the hallway like that. (There was purple smoke coming out from that plate of cookies….)
  • So maybe he dragged Gokudera into his place and wondered if he should call the hospital. (Would they even treat a known villain like Gokudera??) 
  • The unfortunate side-effect was Gokudera had deemed himself to be in debt to Tsuna and was willing to do anything for him. 
  • (Sometimes Tsuna wonders why on earth no one had recognized him as Ozora. Not that he was complaining because he liked keeping his alter ego separate but… well, surrounded by villains and no one attacked him yet.) 
  • Tsuna didn’t have the heart to tell Gokudera that he really didn’t want to do anything with villains. 
  • It didn’t really stop with Gokudera either. 
  • Tsuna found Yamamoto sitting outside in the rain one evening and it made Tsuna’s heart ache with sadness. 
  • If he sat next to Yamamoto in the pouring rain, sharing Tsuna’s lone umbrella together without exchanging any words, Yamamoto never said anything. 
  • If the following day, when Tsuna was sick in bed and Gokudera who was downright hovering and fussing, Yamamoto showed up (perfectly healthy to boot) with a smile that was more genuine than anything Tsuna had seen before, well…
  • Tsuna’s apartment became very noisy after that.  

Check the we have cookies AU tag for more

bless your heart

Today’s amusement is the poor damned soul going, it would seem, through my art tag. They’ve reblogged some Hawkeyes and tagged it, you know, “ah don’t care what the artist’s intention was, they’re like brother sister OK!”

And I’m like, no worries you do you, literally the only thing that gripes my ass is tagging my Hawkeyes as Clintasha, because Kate and Nat look nothing alike and it hurts all three of my feelings to think that if I drew Nat she could be mistaken for Katie,


I have noticed you’ve now liked two in a row where they are clearly about to be fucking (behind a circus tent and up against the wall, respectively) and it’s like

Are you sure you don’t ship it, are you


No no it’s fine, you can still have a cookie, you don’t have to come to the dark side, we can share.

Are you still scrolling the tag? Because they get more shippy. Ohohohoho. Would you like a fic rec?

Have another cookie.

Top 10 Naruto Ships

So I was tagged by the lovely @mschifknight! Thank you >.<  It’s been a while since I did one of these so I’m going to follow your format, okay? Let’s get started!

1. Sasuhina. A crack ship, aye, go figure! No interactions? Do they even know the other exists? HAHA, in the name of imagination, angst, good plotting, nice color scheme, dojutsus, ancient clans, and polar opposites, I declare this ship a renewed submarine of glory and pain! Welcome aboard. Be sure to stop by our tag and have fun. We got ‘em cookies on the dark side, so come have a few.  

2. Naruhina. Lol, my first ship in the fandom and the #1 ship until sasuhina was pleasantly discovered back in 2012. Haha. Glad to see they have a family and got together, tbh. They learned to support one another, love each other, and have a beautiful marriage and family. I can’t wait to see even more NH moments in the Boruto anime! Seeing what we’ve received so far, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. 

3. SaIno: Okay, but they are actually sort of made for each other? because Ino knows how to express herself wonderfully, but Sai? She balances him, plus, their sassy Inojin baby just makes the Yamanaka family so much better. Oh, what was that? Sai goes by Ino’s family name?! Um, heck yeah. Sign me up for that!

4. ShinoKarin: I CANNOT believe no one has given them a second thought. The pain of crack shipping characters is unbelievably real. JUST THINK ABOUT THEM AS AN ITEM. I want them to swarp goggles/glasses tbh. Their personalities and tendency for clinical views makes me ship them harder. I think of them as mad scientists? lol.

5.NaruIno: Dude, these blondies are gonna end me. Seriously? They have a bunch of potential and energy. Gotta love them. *weeps. Imagine Ino using her mind jutsu on Naruto and meeting Kurama inside his head. She has always been very supportive and able to make the dullest person shine with confidence. He’s a nice and sweet boy that if given a chance, would become the most loyal and fiercest of friends/lovers.

6. SuiTen (SuigetsuxTenTen): Talk about crackshipping hell. I feel like she’d stand for none of his wet fish crap. If someone can keep Suigetsu in check, it’s definitely TenTen. On the other hand, I feel like Suigetsu could bring some excitement to Tenten’s life, because really? This girl needs it. Kishimoto has given her a monotonous life and I WANT HER TO LIVE DAMMIT. Also, imagine if they were to spar *cries. Suigetsu with his Kubikiribocho and TenTen with the Treasured Sage Tools she found in the war. 

7. GaaHina: Actually, this should be on a spot higher on the list, but oh well. This ship makes me melt, and you know why? Because I sense its imminent potential. In an alternative universe in which Hinata doesn’t fall for Naruto, I’d wish for her to consider Gaara. We could have had it allllllll~. They are sweet children to heart, despite their abusing households and harsh fathers. They deserve the world, okay? No one can convince me otherwise!!

8. MinaKushi: Best canon couple, tbh. Their love was so pure and sweet and they CARED SO MUCH FOR ONE ANOTHER I CAN’T EVEN. They were so protective of each other. The emotions between them felt too damn real. That episode in which she told him she was pregnant and he was like, “A baby?!” with a bowl and spoon in his hands just gets me every time, dang it. 

9. YahiKonan: MY HEART. Excuse me but everytime i think about them, my dark heart withers just a little bit more. Do I even need to explain? No, I am sure I don’t need to go through this trauma in order for y’all to get it, am i right.

10. BoruSumi: I promised myself not to watch Boruto but here I am, dragged in by my humongous curiosity. Plus, the boy is adorable, okay? Sumire is such an interesting character (she reminds me of Gaara!) and so badass, so of course I can’t resist pairing my favorite male and female characters together for this one. Plus, they look so cute and the past 3 episodes ensnared me. *sobs. Im crossing my fingers for more interactions in the far future (since romance is not a goal here. I like their chemistry tho.)

Bonus Crossover:

I am pretty sure I have a few crossovers, but only a Naruto/Death Note and Naruto/Bleach comes to mind…huh. o.e. 

For a pairing, I’d think of HinataxByakuya or InoxLight bwhehehe.


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