(come to the dark side we have cookies...)


Final Fantasy XV Food IRL 

Week 1: Fluffy Chiffon Cake 

 As promised, here’s the first requesr. I realize that it doesn’t look like what Iggy made, but it just so happened that we did a Chiffon Cake in class so I decided to use that. 

This cake has a French Buttercream with cream cheese and Grand Marnier filling! The top is marbled with dark chocolate ganache, the sides have some matcha cookie crumbs, the top has some lemon cookie crumbs. 

Picture 1: Chiffon Cake before assembly. (We used cake rings, and seeing how Iggy made his, he probably used a loaf pan.) 

Picture 2: A top view of the cake’s design. 

Picture 3: A side view of the cake and the layers. 

 I hope you guys liked it! Next week, we’ll be having either fine caviar canapé* (I was thinking of using tapenade instead of caviar if ever because caviar’s hella expensive)!

P.S. If you guys want the recipe or have some questions, feel free to drop me a message or a reply.

We Have Cookies AU Part 2

pichupal replied to your post “We Have Cookies AU Part 1”

It took me embarrassingly long to figure out the AU name. “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” Reborn says, offering a plate of Bianchi’s latest deadly creations.

-snicker- That’s exactly how that name gets title dropped. xD 

  • Sometimes Tsuna cursed his soft heart. (But not always, he wouldn’t have become a superhero if he didn’t care so deeply)
  • But, there just wasn’t any way he could just leave Gokudera collapsed in the hallway like that. (There was purple smoke coming out from that plate of cookies….)
  • So maybe he dragged Gokudera into his place and wondered if he should call the hospital. (Would they even treat a known villain like Gokudera??) 
  • The unfortunate side-effect was Gokudera had deemed himself to be in debt to Tsuna and was willing to do anything for him. 
  • (Sometimes Tsuna wonders why on earth no one had recognized him as Ozora. Not that he was complaining because he liked keeping his alter ego separate but… well, surrounded by villains and no one attacked him yet.) 
  • Tsuna didn’t have the heart to tell Gokudera that he really didn’t want to do anything with villains. 
  • It didn’t really stop with Gokudera either. 
  • Tsuna found Yamamoto sitting outside in the rain one evening and it made Tsuna’s heart ache with sadness. 
  • If he sat next to Yamamoto in the pouring rain, sharing Tsuna’s lone umbrella together without exchanging any words, Yamamoto never said anything. 
  • If the following day, when Tsuna was sick in bed and Gokudera who was downright hovering and fussing, Yamamoto showed up (perfectly healthy to boot) with a smile that was more genuine than anything Tsuna had seen before, well…
  • Tsuna’s apartment became very noisy after that.  

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The true story of Asajj Ventress

or why she joined the Dark Side, what she was taught, and how she left.

… it was all for the cookies ^^

(Note: Be careful, they do have cookies on the Dark Side, but they’re not actually sharing them!! You need to steal them and then run for your life)

YES, I ship Ventress with cookies!! <3

I’m so happy I’ve finally finished this little strip :) Took me longer than expected but it’s done!! Yay!! \o/ 

So I found this art on my Pinterest (I’m sorry but I don’t know who made it) and it got me thinking.
Okay so Dark is clearly the more rational of him and Anti right? Anti is much more emotional than Dark. And even if both hate each other Dark realizes an opportunity to use anything and anyone to get what he needs. So he forms an alliance with Anti. but Anti hates Dark. So in order to get Anti to work with him Dark bribes him. Because even demons have weaknesses and I thought….What if their weaknesses have something to do with the host? Like Jack LOVES cookies so Anti just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to cookies. Hence the “come to the Dark side, we have cookies”
Idk my thought process is wack but I like the idea lol What do y'all think?? @hufflepufftrax @fandombandomrandom42

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The hug-jutsu was created to make naughty hugs ... but I only kill people with this .... will I have become a wild fox? Will I be mad? .... maybe .... * begins to laugh in a strange way *

COME TO THE DARK SIDE (We have cookies)

  • Yuri: Join us, Yuto, and unimaginable power you shall have!
  • Yuya: No way, Yuto will never join you!
  • Yugo: We have cookies!
  • Yuto: Cookies??? *slowly leaves Yuya*
  • Yuto: What? They have cookies!
  • Yuri: That's right! Join the dark side and all the cookies shall be yours!
  • Yuto: Sorry Yuya, I couldn't resist their offer. *leaves Yuya completely*