Cute HC Imagine:

So yknow how cats will like make a weird little noise when you wake them up? Whether it’s a meow or a purr like reaction, yeah? Imagine a similar response from the bros: Every time you try and wake one of them up, they make a cute little chirp or chur noise.

Snow Walk

Me: ~waddles down the sidewalk taking lil steps~

Daddy: You okay princess?

Me: ~has a cute yet focused expression~ If I am a penguin I won’t falls on da ice Dada.

Daddy: ~chuckles~ why don’t you just come hold my hand? I’ll protect you.

Me: ~stops to look up at Daddy~ Can I be a penguin and hold chur hand?

Daddy: I’d like that very much. ~holds out his hand~

Me: ~takes Daddy’s hand waddling to him slipping~

Daddy: ~catches me and helps me stand back up~ I got you princess. ~pauses for a second smiling~ Shall we continue our walk?

Me: ~nods a slight blush crossing my face~

Tyler, the Creator. June 17, 2015. Cleveland, OH.

Barozzi Veiga the Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur, Switzerland