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Day One: Family

Usually July the 28th is a very busy day at the the McClain house. Pots and pans would scratch across the stove tops, sizzling of food adding to the screams of children blowing up balloons and throwing streamers. The sweet smell of cake and churros would drift thought the house, making everyone’s mouth water. But this time, it was different. On this July 28th, the house was quiet. There were no streamers or balloons. Not a smile or laughter. Just silence. Everyone had solemn looks on their faces, tears on some. There was still the smell of cake that lingered throughout the house, but this time, it didn’t seem as sweet. And instead of the birthday boy getting to eat the first slice and sit at the top of the table, there was a lit candle in his place along with wrinkled photograph. “Now children, we all know that this is a special day. It always will be. Your hermano Lance will come home to us. We may have to miss a few more birthdays, but he will come back home to us.” Lance’s mom swallowed around the lump in her throat, felling tears begin to form in the corner of her eyes. “But until then, we have to lift our chins up, and keep are spirits high. Lance wouldn’t want us morning over him like we’ve lost him. So let us wipe away our tears and dig in to this delicious cake! It’s Lance favorite after all!” The family nodded at her, and the clinks of forks on plates filled the silence. Lance’s dad gently squeezed her hand before getting a piece for them both. They all ate in solemn silence, no one mentioning the tears that fell from their mother’s face onto the slice of cake on her plate.

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Headcanons for Aizawa and his significant other going on a date to a cat cafe? :3c

Shouta Aizawa

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  • President Mic probably had been the one who told him about it, thinking Aizawa would be interested into it. He is but he’s not going to let Mic know about it. He does look it up later when he’s at home.
  • He suggests it to you before the two of you go, just to make sure you’re okay with the idea. 

  • You’re ecstatic. Let’s do this. 

  • The two of you sit down, order your meal and just begin playing with the cats. 

  • Aizawa enjoys it. There is no screaming children, no enraged adults, just soft murmur and quiet purring. He just sits there and lets the cats come to him, a lot do. They surround him and you just laugh from your spot, petting the cat on your lap.

  • He enjoys seeing the peaceful, soft, expression that graces your face when you pet and play with the cats. It’s a peaceful afternoon filled with your soft laughter and small smiles from Aizawa.
            “We should get ourselves a cat.”
            “What would you name it?”
            “President Mic”
            “We’re not getting a cat.”

  • The two of you leave and mark it down as a cafe you would visit again. You two also make a plan to visit some other cat cafes in the towns around you. 

  • Aizawa thanks, President Mic for the suggestion later that week mentioning the two of you had fun. President Mic is stunned and when Aizawa reluctantly shows him a few pictures of you at the cat cafe. President Mic teases him about it.

Difference between the three youngest and the two eldest

Seungjun’s “wahh” is literally the cutest thing ever

also lol @ the MC who was done with their extra-ness halfway through Heejun’s part 

You’re heading into next week’s finale not knowing if the show’s going to be renewed. Do you feel like the finale gives closure, or are you guys charging head-on into a potential fifth season

DE CAESTECKER: You can always see more. Even when the show ultimately does end, there’s always still stories to be told, so.

HENSTRIDGE: Yeah, we haven’t had our wedding scene, we’ve not had a birth scene.

Wow, that would be quick!

HENSTRIDGE: Oh, yeah. You know, there’s just a lot that can happen. Maybe that’s what season 5 is, just like the domestic bliss.
DE CAESTECKER: I’d love to see a kid in the show. That’d be great, wouldn’t it?
DE CAESTECKER: Like you doing all your lab stuff and whipping up kids.

- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stars on FitzSimmons Framework fallout

24/4/16 // Back to my university library after two weeks at home! It’s so nice studying without being surrounded by screaming children. I’ve finished both of my coursework essays (8000 words… I am dead) so I’m now onto revision for my exams!! This module was taught SO badly so I’m basically teaching myself everything, yay…

hamilton characters as club penguin bans
  • Washington: Stop screaming children it will be over soon
  • Jefferson to Lafayette: I could kill you right now, no one would hear you scream, I could go back and pretend to be you, they wouldn't even realize you were missing
  • Hercules: Fashion police, you're definitely under arrest
  • Aaron: You're tearing this family apart, god damn why can't you do it right
  • Alexander: 911 what is your emergency, what do you mean you're being murdered, people can't do that.
  • Jefferson: Put it on the menu
  • Alexander: You should jump cos no one likes you lol
  • Angelica: When I see stars I think of you, because you're only beautiful from a distance
  • Peggy: I heard you like the bad penguins, I don't want to brag but, I didn't sign up with my parents permission
  • Alexander: Help I can't swim
  • Angelica: Your point
  • Alexander: I'm drowning
  • Angelica: And I'm reading
  • Hercules: I live a hard life and work a dangerous job, i work as an officer for the fashion police
  • Angelica: That's not a good thing
  • Seabury: Thank you all for coming *no one is there*
  • King George: Have you ever heard of stranger danger
  • Aaron: Girl r u trash bc I want to take you out
  • Alex: I poisoned one of our glasses but I forgot which one
  • John: The way this dinner is going I hope it's mine
  • Madison to Jefferson: What the fuck purple
  • Eliza: Magic mirror, will I ever find love
  • Mirror: Ask again later
  • Alex: I like you
  • Ang: Me?
  • Eliza: No he meant me
  • Hercules: Dora your never going to get there with boots
  • Maria: I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch
  • Hamilton: Can I pay you in swag
  • Eliza: What the flipper
  • Peggy: Why would you swear like that
  • Maria: Was abandoned, is alone and sad
  • Washington: Locked up because my eyebrow game was to strong
  • Jefferson/Aaron: Smooth as butter

the signs according to mark hamill:
aries: *hacker voice* im in
taurus: are u with me?
gemini: i hate it when john boyega does that
cancer: hello naughty children
leo: (screams internally)
virgo: found the vegan
libra: so uncivilized
scorpio: youre my only hope
sagittarius: so the prophecy says
capricorn: WALUIGI
aquarius: idk
pisces: but from now on, youll do as i tell you

The United States of Horror