Pad see ew (also spelled pad see you) is a delicious Thai dish with stir-fried noodles, vegetables, and chicken (or beef). This is absolutely my FAVORITE dish that I always get when I’m eating out at a Thai place! You’ll love my homemade reincarnation of this popular dish that’s just as good as the kind you get in restaurants.


I didn’t mean to interrupt you from whatever you’re doing or anything, but I really need to talk with you about stuff and I’m sorry if I’m bothering you please don’t hate me I promise I mean well–

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~Chica the Chicken (my DS)~

Ahh here’s my Chica! She wears a tuxedo-like outfit with white gloves~ Her bow resembles her beak. She sometimes wear a black top hat when performing for shows, this is because she doesn’t like standing on stage with a cupcake 24/7, so she does her own “act.” She sees Foxy as an older brother but they are close friends. Chica also likes talking to Mangle a lot~ Although she is aware of his feelings, Bonnie has a crush on her, so she pretends she doesn’t know~ Her and Freddy have a close relationship, and Chica calls him “Boss” or “Mr. Fazbear” often. Chica has a calm and sassy personality. She is mostly responsible and is a “mom friend~” 

Hope you all like her~!