Gypsum the grey fox today! Don’t worry, that’s not him being threatening–he was chewing a treat. Notice the blue on him? That was from last year when he (and all the other animals) got some non-toxic paint and blank canvases to play around with for our Walk for Wolves fundraiser! We sell animal paintings at the fundraiser, but also it’s super fun to watch the animals roll around in paint.

I’m posting a fox picture every day to encourage people to donate to Wolf Park’s Walk for Wolves Fundraiser! My pack (team) is raising money specifically to build a new fox enclosure and we need all the help we can get! Even if it’s just $5, you can donate here: http://shop.wolfpark.org/product/support-a-pack/ My pack is Grey Haven!


Hi there! There’s a competition going on right now, and if Frankenmuth CU wins, <b>25,000 dollars</b> will be donated to Covenant Kids!

They really need the money, especially for their preemie section. This will ensure that all the babies are well cared for!

<b>To vote…

1. Follow the link above
2. Register your email
3. Vote for Frankenmuth CU</b>

That’s it! You can vote <b>every day</b> from now until December 16!

Please take just a few minutes to help, it’s really a great charity.

And if you can’t vote, reblogs are always worthwhile as well! ❤️


As some of you may know, April 16-17th, I took on the Endurance for Kindness challenge Random Acts does every year. Its where a person marathons a skill for a long time to raise money! I took on kazooing for 25 hours with the help of my friends and raised over 3000$! Now 5 months later I am doing it again. This time Guinness World Record contacted me back and said I can attempt to break their record. Now I thought, well if I am going to marathon kazooing again why not do it in the name of Random Acts? WELL! HERE WE ARE! I do not have the exact date of when this will all take place but please stay tuned! It will happen around November. All the proceed go 100% towards Random Acts in the effort of changing the world with acts of kindness!

My page is HERE and it’d be so amazing if you guys can donate a minimum of 10 dollars! If you cannot donate at all please tell your friends and family! 

I will be live streaming the whole event and I wont try to let you guys down and try my best!

(here’s the tag to follow what happened during e4k)

I’m doing a crazy thing to raise money for MIND, the mental health charity. Which feels appropriate.

Two weeks from now I’ll already be nearly 3 hours in to my second 24 hour comic, which will be my third Twitter comic.

That’s right: I’m going to produce a 24 page comic book in 24 hours based entirely on tweets using the hashtag #twittercomic2016

There’s going to be a live podcast going on while I draw, which you’ll be able to listen to athttp://tinyurl.com/Twitter-comic-2016

If you donate at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/WHI you get a PDF of the finished comic, which is bound to be a fascinating thing at the very least. The last one involved a sentient cthuloid beard and a surprise raccoon.

If you share this info around, let people know about it and where to donate, I’d be hugely grateful. I’m not good at promoting stuff I haven’t actually done yet, it’s much easier for me when I can just tweet a picture. So any help I can get will be really appreciated.

I’ve donated 2 of my custom amiibos for a great cause! One of them is the last boxed amiibo I’ll be making. So stay tuned tomorrow for news. Go check out the link below to find out more about my customs and others.

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Social media fame-wise, I just realized my goal for The Great Buffy Drunkblog should be some sort of sponsorship from an amazing shitty, kitschy alcohol brand. Obviously, my first choice is: 



EVERYONE! OLD FRIENDS SENIOR DOG SANCTUARY NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please help make this a swift and easy transition for the Old Friends, if you have any money at all to spare consider donating to the moving fund! We all love seeing Leo, Captain Ron, Mildred, Toby, Leona, Lacy, and all the other old friends. Let’s give back to something that gives US joy!

Some heroes wear capes, some use ‪#‎MembershipRewards‬ points. Join us in helping to bring children amazing experiences of their own, like Robbie who wished to go to an incredible African Safari. To celebrate 25 years of fueling rewarding experiences for our Card Members, we’ve teamed up with Make-A-Wish to help grant 25 wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Reward a child and help give them their own amazing experience by using points for a donation to Make-A-Wish. Visit the Members Give website today. Terms apply. 


Harry’s donation to “Jeans for Refugees” was shown today at NYFW. 

Johny Dar: “Harry was born to be a star. He has a sensitive side, which came through while I was painting his jeans. They are sleek and cool - with metallic grey 3D paint on skinny black denims with ripped knees, signed with "All the love, Harry.” The linework is intricate - my signature style - telling Harry’s story “unplugged”. Sexy jeans, full of energy - ready to rock your world!“ 

‘Jeans for Refugees’ is a Johny Dar project and artistic fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees from around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.

You can bid here.


//Those of you that know me know that I regularly play DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS with my fiance and fellow tumblrite Guitarboy. He is the Dungeon Master (DM) for several of our groups and in RL he works with as an early years/pre-K teacher.


There is a little boy connected to his nursery called Thomas, who has celebral palsy and requires some very expensive physio and surgeries to help him be more independent. Even in the UK this is not available on the NHS, and will cost over £75,000. His parents want to give him the best chance in life, so they are appealing to the local community to help them raise the money.

To support Thomas in his dream to be able to dance, we are going to attempt a SPONSORED 24-HOUR ROLEPLAYING MARATHON!


Anything you can spare to help this charming little guy would be amazing, and our whole escapade will be livestreamed on TWITCH. We are hoping to have people skype in to take part too, so if you want to stretch your D&D muscles, do get in touch!

Final date and details to follow, please tune in and support us!