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why you should watch The Uncanny Upshurs

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The Uncanny Upshurs in a new urban fantasy web series from @parafable, and it has quickly become one of my new favorite things, so I thought I’d make a post about it to spread the word about it :)

So what’s the show about?

The Uncanny Upshurs is about Agatha and Wally Upshur, British twins who are living apart for the first time in there lives, as Wally has moved to America to go to collage. To help keep in touch (bc Wally is shit at answering his phone omg get it together Walter), they set up a YouTube channel where they post vlogs every week. However, strange things start happening to/around the twins, including mysterious videos being uploaded to their channel of situations where there seemed to be no camera. So the first few episodes are the twins (and their friends who are The Best) trying to figure out what’s going on.


The urban fantasy aspect is one of my favorite things about the series, and I love how many fantasy characters/creatures are thrown into the mix (witches, fairies, sirens, vampires, etc.). Speaking of things I love…

Reasons Why The Uncanny Upshurs Is Wonderful

Reason #1: This Show Is Incredibly Diverse

Pretty much every single character in the show is LGBT+, including the titular twins (Agatha is a lesbian trans woman, and Wally is bisexual). There isn’t any drama over how A w F u L it is being gay, and all of the characters are pretty confident and comfortable with there sexualities.* (the episode where Jake figures out he’s attracted to guys is so adorable)

Along with LGBT+ characters, the show has a lot of awesome characters of color. As a white person I feel a bit less qualified to talk about POC representation, so here are some gif/pictures as examples

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Originally posted by frankieprices

Now that I think about it Uncanny Upshurs also has a mostly female cast hell yeah

Reason #2: The Aforementioned Urban Fantasy Stuff

So I will be the first to admit that I’m always a slut for urban fantasy, so I was probably going to love Uncanny Upshurs no matter what, but the fantasy stuff they’ve set up so far is really cool. I don’t want to spoil to much, but there’s story lines about fairy kingdoms, forest witches, and a lady in the lake (no not that one) being established and I’m really excited to see where they go.

Reason #3: Every Episode Has Closed Captioning

This is a smaller detail, but it makes me really happy and I know I have some hoh followers so I thought I’d mention it. It sometimes takes the channel a few days to add captioning to the episodes, but every episode does eventually get captions.

Reason #4: The Characters Are All Really Great

I’m surprised this show hasn’t gotten more popular on here because these characters are all adorable omg. Like this section isn’t going to have any analysis I’m just gonna fangirl over these nerds.

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Agatha is so adorable and sarcastic like she can be so deadpan its gr8 also shes meme trash and I love her

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Wally is a fucking n e r d okay hes so awkward and I relate. Also his roommate Jake is one of my favorite characters he just rolls with all the weird shit going on like a pro.

I can’t decide if Gemma is life goals or wife goals so I’m going with both

I know I said I wouldn’t spoil a lot but Lennon is an aro ace siren and it’s really important to me that you know that bc I love her

This is Alistair he’s a fuckboy but we love him anyway

Actual Princess Daphne MacCrae

Reason #5: It’s Just Fun To Watch

Media can be sad. Like, really fucking sad. A big part of why I enjoy The Uncanny Upshurs is because it just puts me in a good mood whenever I watch it. That doesn’t mean the show is all brightness and positiveness 100% of the time, the latest episodes have had some more serious/emotional moments, but even after watching those episodes I’m always in better mood because this show has such a great vibe to it.

*I understand that there is absolutely a place for media depicting the struggles that often come with being LGBT+, but it’s nice to have shows that have happy, openly LGBT+ characters who aren’t defined by their orientations.

In Conclusion

The Uncanny Upshurs is a really fun, diverse web series that deserves more love and attention. Each episode is less than 10 minutes, and you can find them all on YouTube here. (I’ll admit the first few aren’t great but it gets better as it goes on).

If you do end up watching the show (or you’re already a fan of it), message me so we can talk about it! The fandom is currently pretty small and I’d love to see more people talking about this show!

Best in Me is an LGBT slice of life webcomic set in the not-so-distant future of 2030. It focuses on three people and their families, jobs, music, friendships, and of course, loves. Real life can be more intriguing than the best mystery novel and more amazing than a high fantasy book.

Track 2 starts Tuesday, February second, 2016. 

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Hi. Can u plz share some of the Chinese nicknames of UNIQ members &amp; their meanings, I feel really left out cuz a lot of fans on Weibo &amp; idk Chinese :( I know the common ones like "real man" or "cho cutie" "pillar" "mighty maknae" "Xuan ma" etc but there are some special ones they mentioned in YinYueTai ep &amp; that I hear on SNS like for WH there's one that translates to Timor John in English &amp; I really wanna know the meaning behind them Sorry for asking for too much

Hi. sorry this is late. i’ve never heard any of them being called ‘Timor John’?..but here’s a list of nicknames going on at weibo that i could find. if any one of you guys has anything to add, pls drop a msg :)))


轩妈妈 / 轩妈 (Xuan Mama / Xuan Ma)
轩哥 (Xuan Hyung)
长腿偶吧 (long-leg oppa)
冷锋 (“cold front”; the name of Yixuan’s character in web series “女总裁的贴身保镖” )


柱子 / 大柱子 / 大柱砸 (Pillar/Big Pillar, “柱” means “pillar” in Chinese)
孙悟空 / 齐天大圣 (Sun Wukong / Monkey King, because he’s good at cudgel)
丐帮帮主 (Chief of Beggars’ Sect, a fictional martial arts sect featured prominently in works of wuxia fiction; because he’s good at cudgel)
金圣猪 / 猪猪 (Kim SungPig / Piggy, “Joo” sounds like “pig” in Chinese)
성주언니 (Sungjoo eonni)
卖瓜大叔 (“ajeossi who sells melons”, Yixuan said he looked like one when he wore that special hat in Thailand)
舅舅 (“uncle” , “JooJoo” sounds like “uncle” in Chinese; some said he’s called “uncle” because of this look)
费劲 (literally means “strenuous”, “painstaking”, “costs lots of effort”; the name of Sungjoo as a servant in Let’s Go; cuz it’s hard for a Korean to go through all those ancient eras of China)


PABO哥 / 바보 (Pabo Ge, because Seungyoun always calls him “Pabo”)
兔子 / 小兔几 (Rabbit/Little Bunny, because of his bunny teeth)
小松鼠 (Little Squirrel, because of his squirrel teeth)
李桂花 (Osmanthus Li, Osmanthus fragrans is the city flower of his hometown Hangzhou)
男子翰 (Real Man Han)
李猛男 (Li Macho / Li Hunk)
Narcissistic Han (members told he can’t live without a mirror and he spends lots of time looking at the mirror during bath time)
李鸽子 (Li Pigeon, “What animals are UNIQ members like?” and they said Wenhan is like a pigeon)
段子手 (http://uniqace.tumblr.com/post/122279774659)
小公举 (小公主/Little Princess, this one is new; not sure where it’s from)


富二代 (“Rich Second-generation”; he once acted as a kid from a rich family in The Best Debut)
小草 (Little Cho/Little “Grass”; “Cho” sounds like “grass” in Chinese)
曹丫丫 (Cho YaYa)
曹可爱 / 小可爱 (Cho Cutie / Cho Cute / Little Cutie; “Cho” also sounds like “super” in Chinese, so “Cho Cute” means “super cute” )
曹肉肉 (Cho MeatMeat; when he got to order his meal in a restaurant in Japan. somebody told him the #4 set had a lot of meat. he immediately said “i want #4!” )
曹大大 (Cho Dada; Chinese netizens call their current president Xi Jinping ‘Xi Dada’)
曹大王 (Cho King, Cho the Great)
曹自信 (Cho Confident, he often asks the mirror ‘omg why am I so handsome?’ and he thanks his parents for that.)
曹永贵 / 永贵 (the name of his character in Happy Camp, means “forever precious”. fans keep it cuz it sounds more impressive than the other characters’ names)
曹SWAG / CHO SWAG (he called himself “Cho Swag” in his first weibo post)
曹王子 (Prince Cho; told by Wenhan)
曹智贤 (Cho Ji-hyeon; a photographer said he looks really like Gianna Jun)
Luizinho (his Portuguese name when he studied in a soccer school in Brazil.)
Luizy (from Luizinho, the name Seungyoun uses as an M.O.L.A member)


王鸭子/왕오리 (Wang Duck, members told he sounds like a quacking duck when he gets loud)
王可爱 (Wang Cutie)
高冷白牡丹 (Aloof White Peony, peony is the city flower of his hometown Luoyang)
底迪 (Little Brother)
小甜甜 / 王甜甜 (Little Sweetie / Wang Sweetie)
小王子 (Little Prince, family name “王” in “王子” which means “prince” )
王老师 (Teacher Wang, he acts as a teacher in movie “商学院合伙人”)
霸气一博 (Bossy Yibo)

ZAG ANNOUNCES MIRACULOUS™ LADYBUG YouTube Channel and Webisode Series!

The webisode series goes live Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of the Zag “Miraculous Ladybug” YouTube channel

ZAG will be offering two formats.  The first 10 Miraculous webisodes will utilize the 3D animation imagery sharing the personal thoughts and secret diary entries of Marinette, narrated by Christina Vee, the voice of Ladybug/Marinette in the TV series.

The second wave of Miraculous webisodes will reveal a new “fan-created” 2D stylized look that will greatly extend the Parisian story world.  "We think our fans of all ages are going to love the super fun look and feel of the newly designed characters in the 2D web series,“ said Andre’ Lake Mayer, ZAG, President, Global Brand Strategy & Consumer Products. "The 2D format will let us explore new creative executions while staying true to the ‘Zag style’ of inspirational storytelling, visually intriguing, fun, relevant and high quality content,” Andre’ added.