12.30 carat Padparadscha sapphire cocktail ring

- One-of-a-kind piece from London jeweller David Morris, which opened its first boutique in Paris in January 2017
- 12.30 carat Padparadascha sapphire originates from Ceylon
- Exquisite, rarely seen peachy colour
- Accompanied by white diamonds and tipped with pink diamonds

*The price of this ring is €1,055,000

Teas for Witches: the Basics

I can talk about tea literally all day (and I have because I’ve worked in a spice and tea shop for years), and there is SO much to talk about with both health and magical benefits. Teas are made from tea leaves called camellia sinensis, with the exception of herbal teas/infusions. For this, I’m going to list magical and health benefits by type of tea.

Black Tea

Feminine * Earth * Winter * Strength * Stability * Death * Expelling Negativity * Alertness * Energy

Black tea is the most fermented and oxidized of all teas. Its tea leaves look shriveled and black. It combats heart ailments, digestive problems, high cholesterol, asthma, and breast/menstrual problems. Black tea also has a lot of caffeine (47 mg, still less than coffee) and too much of it can cause acidity issues in the stomach.  

Examples: English/Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsung Souchang, Ceylon, Earl Grey

**There is a subset of black tea called Pu-erh, a post-fermented black tea. Some consider this to be the “purest” of all teas and connect it to the aether, as it is rare and valuable.

Green Tea

Masculine * Fire * Summer * Passion * Healing * Conscious Mind * Sexual Health * Love * Energy * Progress * Magic

Green tea is slightly steamed but not fermented, which maintains its green color. It has many health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing cholesterol and weight, boosting immunity and stamina, and reducing blood glucose. It has less caffeine than black, but still some. 

Examples: Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha, Gyokurocha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Gunpowder, Dragonwell

Oolong Tea

Feminine * Water * Autumn * Reflection * Meditation * Wisdom * Serenity * Concentration * Romance * Friendship

I always describe Oolong as being between Green and Blacks, since it is half fermented. It can help manage weight and stress, balance blog sugar levels, remove free radicals, and promote healthy skin and bones. HOWEVER, too much can actually speed up bone degradation because it sweeps away excess calcium. And beware of its high caffeine content (I used to drink Raspberry Wulong to pull all-nighters).

Examples: Milk Oolong, Formosa, Wulongs

White Tea

Masculine * Air * Spring * Happiness * Wisdom * Moon * Purification * Protection * Clarity * Cleansing * Beginnings

White tea is a little harder to find. Either the tea leaves are plucked as immature leaves and steamed, or the leaves have not been processed (there seems to be little consensus across cultures). Some have a small amount of caffeine. It’s a great antibacterial and antioxidant, and it improves the heart, oral health, and skin. Drinking a couple cups works better than one, and you can reuse the tea leaves, granted that the second cup will brew longer.

Examples: White teas come in many flavors and are usually labeled as white tea. You may need to seek out a tea shop to find some.

Herbal Tea

Magical properties depend on which herbs are used

This tea seems to be the most popular for witches on tumblr, because it is composed of dry, unprocessed herbs, seeds, fruits, or roots, and has no caffeine (as long as the herb doesn’t!). There are many recipes online as herbals are easy to make. In general, herbal tea promotes calm, reduces cholesterol and risk of heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes. Due to its lack of actual tea leaves it has less antioxidants than other teas. Some don’t even call it a tea, but dub it Herbal Infusion.

Examples: Rooibos, most Chais, Ginseng, Chamomile, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus

**Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is notorious for its high caffeine levels (you’ve probably seen the energy drink). It also zaps one’s appetite and can become addictive, so be careful around this tea!

As always, feel free to add/message me of any corrections, and I hope you find your cup of tea!


Train ride along the east coast of Sri Lanka, looking out over the ocean at sunrise. 

👿 Devil’s Kiss Vigor Potion 💋

inspired by bioshock infinite, a potion that allows the drinker to cast a fire elemental on someone else (particularly a spurned lover)

A civilized man has power over fire. A refined man handles fire with finesse: DEVIL’S KISS."―Fink Manufacturing advertisement

👿  gather: water, cinnamon or cinnamon stick, honey, and ceylon tea. 

💋  heat the water, and steep cinnamon for 8-10 minutes. 

👿   strain cinnamon from tea.

💋   steep ceylon tea briefly.

👿  stir the tea clockwise to increase the intensity of the effects. 

💋  stir the tea counterclockwise to decrease them. 

👿  to protect yourself from the effects, smear your bottom lip with honey before you drink. 

💋  to make the tea less effective, add milk to the drink. 


Pinnawela, Sri Lanka

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

75 teen decided that she wants to help with winning the war(are they in a war???) so she draws out plans for Electricity bombs that give a strong burst of electricity to anyone 5 meters from it. And Weapon is dual scimitar machetes that can turn into dual guns, a bow with a quiver of arrows that electrocutes enemies when it makes contact or a double headed naginata. So how does junkrat,hanzo,genji,and mcree help train her with each of these weapons? (im sorry I watch way too much rwby)


  • No one really knows why you asked him for help
    • Junkrat’s technique is pure chaos
  • He does teach you unpredictability
    • Making you hard to track on the battlefield
    • Frustrating Widowmaker when she thought she got you, you just disappeared.


  • He teaches you archery
    • First by teaching you patience
    • You have to wait for your target, he insists making you wait hours before you can take a shot
    • After you gain that he’ll teach you the basics of archery
    • Correcting your position with a slight move of his hand


  • He trains you with practice swords
    • Teaching you the movements
    • making you perfect them before the two of you spar
    • He doesn’t hold back
    • However he will give you hints on how to beat him


  • Teaches your how to shoot a gun
    • How to stand
    • How to make your aim better
    • Instructing you to breath with the shot
    • To squeeze and not pull

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

Junkrat decides to sing his s/o a song. What song does he sing? What his voice sound like?

He sings an old bush song he heard somewhere growing up, his mouth stumbling on a few of the words. It takes a minute until you realise he’s singing a Waltzing Matilda

His voice is surprisingly good, a bit raspy as he dwells in the lower notes. His chest rumbles as he paints his voice with a darker chest tone. His leaps are a bit off but he quickly corrects them, he’s got enough of an ear to fix it. Junkrat’s timing stumbles forward, quickly getting faster a common mistake.

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

How about a little short where 75 teen comes in junkrat room all sad and gloomy and he tries to cheer the little firecracker(his nickname for her) up.

You pop in his room, sigh already out of your mouth. Junkrat looks up from the bomb he was fiddling with, screwdriver in his mouth.

“Whaf fron,” he mumbled, forgetting to take it out.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, sitting down on a clear patch of the floor.

He pulled the screwdriver out of mouth, gently tapping it to his chin as he thought.

“Listen ‘ere, firecracker,” he said, “A man went to a zoo, all they had was a dog.”

You raised an eyebrow as he paused for dramatic affect.

“It was a shih tzu.”

You laughed at that and Junkrat smiled.

Nothing To Wear

Summary: Plus-size hunter reader x Dean. She wears a sexy top and he can’t keep his eyes off of her. Word count: who knows I wrote this on my phone. Warnings: Smut, road head

Another salt and burn was over. After digging up the grave, the boys and you decided to take showers and high tail it out of town tonight.
You showered and put on the only relatively clean shirt and bra you had left for the week and found a pair of only semi dirty dark wash blue jeans. Sure you had worn the shirt and bra earlier in the week but you had to flirt with a security guard to get some info about the case, you only wore it for like an hour, so it didn’t count.
The bra was a black lace push up and your top was a ceylon blue sleeveless shirt, it was really low cut with kind of a faux wrap look to it. You looked in the mirror and thought ‘damn’ my titties look real good in this, as you caressed your breasts lightly. It had been while since you got any. You thought about allowing yourself a little alone time before you got on the road but you didn’t have time. You finished off the look with a black swing cardigan since Dean likes to keep the car’s AC running at almost full blast.
When you joined the boys in their room after packing up your belongings, both Sam and Dean gave you the once over. Sure you were a full figured women, but you had goods that even made those male modeling SOBs stand a take notice. Most men responded well to the way you looked, you had a nice smile, bright expressive eyes, long hair, a fucking killer rack, smallish waist, round big ass and thick thighs. In actually, you thought you were probably a six but you acted like a ten. Your confidence was the key to your sex appeal.
As you left the hotel, Sam asked if he could sleep in the back seat, you of course agreed.
An hour into the drive, Sam was stretched out and snoring on the backseat and you were singing quietly under your breath to the song on the radio, while you road shotgun. You continued to wrap yourself up with your cardigan.
Dean noticed, “Are you cold, (Y/N/N)?”
“Yes, can we turn the AC off?” You asked back.
“Sure thing.” He agreed as he turned the knob.
Your boobs were cold and tweaked. You wanted to rub them just to warm them up but you didn’t think that would be very appropriate with Dean less than a foot away. Finally, your breasts were warm enough that you didn’t have to be bundled up in your cardigan anymore. Your breasts were still swollen from being cold for so long, they peaked through your shirt a little more than normal. You didn’t think Dean would notice, it was dark and there weren’t any other cars on the road so light was minimal.
A few minutes past, you pulled out your phone to do some shopping on Amazon. The light from your phone highlighted your amazing cleavage. At first Dean didn’t notice, then he glanced at your phone and there they were on full display. He smiled like a little boy looking up a girl’s skirt. You were completely oblivious that he was checking you out, you were too involved with finding the right item to order and reading reviews.
Every minute or two, Dean would take a few seconds to look down and daydream about the gorgeous pair of breasts that were still being emphasized by the light from your phone.
All of a sudden, Dean jerked the car, not enough to wake Sam but you felt it. “Sorry, there was something in the road.” He said. There wasn’t anything in the road, he had been looking at your boobs for too long and started to veer off course. You had no indication that he was lying, you were still focused on what you were doing to even care.
Another twenty minutes past, you finished your order and started to read an e-book on your phone. He jolted the Impala again, Dean tried to play it off like there was something else in the road. “Really Dude?!” You exclaimed. “That’s twice in less than half an hour. If you are getting sleepy just tell me, I’ll take over!”
“No, no, I’m fine. I got this.” He told you.
“Ok, then what the hell’s going on?” You asked.
“Umm…” He muttered as he scratched the back of his head, then he looked down at your breasts.
“Oh! Oh!” You squealed as you had an epiphany. “Really?!” You said in a high pitched voice. “You almost drove us off the road cause you were looking at me?”
“Umm, Umm yeah.” He stuttered. “I am really sorry. They just looked so soft and kissable.“ He tried to explain. “I am going to focus on my driving the rest of the trip home.”
Shit. You were flattered actually. You thought Dean was super sexy but way out of your league.
“It's​ ok!” You comforted him. “I totally understand they’re just there, ya know, and your a guy. This outfit is totally inappropriate but I didn’t have anything else that wasn’t covered in dirt or blood.” You folded the cardigan around you covering yourself.
“No, I didn’t mean to make you feel ashamed.” He looked at you and took your hand. “You, you are beautiful, and those are just delectable” looking down at your now covered chest, “Shit! Fuck!“ He cursed, “What I mean to say is I shouldn’t be objectify you. We are friends, you are family.”
There was something in his apology that turned you on and even made you want to do something dirty. You turned your head and saw Sam, who was still sound asleep on the backseat, you looked back at Dean and provocatively said, “You know I don’t mind if you look me or even objectify me.” You opened the front of your cardigan revealing your milky white bosom again. You slid the cardigan off your shoulders then threw it into the floor.
Dean’s eye grew wide with surprise, he was now watching you instead of the road. “You really think I am beautiful?” You asked as you grazed your first two fingers between your breasts.
“Damn! Oh yeah! Very beautiful!” He confessed shaking his head up and down. You undid your seat belt and slid next to him. “Is this ok?” You asked.

“Yeah, it is.” Dean replied in a needy voice. You placed your right hand on the top of his thigh. “Is this still ok?” You asked again. “Sure is sweetheart.” He said a little cocky this time as he knew where this might be going. You started to rub his thigh and then you moved your hand to his growing bulge. You kissed his ear lope, nibbling and sucking on his soft lope then you moved your attention to a soft patch on his neck. You whispered in his ear, “If I do something with you, you have to stay quiet so we don’t wake up Sammy and you have to keep this car steady too.” You proposed. “Do you think you can do that?” “I am going try.” He let out a deep breath trying to prepare for what you were about to do to him. You turned his head sealed the verbal deal with a quick, moist kiss on the lips. You turned the radio up just a little bit more to muffle any noise from the front seat. You looked back at Sam one more time, he was still out cold. You undid Dean’s belt and fly and slipped his snake through the opening in his boxers. You weren’t disappointed by what you saw he was long and girthy. You reached over with your right hand and stroked his member for a minute or so, making sure he was good and hard. His eyes were fixated on the road but he’d smile at you and made very satisfying faces so you knew he was enjoying this. He was trying so hard to keep silent. “That is my good boy.” You whispered as you kissed back into his neck. You slid down slightly in the seat to better position yourself. Your right hand gripped the base of his cock as you licked a small bead of pre-cum that had formed at his slit. The feeling of your tongue on his dick made his hips roll, you knew he wanted to vocalize his enjoyment but he couldn’t. You continued​ to lick into his slit lapping up every last drop of his manhood. You licked around his tip and then crept down gliding your tongue over his shaft. You made sure to give extra attention to his large, sensitive and protruding vein on the underside of his penis. You were turned on, you could feel yourself getting wet and the heat rising in your core. Enough playing around, you took his massive cock fully in your mouth. He let out a deep breath trying to control himself. He took his right hand off the steering wheel and placed it on the small of your back. He started making little light circles on your exposed skin. You glided your lips up and down his shaft slowly and gently. His circles became faster and with more pressure. It was his noiseless way of telling you what to do. You increased you rhythm as you bobbed your head with more force now. The car stopped for a red light, you too stopped and looked up at Dean. His face was lit by the red light making him look very devilish. He mouthed the word ‘MORE’ to you with a smile and a dark lust grew in his eyes. You were more than happy to contribute to his pleasure. His dick was hard and long you couldn’t help but think about how it would feel to ride him all night. Your sucking became more intense the more you fantasized about him. In a matter of moments, Dean had gently placed his hand on the back of your head, it was your indication that he was about to cum. You continued at a feverish pace. You wanted him to cum and you wanted him to cum hard too. He pressed down a little harder now and let out a soft moan. His hot cum poured into your mouth. You loved how it felt and you wanted more, you continued to suck until you lapped it all up. The taste of it down your throat was intoxicating. He said "Wow, that was awesome!” As you put your play toy away and sat up. He caressed your hand and kissed into your mouth still tasting himself on you. “That was so good, you were so fucking hot!” He whispered satisfied. “I want to return the favor right now!” “I want you now too but we can wait until we get home. I know you will ‘do’ me up right.” You giggled. You thought about telling him to stop the car and making Sam take a walk for twenty minutes. You pulled a water bottle out of your bag, you were a little dry after giving head, it always made you parched. You were a such a little cum slut you wanted to suck him off again. You were good so you put your cardigan back on and re-buckled your seat belt. The two of you didn’t say a word the rest of the way home, Dean held your hand the whole trip, occasionally kissing it tenderly. Dean pulled into the garage and ran around to your door, opening it quickly, he pulled you out of the car and into him. He couldn’t wait to hold you. His kiss was warm and passionate as he pressed you into the car. Sam looked at the two of you with raised eye brows. “Ok, what the hell did I miss?” Sam inquired. You both just laughed and continued to kiss up against the Impala. Sam smirked and left the garage. You two kissed all the way back to his bedroom leaving a trail of clothes on the floor from the garage.

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

Does 75 teen get nicknames from her friends or agents in overwatch?(I have a feeling roadhog would call her pest and junkrat probably call her something related to explosives)

  • Tracer will just call you ‘love’
    • As she does with everyone
  • Junkrat calls you a sparkler or firecracker
    • At your cheery attitude
  • Roadhog usually just grunts at you
    • Occasionally calling you a pest
  • Soldier 76 calls you kid
    • You respond that you’re older than him technically
  • McCree calls you squirt
  • Reinhardt calls you Schnecke
    • Meaning snail
  • Pharah and Ana really don’t have nicknames
    • Just rubbing your head affectionately
  • Hanzo and Genji will add a -chan to your name
5w4 versus 5w6
  • A tentative pseudo-guide which also considers the subtypes aka instinctual variants.
  • ----------------------------------
  • ///////////// 5w4:
  • Social subtype: A messenger. The reluctant scientist who loves to doodle. Vine of the year. Jealous glances. Birds with prying eyes. Sociology. Fame through poetry, five lines that move a nation. Rejection, redemption. Persuading a friend to read a book. Tears that one cannot understand, wiped away by one´s mother. Directing a thriller movie.
  • Self-preserving subtype: A recluse. Occult. Meditations in the dark, incense. Blood used as ink. Ceylon ebony and a tall mirror. Obstinate writing. Figuring out a formula. Forgotten paintings in the attic. A person whose name is known by few. Blatant fear and a cherry on top. Dancing alone with the strobe lights on. Needles and radiators. Kohl pencils.
  • Sexual subtype: A mystery-monger. The first eye contact. Wearing a hat and observing the reactions. Being in love with a clever person. Ominous knowledge and unverbalized innuendos. Van Gogh. Writing a bizarre story of gore and heartbreak. Incognito window. Outer space stares right back at you. Watching Hitchcock movies together. Sending one last emoji at 5 am.
  • --------------------------------
  • ///////////// 5w6:
  • Social subtype: A puppet, secretly a puppeteer. Publisher. Fighter. Consultant. Planning to build a house. Being capable. Defending a family member by writing a letter. Coding language. Making a lame product awesome - even the stoic CEO is impressed. Voyeur with a notebook. Destroying a bully´s confidence with smart methods, then turning the bully into a friend.
  • Self-preserving subtype: A hermit. The unknown trustee. Cautionary. A monkey harvests the fruits his favourite tree bears. Lost in the virtual world - Sword Art Online. Recipes. Throwing your cellphone into a lake. Writing a journal just for the sake of writing. The darkest corner in a celler - cobwebs, broken bottles. Headaches.
  • Sexual subtype: A Radical Critic. Pills and Potions. The hotel room boy that puzzles guests by leaving notes with philosophical questions. A critic of their lover and themselves. Cryptic relationship counseling. Kama Sutra. Newspaper ad: "Bottomless pit looking for vicous cirle". Intricate Graffiti that smudges the windows of a gambling den.

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

Junkrat dealing with a ADHD lover who forgets stuff,daze off when junkrat's talking,talks really loud and runs around acting like a child. Changes the subject all the time and gets distracted from work easily (i should be doing work right now but im typing this out. :P)

  • He’s not the best at staying motivated either
    • He’s either all in or nothing at all
  • If you daze off during a conversation he snaps his fingers
    • Bringing you back to earth
  • He doesn’t mind your loudness and excitability
    • He’s often running around with you
  • Roadhog ends up being the one who forces you to work
    • Just knowing that he’s not being paid enough to do this