The new LFR video is up! I talk about hockey with a deer from Mount Tremblant, Quebec.

Drabble. Alex Galchenyuk. Shoe check. That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.” Warnings: language that's about it

I was sitting with some of the Montreal Canadiens at a small bar about a block away from the rink. We were all talking, laughing and drinking. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and wanted to forget about the whole situation.
Was I heart broken? No. Did it still bother me? A little bit. But, I had my best friend of 6 years, Alex Galchenyuk. We had met when he was with the Sarna sting. I knew he would never intentionally hurt me. He was always there when I needed him.
Anyway, As I was finally starting to let loose my ex Jackson walked in. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I guess Alex noticed.
“What are you looking at?” He asked me disengaging himself from the conversation he was in with the guys.
“That’s my ex boyfriend” I reply. Alex then puts his hand on my shoulder and gives it a reassuring squeeze.
“He’s walking over here.” I say getting nervous all of a sudden.
“Well, kiss me so they see.”
“If he thinks you moved on he will leave you alone.”
I guess the alcohol and nervousness got the best of me because next thing I knew. I was grabbing Alex by his shirt and smashing my lips to his. He was surprised at first then started to kiss me back his hands going to my hips and pulling me to the edge of my stool.

I heard all the guys yelling things like ‘get it chucky’ and ‘about damn time’
After a few minutes I had to pull away for air.
“I think he’s gone now.” I say looking around and removing my hands from his shirt.
“Maybe you should kiss me again just to make sure he gets the message.” He says
“Why would I kiss you again?”
“Because last time you did it, you sure as hell weren’t complaining. Plus, I don’t know anyone that would be complaining if they got to kiss you” he says leaning in again.
“I could say the same to you sasha.”

I start to lean in too. That is until I hear someone yell
“Shoe check!” It could only be the person I know that can ruin a mood that quick, Brendan Gallagher.
“Aw блядь” Alex yells as he checks his bright red high tops, them now having mustard on the top.
“Well, how about after your done singing for the whole bar and you finish cleaning you shoes. You come over for movie night.”
‘Come on Chucky!’ And 'Hurry up!’ Could be heard from around the table.
“Yeah, I’ll see you soon babe.” He says now getting up.
All and all best night out ever.

This is my first imagine so sorry if it sucks. Plus I’m writing this on my phone.

anonymous asked:

Which player off of every team would you date?

Pittsburgh Penguins
- Rusty or Sid.

Washington Capitals
- aaaaa wilso probs

New Jersey Devils
- Ricooooo

New York Rangers
- all of them? Skjei obvi tho

New York Islanders

Los Angeles Kings
- Quickie just to annoy Koder bc she hates him

San Jose Sharks
- PAVS 💯

Toronto Maple Leafs
- aaaaa Down Town Connor Brown bc he’s ginger and I’m from Scotland

Ottawa Senators
- Condon (even if I used to call him condom out of spite)

Montreal Canadiens

Edmonton Oilers
- Gap Tooth Bitch

Philadelphia Flyers
- Giroux

Columbus Blue Jackets
- WennbErg

Calgary Flames
- waluigi

Buffalo Sabres
- Eichs cause he’s me

Boston Bruins
- C A R L O

Dallas Stars

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Chicago Blackhawks
- No Way I’m picking a current hawk so BRINKSY my unfortunate baby husband

Detroit Red Wings
- Zetterdaddy (sorry Evie)

Arizona Coyotes

Vancouver Canucks
- Jake. (Bo if u insist on a roster boy)

Winnipeg Jets
- Chase De Leo!!!

Tampa Bay Lightning
- JO ! JO ! JO !

Carolina Hurricanes
- uh Hanny probably

St. Louis Blues

Minnesota Wild
- Parasite

Florida Panthers
- daddy

Colorado Avalanche
- yah MacDaddy

Anaheim Ducks
- Eaves :(

Nashville Predators

  • michel therrien: *gets fired*
  • carey price, sitting with crossed legs on a sleek black leather armchair, engulfed in a single spotlight from above with the rest of the room bathed in darkness, his chin held in his hands: interesting

Potentially the best thing about Snoop Dogg performing at the 2017 NHL All Star Game is that Snoop fucking loves wearing hockey jerseys and we might see him try to rep every single team’s sweater at some point.